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Are you able to help me with some css to increase the font size in the side bar? I am using this:

.sidebar { font-size: 30px !important; }

But it doesnt work… What should I change?


Sorry I didn’t really pay too close attention to what you were trying to do!

If you look in style.css you can see that the .sidebar-box div has a font size of 12px defined, so you’ll need to override that:

#sidebar, .sidebar-box { font-size: 30px !important; }

Thanks heaps man!

Yep, sorry for the initial mistake ;)


is it possible to have the masonry style grid going left to right scrolling not up and down?

would you be able to provide any support in doing this?

No unfortunately I am not available for hire.


i have added the side scrolling and it just continues to go down but does not let you scroll down it makes your go left to right but the images do not go left to right.

I want to use the default gallery for the home page but without any text above the images. I tried to remove the corresponding code in the php file for the metadata but I messed it up. Which piece do I delete so it only shows the image and not the image title etc.?

Thanks, Simon

I’m trying to get rid of this text at the top of the image (circled in red) and have the picture start at that line so that it’s as big as possible.


Thanks, Simon

Yes, I gave you the correct CSS to do this…

You can see how adding it to a site removes it: http://cl.ly/image/15343Q321s2Y

Got it. I didn’t know I needed the CSS plugin. Works fine now. Thanks!

Is it possible to make the menu on the left scroll able? When I visit my site on a lower resolution screen then my iMac – I can’t see all the links. Only way to see them is to zoom out.

Worked for me.

It’s like the slider is scrolling instead. my site is www.lafotografia.dk

This is because your sidebar is smaller then 600px. Because your sidebar is positioned absolute if you make the height 600px but your items inside are only 400px tall then it will never scroll. You would have to make it smaller. Try changing it to a smaller value so you can see.


#sidebar {
height: 300px;
overflow: scroll;

Hi I primarily use this template as a website using the pages. However I would also like to have a linked blog. Everything is set up and displaying correctly. The only thing is I would like for the blog posts permalinks to show up as website.com/blog/postname . I’ve tried different things and nothing is working. Is this possible to do? To leave my other pages as website.com/pagename but yet have the blog posts show up as website.com/blog/postname ?


Nevermind I was able to find a resource! Thanks for all your awesome help and assistance with my issues in the past. Love this theme!


“Under the permalink settings, you need to use a custom format. To do this, you’ll need to take a look at the structure tags available for use. Those can be found here:


To do exactly what you’re wanting, you’d want to use a format like this:

/ category / postname /

Pages have no category, so the tag for categories gets ignored and only the post name tag gets used.

I just found this question looking for the same answer. Hope this isn’t too late and helps you out.”

does it support RTL languages ? like Hebrew ?

RTL.css is not included you’ll need to create that – http://codex.wordpress.org/Right-to-Left_Language_Support

Is there a way of making a full-screen image serve as the home page rather than a portoflio layout?


Great theme but im after a few tweaks if you can help.

Is it possible to make a text rollover on the featured image on the homepage? Is there a way to disable the pop up view and rollover for the scroller gallery mode? Im not a fan of the ‘about’ tab, would it be possible to add some gallery text underneath the scroller wrap? And finally, what css would need to be changed to move the post container to the left rather than being centered?

Sorry if there are too many requests, really appreciate it if you can help.



I have an issue with a page with this theme. Can you take a look on this: http://annikenzahlfurunes.no/gallery/interior/

Second image don’t show as it should in scroller??


Jorid Kvam

Non of the second images in scroller gallery won’t show…

There is some strange HTML injected on your site that is causing things to break:


My guess is it’s being added by some 3rd party plugin.


How do i?:

Stop the auto scrolling for the scroller gallery? Remove the arrows on the scroller gallery? make the category view for the scroll gallery be a grid of two rows and unlimited columns? instead of just 1 row.

Thanks Ben

hi, in the example they are all the same height i mean if they are different. ben

The images are all the same height in the scroller because of the default cropping, see functions/img_defaults.php line 34:

if( $args == 'scroller_entry_height' ) return '600';

All your gallery images when using the scroller are trimmed to 600px for desktop view. You can change this value to 9999 if you don’t want them cropped then tweak the CSS so that there isn’t a fixed height on the scroller. But this can cause bugs though – like items at the end displaying below items at the front, which is why it has a fixed height by default.


I was just wondering how to put h1 and text description for SEO above or below the gallery on the homepage?

