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Hi A.J,

Many thanks for this theme. The design is very great and clean.

However, my website has stumbled upon the following problem. It seems as if my website is using the category tag ‘uploaded to’ to decide whether it will use the picture(s) or not. For instance: http://www.amaurymiller.nl/gallery/news

You will only see two pictures, but I selected 5. The other pictures have a different ‘uploaded to’ tag. They were uploaded while using a different post or gallery, There are more examples with galleries that won’t even show the ones I selected. So it’s possible that the gallery won’t even show one picture. The problem also occurs when uploading files if I make a post for my blog. It will use the ‘uploaded to’ tag from the post I have made. If my post name is ‘testpost’ and I upload a picture while making this post, wordpress wil give this picture the tag ‘testpost’ for ‘uploaded to’. But all the selected pictures will show up in a post. So that means the problem only occur when making a gallery.

I can make galleries. But then I have to choose the right pictures by uploading and choosing only the ones I actually want to show. I tried disabling all the plugins, the problem keeps on showing up.

I hope I explained the problem well. But do you have any idea how to fix the problem? I hope so. Many thanks for your reply.

Kind regards, Amaury Miller

I also found out that the gallery is showing photos in it’s own default random order, even though I selected the photos in my own chosen order. Do you know what the problem is and how I can fix it?

I fixed the problem by reading the most FAQ’s. If I am correct, the onyl way I can show images using the lightbox template is by uploading new ones. Am I correct? If so, why did you choose to use it this way? Why not using images that already have been uploaded? Thanks.

This is correct. The main reason for doing it like this was to not have to load the whole gallery metabox (the box to choose your images) onto the pages but rather just use attachments. I wouldn’t mind updating it if you think people would find it better. Just PM me via my profile page.

Another reason, is now you can display a single gallery on the homepage (via the homepage theme option) so there isn’t really even a need for the page template anymore.

Thanks for the answer! Just one more question: how can I change the order of the galleries, in order to make the thumbnails to appear as I want in homepage? It seems that the galleries order is just by date of creation..

Thank you in advance!

Hey mate… How to I add media files to a gallery that are already uploaded? So I have some files that I would like to have in the gallery that are already in blog posts and things, but I cant work out how to add something without having to reupload the file from the computer rather than adding from the media list

And sorry last question. How do you change the order that the galleries are displayed in the main pafe?

So I think this was answered above… Sorry. I didnt read the other post at the top. I will try and update to 1.31 as this seems like it will fix this problem for me. Love the theme by the way. Very easy to use! I was only about a day or two late with the purchase for the latest update ;-)

Hi, I read through the docs and couldn’t find the answer to my query. Apologies if I fail at reading. I have my galleries ordered specifically, however when selecting the masonic or slider layouts it doesn’t follow the ordering, instead ordering by image name. Is this normal, or something I can change?



Really sorry if I missed your original comment. It wasn’t on purpose! Or maybe by chance did your comment go through 2x? Sometimes that happens and so I answer only 1 of them.

Anyway, are you talking about the actual images on a specific gallery or an archive page. If you can share the URL that would be helpful.

In the most recent version I added a whole new way of managing your images and image order – http://cl.ly/image/3j220g133n29


Just upgraded my site to WP 3.6.1 and now the galleries are not displaying – the spinning wheel in the top right corner is permanently there.

Have a look here: http://www.srdjan.com.au

Did 3.6.1 break something again or is there a compatibility issue?

Yep Responsive contact form Version 1.2 is screwing it up.

Thanks for the tip…

I suggest you check out Contact Form 7.

I have a gallery-related question: I am putting some external links in the “About” section, but these aren’t clickable. Is that a bug? http://obsoquasi.ch/gallery/hochzeitsfotograf-zurich/

I noticed a weird behavior, the first three links in the first paragraph (the english one) won’t work, but they do work in the second paragraph (the german one). Now if I switch the two paragraphs, it’s again the first paragraph (this time the GERMAN one), that doesn’t allow links. So it must be a bug.

