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I went ahead and took the jump. I bought the theme and so far, I’m unimpressed.

My blog looks absolutely nothing like any of the demos and I’ve put already 4-5 hours into it.

Also, every tutorial I’ve seen online shows features that are NOT on the version I downloaded.

If you want to share your URL I can be glad to help. You can also PM us with your login details and we can make sure it’s all working correctly.

Most the videos are actually a bit outdated, so the theme actually has more features then those that would be shown in the videos…

Sorry you are having troubles, the theme is very simple to use and should take no more then a few minutes to get up and running. Its possible maybe there is something else going on your site causing problems and we’ll be more then happy to help you out.

I’m here to help, just let us know exactly how we can! 8-)

I am having problems showing just images on the homepage.

Have you created the homepage template – http://themeforest.net/item/photopro-photography-wordpress-theme/3272300/faqs/16790

And you have galleries added and they have featured images?

Video guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl1pzfKzr18&feature=youtu.be


I got an pre-purchase question. I´d like to set up a website with the flexslider as home-page. I it possible to increase the image size, so that the browser is filled by the image either horizontal or vertical? There´s a pretty bold margin around the image in the demo…at least on a 27” screen.

Is it possible to hide the “About” and “Galleries” links at the bottom, as well as the controls at the top and just let the slider autoplay?

Thanks so much for your help!

- I am aware of the spacing – I work on three 27’’ thunderbolt apple displays ;) – and it was done on purpose. It is possible to make it full-screen, but it will require you to edit the slider design with CSS. They aren’t very hard edits, but unfortunately it is beyond the scope of support.

- There is an option in the admin to hide the those buttons.

- For the controls, there isn’t a built-in option to disable them. But you could hide these with CSS.


Brilliant theme, so happy with my purchase. Mobile site is superb.

Since this seems to be the place for questions, I was wondering if you had an idea of what I need to change to swap the lightbox-on-click function to a gallery-style-on-click function. Trying to make this as clear as possible, hence the annoying phrasing. Basically clicking on the image would toggle the gallery style from masonry to scroller.

Thanks in advance for any advice, and again thank you for creating such an excellent theme!

By scroller I don’t mean a lightbox, I mean it changes the gallery style to your already scripted ‘scroller’ layout.

Alrighty, well thanks for your reply anyway :)

Gotcha, that would be a bit tricky…

You would have to edit the template so both the masonry/scroller are on the page and then hide the scroller with CSS and use javascript to display it and hide the masonry.

That would really slow down your site quite a bit as well.

Hmmm. Ok cool. But yes, I knew it’d add some weight.

Cheers :)

Hey, I’m having trouble adding more images to the home page gallery I have set up (template setting is Homepage – Single Gallery with Lightbox). I don’t know whether there is legitimately something wrong with the design here or whether I’m just forgetting a step.

From what I understand, in order to add an image to the Homepage gallery, you simply upload the image while editing that page right? I just uploaded an image to the page (in Media it says that particular image was uploaded to the Homepage)but it won’t appear. Its sitting right there in admin, but there is no result on the front. Suggestions?

Nope, nm. False go.

You are correct, using that specific template you would do so like that. It should work!

However, what I recommend (that template is old from the start and I left it for people already using it) is instead using the default homepage, the in the theme panel there is an option to select a specific gallery post for the homepage. This is much better because you can control the gallery using the gallery post type which has the Image Gallery function for adding images which is much easier.

Here’s a quick video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4fMBFN5i7U

Hope that helps!

I am very disappointed with this product and would like a refund. I thought that it would be customizable, when the level of customization is very poor and EXTREMELY limited. For the past 4 Hours I have been customizing the code and its just frustrating me.

You can ask Envato for a refund if you want. If you would like to expand more on what “customizations” you are looking for maybe I can help out. The code is very clean and easy to edit and you shouldn’t have trouble changing things. If you do need extra help so you aren’t wasting your own time you could hire a freelancer. We would recommend Microlancer – http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

In the future, I would be glad to help answer any pre-purchase questions as well as you can have a look at the video guide before purchasing to prevent this sort of regret.

Thank you for your purchase!

Hey mate, been using the site for a while and really like the simple look of the theme. I want to be able to share individual images on social media and I think this is an issue using a lightbox type plugin. Is there anyway to use the galleries and still have a masonry look but have the clicks on the images go to their image pages instead of opening lightbox? Or is there another way you can suggest to make social sharing of single images easier?

Humm…In terms of SEO I wouldn’t recommend social sharing individual images – much less making tons of theme edits to allow such functionality.

Why not adding social sharing on the galleries themselves so people can share the gallery? Or for certain photos that you really want to share on social networks, you could create blog posts for these?

Hi I followed the instructions to setup the gallery as my home page and it’s blank.

I recently made a new video, is this the guide you followed – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4fMBFN5i7U

If you continue having issues, please send us a private message with your URL + Logins and someone will have a look for you to make sure it’s all correct!

