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First congrats on the work you did on photopro. i love the design!! i really want to buy but it but i want to clarify some points before doing it. If i buy your template can i make it multilingual (french and english) (thanks to a plugin like translate or wplm… ?)and put the language selection button either on the sidebar of the home page or on the footer? I m no familiar with php…

Moreover i want to add a reservation management plugin, is it compatible with your theme? if yes which one?

hope you will respond positively, i love your theme!!




- The theme includes .po/.mo files so you can translate it. - WPML gives you the exact code to paste into your site for the translation button. That isn’t something built-into the theme though - I haven’t tested the theme with any reservation plugins. But any plugin coded properly should work with any theme.

Hi, I miss style.css stylesheet. what to do? Regards, Arthur

Hi, I miss style.css stylesheet. what to do? Regards, Arthur

Make sure you install the theme correctly. When you go to download the purchased file there are 2 options:

1. All files – this has all the docs, sample data, theme..etc. If you downloaded this, extract and locate the theme in the “Upload” folder.

2. Installable zip – this is the one you want to upload via WordPress

First off I love the theme and thanks so much for creating it, it looks great. I have 2 questions before buying tho. 1. can the left sidebar on home page contain widgets? 2. can the images on the homepage (in masonry view) link to anything you want, including external sites in new tabs? or does it only link back to gallery images?

1. Yes it can have widgets. But please note that the left sidebar is fixed, so if you add a ton of widgets they might not all show up on smaller monitors.

2. You have 2 options. To link the images to a larger view (lightbox) or link to the galleries. Depends if you are showing a single gallery on the homepage or a listing of galleries. To link images to anything, would require some fairly tricky back-end edits. Mainly adding a new custom field for your media files where you could enter a URL.

Hi WPExplorer !!

First thanks for this great Theme, i use it (modified) since some month now, and it’s the first time i don’t want to change my website anymore :)

I have a short question about the way the website is showed on mobile phones.

So i discovered that when i watch it with wifi connection, it’s the same design that if i was on my computer, but if i disable wifi on my smartphone and only watch it in 3G, i can watch it on my mobile as the mobile design and it look good.

So i have a galaxy note 2 and i know that some customers told me my website don’t look good on their mobile.

Can you help me to get the mobile version of my website also with a wifi connexion on smartphones? (Or maybe help me to find a solution)

thanks for your help and again for your work on the theme

My website link is: http://www.guillaumebarbaz.com

Regards Skali

Hi Skali,

If you have a look at the changelog – http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/photopro/

In version 1.2.5 I changed the old mobile check to the one built-into WordPress. My guess is this should help fix up the issues.

If you can test updating the files (best via FTP) and clearing your browser/phone/site cache then re-checking that would be ideal.

ps: I also added a new gallery function in the latest version for adding images to galleries without having to upload them directly to the post ;)http://cl.ly/image/3j220g133n29

Hi WPExplorer thanks for your complete reply.

I checked some changelog but didn’t saw the part about the mobile check, so i will update it…

For the new image galleries, i saw that and it’s cool. But because i made lots of changes to customise the template for me, i’m not sure i can update everything without loosing my changes :p

anyway, thanks again for your reply, i will try now to find the solution with your informations :)

Hi there, I’m currently using Wordpress version 3.5.1 and am getting an unbelievable amount of comment spam from random sites and so on.

Can I upgrade to Wordpress 3.6.1 (the site is constantly asking me to) without losing any functionality? Or will I have to re-do some stuff if I upgrade it via the site option?


The theme should work fine with 3.6.1 of course I would recommend you have the latest version of the theme – http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/photopro/

In terms of the spam, this is fairly common in WordPress. I personally use Jetpack to help with the comment spam but there are many other great plugins out there. I suggest you install 1 or more anti-spam plugins – http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=spam

Hi I’m not sure if there is a problem with your theme and the latest version of Word Press. But no matter what I do the 3 Homepage templates do not work. The home page becomes blank with no pics even though there are galleries created. I can only get images to display by importing them into the page itself using the other templates. I’ve watched your videos and read documentation. I’m stumped, any ideas?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Are you sure your galleries have featured images? For the default template that shows your recent galleries, you’ll need to have featured images for the galleries so something can display on the front-end.