This is a bit strange. Do you think you can send me a private message via my profile page – please link to this initial comment so I know what the problem is.

I get the feeling it will be easier/quicker to fix this via email then the comment system.

I figured it out. It was the Jetpack plugin. I enabled “publicize” for my galleries and this somehow messed up part of the text. Worked fine after disabling it for all galleries. Thank you for answering so quickly though.


I really like this theme. Great work. Simple to set up and beautiful. However, one thing I’d like to do is to have a gallery displayed on the front page using the ‘default’ style (instead of the 2 options slider and masonry).

Is there a way to do this? Thanks

Hi there,

Yes you should be able to. You mean a single gallery right? Not the default style that links to the galleries?

To do this you would go into the theme panel and in the home tab there is an option to enter the ID for the gallery you wish to show. Just make sure that that specific gallery has the style you want.

Awesome! That did it. Thank you!

Hi there, I recently updated to Wordpress 3.6.1.

Now I cant upload new photos to posts. Also, my featured image doesnt appear any more. I have tried searching for answers here and elsewhere.

If you could help, thanks


Thanks for getting back, I downloaded the theme version v1.31. I cannot see an update theme option, if I install it do the settings remain? And how do I send on my details to you..

Thanks again!

Actually, I cant even install a new theme, so I will contact the hosts, thanks!


To update the theme, the easiest is to simply replace all the files via FTP. Or you can use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-theme-and-plugin-upgrades/

Does this theme have a private gallery accessed via password? Thanks.

Password protection was added in the last update. It just uses the native WordPress password protection function.

Hi There,

How do you set it up with which gallery shows up in the home page? I have read documentation but am finding it a little unclear. Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Tom

Hi Tom,

The homepage should work automatically as long as you have your galleries created (and they each have a featured image).


Hello, I bought the theme and I’m really satisfied with it.

I need help on one thing. I need to put a gallery inside an article or at least insert images and when they are clicked they open in a pop-up window instead of opening in a new page in the browser. Is that possible. Thank you.


So basically you want to have the WordPress gallery images open with lightbox?

You can do this with javascript, but my suggestion would be to use a plugin which alters the default WordPress gallery output. There is a TON out there, both free and premium. Just have to look around for one that best suits you ;)


I just bought this theme, and I was wondering if there’s any way to change the order of the images when using “Single Gallery Homepage”


- Rather then using the Single Gallery template, I would suggest just using the option in the theme panel under the “Home” tab where you can enter the ID of a specific gallery, that way you can control it in the same way.

- But to re-order them, so you know, you simply click “add media” while editing the page, select “uploaded to this post” then drag and drop them in the order you want.

- That’s because the theme’s mobile version is set in this fashion. Due to how these scroller works it wouldn’t be possible to have them fully functional on the iPhone/iPad and also would make the site a lot slower on the mobile device.

Thank you for your quick reply :)

I’ve tried to do it that way, but the problem is that the images won’t appear when uploaded to a gallery. The wheel just keeps spinning, however, when I hover over the empty white space it shows the filename of one of the images, and when I click it, it opens in a new window.

Sounds like a javascript conflict, most likely with a 3rd party plugin. If you want me to have a look I can, just PM me via my profile page.

Hi, For SEO, I’d like to add some text to my home page, is it possible to have an description on top of the pictures when you rollover, or actually anything that can help me explain my work ?


It is definitely possible, but not built-into the theme. You’ll need to edit your theme to add your gallery excerpts and tittle, or whatever you want to show. The files you want to edit are in the “includes” folder and are loop-galleries.php and loop-galleries-masonry.php (depending on which you are using).

Hi, I am setting up my site: www.ellemark.com/foto

Why is there an “extra” page when clicking on gallery links in the sidebar? On your demo site clicking on the links for your galleries takes me directly to the gallery – not to an archive page?

Sorry for the delay, I was out of town this weekend.

I would be glad to assist but it appears you are using a different theme.