I tried to change the below but it didn’t work

<p style="visibility: hidden;">home</p>

<h2 style="visibility: hidden;">home</h2>

Cheers, Lee


Sometimes the mobile version seems to turn up on the web-page and the other way around as well.. Happens now and then all the time. I have upgraded the latest version recently but still this problem.


Ok thanks alot, I will change the code after your example. Couldn´t find: includes/gallery-masonry.php though.. Where can I access that? Somewhere in WP-admin I guess?

OK now I manage to find where: Apprence and then Edit.. And did the code update in the Masonry.php

The Site is not loading Masonry-albums right now but it might take while a guess until that happens?

If the masonry albums aren’t working right now it’s most likely because there is an error in the edited code.

If you aren’t a developer you might want to consider hiring someone to tweak your theme – http://www.microlancer.com/?utm_source=marketplacefooter&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=logodesign1&utm_campaign=mplacefooter

I followed all the steps of the video and documentation guide. After, I had a working static homepage with my selection of images. Then, after I removed one photo from this static homepage slider, the change was not visible. When I decided to remove the homepage, create a new homepage with the photos I wanted, and then go trough all the steps (set the template to homepage, change the static homepage setting , ad the new page to menu again) but all this resulted in a black homepage (without 404 error). When I change the template setting to default, I do see see my photos… What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for the delay.

It’s pretty much impossible for me to know what might be going on without having a look. You’ll need to send me a private message via my profile page with the URL and logins: http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer

Hi! I love this theme and it works beautifully! I’m new to coding and I have 3 questions about scroller galleries. Is there any way to: 1. make them dynamic so that on resize of the browser, the images resize. 2. Is there a way to resize the scroller gallery so that it takes up the entire window on ” right content”.With no padding top an bottom. 3. When looking on different size monitors can the images be resized to fit the screen. Thank you!! here’s the gallery example http://beautybyjmack.com/gallery/fashion/

The reason you can’t pinch to zoom photos is because of this line in header.php:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

You can try changing to:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

Let me know if that works or it creates issues, I think I opted out of the zoom because of common bugs on the older phones.

Thank you sooo much!! It worked! (no glitches or bugs …yet lol)


Just wondering if its possible to have the masonry style in horizontal format rather than vertical? This s not to change the scrolling direct just the layout format. Its make more sense as in its default state, images that are next to each other in the gallery can appear disconnected when portrait format images push others around.

Thanks in advance

It should be possible to achieve this affect with the already included masonry layout, but you’ll need to make quite a bit of edits.

Unfortunately we aren’t available for hire. If you need some assistance we recommend you check out MicroLancer – http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization

Heres an example of what I mean, but ignore the horizontal scrolling http://www.happyfinish.co.uk/services/retouching/artists/anna-watson-smith/

It should be possible to achieve this affect with the already included masonry layout, but you’ll need to make quite a bit of edits.

Unfortunately we aren’t available for hire. If you need some assistance we recommend you check out MicroLancer – http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress-customization


How do i add the name of the gallery below the gallery picture under the category view?

Ideally name in normal and venue in bold if possible.

Thanks ben

*duplicate comment

I mean the way the pictures/site are displayed. On the mobile version you scroll down and on a computer browser my pictures roles automatically… BUT it happens quite often that the site is displayed wrongly. On the mobile version pics sometimes roles instead of “scrolls down” or on the computer browser version it sometimes looks like the mobile site and the roles doesnt work. The URL is: http://www.hugothambert.com but it only happens now and then.. I hope you understood now, kind of hard to explain =)

*duplicate comment.


how do i display the name of the gallery bellow the gallery image?


Customizations are outside the scope of support. If you require to tweak the theme you should hire a web developer.

I don’t mind helping with small modifications, but this one would actually take quite some work.


If you are comfortable tweaking the code your self the files to edit would be at includes/loop-galleries.php and includes/loop-galleries-masonry.php. These can be moved to a child theme as well to make your edits.


I’m new to WP. I was having a hard time with free templates so i thought buying a pro theme would help. I’m still having trouble setting up my portfolio. i keep getting a blank slider screen, the sidebar is ok. i can’t get the homepage to link to my galleries. i guess i must be doing something wrong, i can’t figure out what it is. Please help me get those images sliding! Thanks a lot

my site: http://www.juanospinaphoto.com

Nevermind. Solved it. The theme’s badass AJ, thanks a lot.

Great, thanks for letting me know ;)