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Nice theme! I like the homepage slider! Good luck with it man! :)

Damn! It’s wonderful mate.. love your new icon :) glws

Wou, very cool and minimal – the way I like it ;) Amazing hover effect on home photo slider navigation!!!

Good luck with sales!

Nice one :) I like the simplicity of it. Congrats mate.

Well designed !Good luck with sales :)

Very nice bro. :)

nice one bro. :)

I love this theme. But will it go the way of Elastico?

Weren’t you the developer of Elastico ? I looked for it the other day but it had vanished without a trace!

No I am not. And I wouldn’t want to be…That Elastico theme was straight up stolen from another site so it got removed (from what I understand).

Oh. Sorry. My bad. Good luck with this theme. Great work.

Nice work! :)

GLWS buddy ;)

thanks bud ;)

Nice Theme!!!...”Oops you missed an ‘O’ in the item name ;)

Thanks, and oups…thanks ;)

this is Totally Amazing and I absolutely LOVE it.

Hope I find a client that I can use this for, that this would be appropriate for….

There’s only a few things missing from it, to make it perfect….?

Would love it if there was some kind of a sidebar or footer…? Would love to see a Contact page example, an example of Shortcodes offered… and I would love it if the Blog had a few more features… like “related posts” and “about author”, etc…

but really this is my favorite minimalist / horizontal moving photo theme i’ve seen yet. hope i can use this for something!

Glad you like it ;)

  • Actually the left area is a sidebar – its widgetized. But because it is a fixed element you’d probably not want a whole lot on it.
  • The about page in the demo would be great for a contact page, just need to install a plugin like Contact Form 7 to add a contact form.
  • I really wanted to keep the blog simple. Again I think you can achive the related posts and about author sections super easily with plugins. There are some great ones for this on Code Cayon.

Thanks for the kind words, I hope you use it some day as well ;)

interesting.. good response!

i would love to see an example of a contact page, and it would be great if there were a few more text / contenty pages just to imagine into it.. it would be really awesome if there was a footer widget on the bottom of the About / Contact page… cuz yeah since the left panel is widgetized but fixed, it doesn’t make much sense to use it for widgets…

A footer/widget area below pages/posts is not such a bad idea…It’s a very narrow area though, so it would need to be 1 or 2 column. Definitely worth considering for a future update.

Thanks for your suggestions, AJ

definitely a small 2 column footer below the content pages is a BRILLIANT idea!!!!!

Another great one AJ. I also want to also publicly say that AJ is one of my absolute favorite authors; stellar support even way after the sale and such a great guy. As a seasoned buyer on TF I say to first time buyers that they can close their eyes and buy any theme by WPExplorer with confidence.

EDIT : A quick hello to wahkeenasitka :)

Thanks for the kind words. I always appreciate it! You’ve been a wonderful customer to work with. As long as people treat me politely and with respect, such as yourself, I will do my best to help them out and sometimes even go a bit beyond regular theme support.

Again thanks for leaving such a nice comment!

I like simple theme very much, but I have three questions. 1.) In your demo, when you view a gallery or picture- the sidebar widget disappear. And in the demo, there is still a button there to open sidebar. This does not work for me. Any idea? 2.) When I use masonary display, is there a way to make more columns of images? right now i only see 3 pictures wide, I would like 4. Thank you example:http://marcovalle.com/gallery/animals/ 3.) How do I make those gallery categories appear like that in the widget? I do not show them as available widget option

That is really weird. I am having a problem with it displaying in firefox, but i just tried IE and it works. Thanks for your time, everything seems to be working itself out. Really like the theme.

Ok, I think I am down to my last question, which is awesome :) I did as you suggested with the cloud widget and selecting the category. However, when you click on that category- for me it only gives one image as the output. However, in your demo it gives the slider view. What do i need to edit to have the same output when I click on the gallery categories?

We’ll you need to have multiple galleries in that category. Just like regular WordPress categories, if you only have one post in that category it will only show that 1 post.

Have a look here (screenshot from my demo) – http://wpexplorer.me/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/gallery-categories.png

Hope that helps! AJ

Great work alexander, glws.. :impatient:

SOOOO FREAKIN HOT . Only wish is that there were custom backgrounds for every page and post.


I think custom backgrounds that’s something you could add fairly easily via a plugin.

I LOVE this theme… I have a few pre purchase questions for you.

1- I am a photographer, so I want to show on the home page one gallery (Like my favourites) instead of all galleries. How can I show only my favorites pictures (not all galleries) in the home page? Suppose I want to name the home page gallery Home. How I can setup that only “HOME” Gallery will show? This is very important because I create one gallery per menu (Like fashion, beauty, architectural, commercial, etc). So the clients can see only the pictures they are interested.

2- Can I change the with of the blog post and pages? I need full page in the about us, faqs, and blog.

3- I need like 1000 px with for pictures on my blog

4- Can I add custom background color to the site?

5- IF I turn off the mobile setting, can I see the scroll gallery on the iPad? BTW , I don’t need the auto scroll on the iPad cause people can swipe very easy.

6- Can I change the font type, color and size?

7- Can I add custom backgrounds to each page and a different one for my blog?

8- Can I turn off the “Mobile Detect” setting?

9- Can I eliminate the withe background around the arrows (to go forward or reverse) in the scroll gallery? I just want the black arrows…

10- Did I am asking too much questions? : P



1. This would require editing the homepage a little. I can probably help you out here. You’d have to change the loop on the homepage to add an include parameter and the ID of the gallery post to show. Then change the output to be that of single-galleries.php.

2. I just added a regular full-width page template to the theme – http://www.wpexplorer.com/premium/photopro/full-width/ – it wouldn’t be hard to add a little CSS to do the same for the blog and I can hook it up for you.

3. Not sure what you mean – maybe you can increase the desktop post width? Really easy via CSS .

4. If you want – but this is a CSS customization you’ll need to make

5. No. The scroller has been turned off on the iPad on purpose for multiple reasons. You could edit your theme if you want to make it happen, but I don’t think it will be nearly as user friendly.

6. You can probably install a plugin to do this. Or edit your css.

7. There are many plugins for this.

8. Only by customizing the theme, but its there for a reason. Nothing will render well that well do to the way the theme is designed.

9. Yes, this is a simple CSS change.

11. yes ;)