Hey, quick question in regards to getting a single gallery on the homepage. The only issue I have is finding the “post id” to put under the home section of theme options. Hovering over my gallery in admin produces a number (post=[#]) but passing that in doesn’t produce anything.

My homepage is set to Homepage – Single Gallery and the Single Gallery for Homepage deal is set to the post value I get when hovering over the gallery in admin. What am I doing wrong?

Use the default homepage template, the single gallery template works a bit differently – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVx8ZWIr3BQ

Hi, I was wondering, is there a (simple) way to disable the ‘on hover’ text for the images? I know I can adjust the loop-galleries.php file and remove the title but then it won’t load the alt text. I want it to load the alt text but not show it when hovering over the image. Thanks.

I’m not quite sure what you mean…if you remove the title attribute from the link it shouldn’t affect the alt attribute for the image at all. It’s not possible.

The title tag on links (which is what I think you are referring to) shows a tooltip, but that is a browser behavior, nothing to do with the theme itself. The only way to remove tooltips generated by a links title attribute is to remove the title attribute or maybe use javascript to remove the title on hover.

I’m also not sure what code you are referring to in the stylesheet that you say does nothing, could you let me know? That way I can verify if the code isn’t doing anything I can remove it.

If you look at the homepage (http://www.amaurymiller.nl/) you will see the alt title attribute when you hover over an image, eg: New York City, Portrait and so on. This is fine, but in the gallery itself I want to remove the title attribute when you hover over an image. (http://www.amaurymiller.nl/gallery/new-york-city) In the gallery I removed the title attribute in the php. I believe it was the loop.galleries.php file I adjusted. But I would like to know if this has any effect on the SEO part of it. When I load the page, the alt text will not be loaded. So that means it has some sort of effect. So my idea is that the alt text will be loaded but only remain to be hidden. I hope I made myself clear. If not, maybe it’s better that I send you a private mssg instead.

The title attribute is used mostly for screen readers, so for example if the images aren’t visible (or a blind person is viewing your site) they will see all the title tags. It would have little affect on SEO, especially on a photography site like yours. I wouldn’t worry too much.

To have the title tags but not show them on hover, as I mentioned before would be a bit complicated because its generated by the browser itself. I wouldn’t bother with it.

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to turn the starting homepage into a static page with no slider but with one large image?

Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, I purchased the theme and you canb see at http://www.fridaquerida.com but I have some visualization problems with scroller gallery see: http://www.frida-firenze.com/?galleries=audrey as you can notice one image float left and go down but not in the scroller… can you help me? thks a lot

All solved

Hi, I updated to the latest version… but I don’t see any of the changes to the galleries at all… I can only upload and arrange files the old way and I can’t add existing images to the galleries, only if I upload new ones… I don’t see any of the changes of the new version


Are you sure? It looks like you have the latest version.

Have a double look for the new metabox under the gallery editor.

It won’t show the images already attached in there (this would cause issues). So if you are updating an old post you’ll need to use the new function and select your images you want included. For new posts, of course just use it to start with.

You should have this: http://cl.ly/image/3j220g133n29

If you want me to have a look for you you’ll need to send me login credentials because I can’t do anything with just the URL. ;(

Love the changes you’ve made!

Hi everybody,

I have a problem accesing WP administrative interface. It last since last week.

The only main change I did was the update of worpress some days before I realize WP wasn’t working right.

My page still working, but I don’t have access to edit anything.

Is it a theme problem?

Thank you!

The theme should work perfectly fine on WordPress 3.0+ – were you using the latest version of the theme? My suggestion is maybe to download the latest version and update it via FTP to see if it helps.

Generally when you can’t access the admin the best thing to do is enable WP Debug on your site to see what sort of error you might be getting. Otherwise there is no way for me to assist as I have no idea what sort of plugins you have installed, how your server runs..etc.

If you can do that and send me or show me an error message it would be very helpful:


It’s been solved, thanks!