Hi, I have a question for you guys! I want to know how to change the font and the size of the writing in the side bar menu… How do I do that? Thank you

Also, I would like to know if there is possible to add a link in the pictures on the homepage! I would like to put a link to pages etc..

I have been looking at your theme for a while and finally decided to chuck out my old grid based theme and move on with your clean minimalistic theme. I have an issue for my personal website. I made a gallery, set the settings>reading>static page>front page>home. But my home page does not appear to be working. Is there something that I did foolish? my gallery style is set to ‘scroller’. Please help. here is the link to my site www.cuttlebone.co

Hi there!

I had a look and I do see a gallery on your site now. I’m guessing you figured it out? 8-)

Hello Clarke, thanks for checking out the issue. The home page issue is still not solved. I have just made one of the photos in the gallery to be a featured image so that shows up on the home page. I was hoping the gallery images would scroll same as in your demo site. well, the same gallery (mumbai) scrolls when choosen from under the portfolio. what could be wrong?

There isn’t anything wrong. You only have 1 gallery, so there isn’t anything to scroll through. Once you start adding more galleries then it will work like the demo. If you notice the homepage by default shows your galleries (clicking the featured image takes you to that gallery), not a single gallery.

If you want a single gallery do this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4fMBFN5i7U

Hi, compatibility with wp 3.7? thanks!

Hi, I´m using the theme, but sometimes the regular page ends up as the mobilephone lay out. After a while it changes back. When I´m posting this comment, that´s the case but it might change back any time.


Pretty sure this issue was fixed in version 1.2.5 – http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/photopro/

Ok thank you. But I´m quite new to wordpress and this theme, how do I update? (I know – lame question =) )


I was initially using this theme but not sure what happened when I re-did my website. Currently I have set a home page but it doesn’t show anything, even after I uploaded 2 test galleries. Please get back to me asap and would appreciate if you can solve the problem.

Also when I upload featured image it shoes a disabled broken icon not the image.

One more thing if you can let me know how can I add a bar to add/edit images as a plugin.

my site is mannbutte.com thanks

Hi there,

1. Looks like you got the homepage working now!

2. Regarding the broken featured image, this would be a problem with your WordPress installation and not the theme (maybe a server permission issue). Did you manage to fix that problem as well?

Dear Sir,

I downloaded your beautiful template. But, I don’t have enough practice to work with wordpress. Also, a am not computer expert. I just want to do some modifications like changing images and texts, that will be enough for me.

But, there is NO SAMPLE DATA and IMAGES on my downloaded file.

How can I download your sample data of this template as soon as seen on your Templates Live Preview?

Regards, Omer

Hi Omer,

The reason I didn’t include sample data is because the theme is very simple and the sample data might just cause more work – because it’s going to import a ton of images and galleries which you’ll simply delete.

If you want the sample data though, I’ll email it to you. Just contact me via my profile page for it.

Hi, I love the theme and have got most things working fine. I have a menu item for Gallery with 8 sub-galleries underneath it. What I want is that when someone click on the head Gallery link it takes them to a page with 8 boxes, each one has the name of a sub-gallery and is a link to click.

I’ve got part of the way but I can’t figure out how to have a simple empty page for the code to run on. If I select default, full-width, blog etc. there is normally some kind of header and won’t allow css to run properly.

Gotcha. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do. If you have a set number of items you will be adding, I would recommend maybe just creating a standard page for this.

You could use a shortcodes plugin or the Visual Composer to create a column grid and just insert images with links to the pages you want to link to.



Thanks, but I can’t seem to get it to work. The only templates I have for the pages are the standard ones with PhotoPro, so it always shows up in some kind of blog format or something similar. I can’t get it to display a simple page without the header and so on.

I tried with the symple shortcodes to make consecutive one fourth column grids changing the position to second, third, fourth as applicable with the image as the content, but as it was inside the full-width post they showed up as a row of 3 with one below.

Sorry, I’m a bit new to WP.

You have 2 options:

1. Use a standard page and use CSS to hide the header on this page only.

2. Create a custom page template to use based on the standard page. If you want I can help with this, just send me a private message.


I am have difficultly getting my gallery images to appear on the screen. Every I have uploaded the photos into the gallery through the add media tap and looked on the page to view the images blue thumbnails appear with a question mark inside. I got my homepage to display the gallery’s feature image but none of the images in the gallery. Please help.

Respectfully Prince Lang http://princelang.com/gallery/black-white/

You could send your logins if you want via my profile page and I can have a quick look – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

But there is probably little I can do to help all I can do is look in the backend and check those settings.

When you change your site URL you need to be sure to update your database (or wp-config) as well – http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

I got site back up and running but I’m still having a major problem with the photos displaying on the site. Can you reexplain how I can get the theme to display the photos I add.

Please reference the documentation files or view the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl1pzfKzr18

Hello, In the slider the last image is appearing under the first image only in some browsers like safari and chrome.

Oh this is a simple overflow bug on smaller screens (because of relative positioning). I have a large monitor without issues but on my laptop I do see the problem.