Hey again, I believe I have one last pressing issue with the site although I’m not sure how much of this particular part you were involved in. The site looks good via desktop browser and phone(ish). I applied a bunch of media queries to resize the site for mobile, however the mobile styles involve that incredibly annoying mobile menu thing (reduces navigation to a small button that pops out the sidebar which includes the navigation). Do you have any idea how to just get rid of that behavior so that my general nav will display?

Hi there,

Ok so to remove that is pretty simple CSS. By default on phone version the sidebar is hidden, see css/mobile.css

body.mobile #sidebar {
        display: none;

So in your custom CSS just set it to “block” instead of “none;

Then just hide the toggle button:

body.mobile #sidebar-mobile-toggle { display: none; }

For you that would be best, but others that might have widgets and such in the sidebar its best hidden ;)

Thanks tons, that plus a tiny bit more was all I needed for that. However, I have one last css issue that I cannot track down and thought was related to this toggle menu.

My sidebar/content-left space has a background of #fff on your general desktop browser but on mobile devices, it becomes really dark gray or something, making the logo and links hard to make out. I’ve been going through mobile.css and black.css (which is my assigned color css file) and changing various content-left related rules to #fff, but it remains this very dark gray color. Is this another color rule somewhere or is it an opacity thing? How do I change this to #fff?

Nm, dumb question. There was a background img I missed. Thanks for everything!

LOVE this theme. Thank You! 2 things I need assistance with:

1) I would like to be able to turn the image titles off in the light box

2) In the default gallery setting as well as blog I’d like to change the red on the active page state.

Thank You!

1. The best would be to hide them with CSS so you don’t have to edit your template files. Which lightbox style are you using?

2. This is a simple CSS edit. Example:

.widget_nav_menu li.current-menu-item > a {

Hi, Thank You. I’m using the masonry style gallery, I’d like when you click the image to not have the title accompany it.

Add the following CSS to your site:

.fancybox-title-float-wrap .child { display: none !important; }

Quick pre-purchase questions 1. I love the theme any plans to make it responsive in the future? 2. Can I place the logo over the Photos or center it instead of just having it in the left side bar? Other then that it’s a great theme from what I can see.

any response?

Thank you for your patience.

1. Please read the description. The theme isn’t responsive for several reasons, instead it has CSS specifically targeting mobile devices.

2. You would have to tweak your theme to do this. This would require creating a new element at the top to place your logo and removing it from the left-container.


I recently purchased this theme and will be using the layout for my music blog. I am having trouble resizing the post summary so that the soundcloud audio content appears at the front of the blog postings. The idea behind this is so that viewers do not have click read more to play the soundcloud player. Will also populate the audio player that I am using at the bottom of the blog page.

How can I edit the theme to fix this problem?


Thanks, Eric

Hi Eric,

If you edit includes/loop-entry.php you can change line 33 from:

<?php the_excerpt(); ?>


<?php the_content(); ?>

That way the entries will display your full content and not just the excerpt.

Thank you! This worked :)

Hello. First of all, thank you for this simple and awesome theme. I really love it. I have a small problem about Featured images on Gallery. As i read it below, i have a problem i cannot solve : - When I created a Page, i can’t put a gallery in it. - You say that we have to check if we have Featured images on a Gallery. - When i am in my gallery menu, i can see my galleries but on the Featured images column, there’s only a ”—”. But when i go into my gallery, many pictures are uploaded…

So, i don’t know how to display my gallery in a page (like homepage for example).

Please, help me :)

Thank you very much.

I’m not quite sure what the issue is. You don’t “insert galleries into pages”. When you create a gallery it creates it’s own page with the gallery images.

If you want to create multiple galleries what you would do is create Categories and organize your galleries into such categories.