Adding the following CSS to your site will fix the problem:

#scroller-wrap { overflow: hidden; }

You can just add this to the Custom CSS field in the theme panel’s styling tab for now. And I’ll add it in the next update.

I applied the css but i am getting the same result

Maybe try clearing your cache? I’ve tested the css and it should work very well.

Hello AJ,

I’ve been trying to use your theme the last week to try to set up my website. I have a few problems and I wanted to know if you could help.

- Is the menu the only way to get to see the galleries?

- Can I make a page to show the galleries without using the home page format? this is just showing my recent galleries and not the ones I want. It makes it really frustrating.

- Can I make a gallery where I show video or embed it?

Sorry for the delay!

1. I’m not sure what you mean. You can access the galleries directly by entering the URL in the browser.

2. You can create categories and tags for your galleries to organize them. So you can have something different on the homepage and link to a Gallery Category. Examples:


Also if you want you could edit your homepage template to display items only from 1 gallery category if you rather not show all of them. Or you could even display a single gallery if you want – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4fMBFN5i7U

3. The only gallery that you can really add videos to is the “plain” gallery because it just displays the post editor.

Hi AJ Thanks for your answer

1) My first question is actually. How do I get access to the galleries if I don’t want to use the menu at the left bar? is there another way to access them using another way like making a gallery in my homepage that links to another gallery and that one to another?. In other words, I want to nest galleries like:

(Everything using the pictures and not the menu) Home: -portraits -person one -person two -Lifestyle -shoot 1 -shoot 2 -shoot 2 part 1 -shoot 2 part 2

I want to do this so that people can click on the pictures of the galleries and not overpopulating my menu with thousands of galleries. I improvised kind of what I wanna do here:


2) I think I wouldn’t be the only one thankful if you would make a video about organizing galleries at the homepage with categories and tags. I’ve been trying to do it but I don’t understand any of it.

I would like to organize the order in which the galleries at the homepage appear when I use the scroller layout. Is this possible?

3) Is there anyway of slowing the scroller down? Or stop it completely? I read in another post that you could do that but I couldn’t find the line of code you mentioned.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

1. The best would be for you to create your own custom homepage template. That would give you full control over creating a grid and linking to your galleries. You could even add your own divs in there for styling it how you want.

2. In WordPress posts are always ordered by their published date by default. If you want to alter that you would have to alter the default query via a custom function or you can alter it by changing post dates or using a 3rd party plugin as mentioned here – http://www.wpexplorer.org/knowledgebase/changing-post-order-portfolio-services-highlights-staff-etc/

3. You can slow it down by editing js/scroll_init.js and adding a new parameter between lines 4-5 “hotSpotScrollingInterval” and setting a new value (default is 10).


 hotSpotScrollingInterval: 45,
 autoScrollingMode: "onStart",
 mousewheelScrolling: "allDirections",
 autoScrollingDirection: "backAndForth" 

More info: http://smoothdivscroll.com/options.html

ps: I will likely be changing the scroller completely in 2014 – in exchange for a responsive solution.

I am not able to set up my homepage properly, I cannot figure out how to get a slider like the demo. How do I assign a gallery to automatically populate the homepage slider? Also, I think it says that if I want a separate slideshow for the homepage slider (not associated with any gallery) I can just upload images right into the HOME post…but it only ever shows one static image, it doesn’t show multiple photos. I’m confused about where I’ve gone wrong with this…please assist! http://www.meganaho.com

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay. The best way to setup your site is to read through the included documentation. You can also check out the FAQ for instructions – http://themeforest.net/item/photopro-photography-wordpress-theme/3272300/support

If you want a single gallery on the homepage you can follow the latest video guide here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4fMBFN5i7U

Still, as some other users encountered, the loading time is very slow from time to time, for no reasons. I have 6 images on landing page, each under 100K and sometimes it takes almost 2 minutes to load. I have tested this on various browsers/devices and the problem is solid. I’m sure the server is fine because it loads fine when shift to other WP themes. So please do not ignore this issue and really dig in to provide a solution.

My demo is loading in 3.02 seconds for me (but I’m also on one of the best WP servers out there).

If you want to show me the URL that you are having issues with I can look into the way its loading to find what might be causing it to slow down.

You say that its only slow sometimes for no reason, so its most likely your server throttling. Are you on shared hosting or on dedicated hosting? On a shared host if a domain on the same cluster is experiencing high traffic it could slow down your site.

That said, it is possible the theme could be having a conflict with a plugin or something. So please share the URL so I can assist you! You can send me a private message if you don’t want to share here.

I have sent u a message. Thx.

I tried responding to your email but it failed to deliver to the email address you use for your ThemeForest account. Here is what I said:

I’m not really seeing any issues with the theme. When I test with online tools such as pingdomtools a lot of the time is being spent connecting to your server and waiting for data. The only real suggestion I have is you can upgrade your server, using a CDN to serve your images or doing a bit more minifying/caching on your site.

And I tried sending some screenshots.