Here are some examples from the demo:


Now for the homepage. If you setup your homepage correctly the default behavior, like the demo, is to show a list of all your galleries that you can click on and then see the images – http://themeforest.net/item/photopro-photography-wordpress-theme/3272300/faqs/16790

If you only want to show a single gallery on the homepage you would use the setting in the theme panel – http://cl.ly/image/3R2Y013j0C2r

Hi, I’ve just purchased this theme…and I love everthing about the live previews…but when I visit the site on my phone. (www.simonestarjones.com) it’s doesn’t look the same as your mobile example…It’s actually very unattractive and hard to use…Can you tell me what I need to do or may have done wrong…Thanks, I really love this theme and want to keep it..

Also, I view your live preview on my phone to see how it looks, and it looked right.

The URL you posted above is using a Photocrati theme not the my theme. Did you decide to switch? Or are you linking to the incorrect URL?

Please let me know so I can help out!

Hi AJ,

Pete here.

Cheers on another great looking theme! I am contemplating to buy this theme and your youtube vid tut explains the build easy enough. What I did not see was social icons inclusion or even widgets. Is there provision for social media with this cool theme?

Hi Pete,

There aren’t any built-in social options or widgets, but yes the left-side is widgetized. That said, the left container is also “fixed” so you’ll want to keep it pretty slim otherwise content maybe get “cut off” on smaller monitors (hope that makes sense).

If you purchase the theme just send me a PM and if you want it I can email you my premium social widget for free ;)https://www.authenticthemes.com/resources/flat-social-media-wordpress-widget/ (color + black and white icons available).

Hi AJ,

Thanks for a great theme. I’ve spent a long time trying to work out how you vertically center the #content-right in relation to different screen sizes to with no avail. Is there anyway the images could increase/decrease in size, in relation to the screen size. This website which is similar to your template does it http://www.tomhoops.com/. Thanks

That would need to be done via javascript, its not terribly hard to do, but not something I could walk you through.

One way of doing it would be to get the height of the browser window and the height of the content-right element do some math and apply a margin to the top of the content-right element to center it.

If you using the masonry layouts, that would also need to be taken into account because these grids shift as you resize the browser. So your code would have to render afterwards.

Thanks for the feedback, however I think for $40 it is a shame that you didn’t include this image rescaling feature for different size screens. As this seems to be a standard for the other photography themes I’ve looked at. However I do love this theme, I’m just a little disappointed that this feature was not considered when you designed it.

Beautiful, beautiful, theme dude. Reminded me of this: www.erikalmas.com

Final question, to make it responsive, viewport and some extra coding is all thats required, yeah?



Hi Pete,

To make it responsive would take a lot more edits then that, because the theme already includes code for mobile devices. Please reference the section on the description that stats with “Mobile Friendly”.

Hmmm…. I shall take a look but that level of coding may be out of my grasp. Ok, thanks AJ. This will require a skilled PHP/JS Guru.


The images I include in gallery are shown unordered.

How can I fix this?

Thank you.

Are you using the latest version of the theme that includes this – http://cl.ly/image/3j220g133n29

If so, you can click on any image and drag it to re-order it.

Hi, I’m using the PhotoPro theme. I have 2 issues. 1. The scroller does not work for galleries I create. 2. Scroller works on the homepage gallery, but once you click on an image to preview and go back to the slideshow, the slideshow doesn’t continue and the navigation arrows become unresponsive

password is easy

I see several javascript errors, can you try disabling your plugins 1 by 1 to see which might be causing the issue?

You haven’t made any edits to the theme correct?

Nice, got it working, thx again

Having trouble displaying galleries under other pages. How do you add a gallery to a page?

The galleries are it’s own custom post type. If you want to display a grid of galleries or w/e you are trying to do you would need to use a 3rd party plugin. What is it you are trying to achieve exactly?


Lovely theme, absolutely adore the design.

I am new to wordpress and don’t know much about how these things works. I watched your tutorial on youtube and also the including documents in the photopro folder, but i can not seem to get the gallery to show on the front page of my site even though i followed the steps in the video? I must have done something wrong, but it’s hard for me to know what.

I would really appreciate some help.. :) thank you!

Hi there,

So you created your homepage template? – http://themeforest.net/item/photopro-photography-wordpress-theme/3272300/faqs/16790

And your galleries, they have featured images?