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Hi there, im unable to use elementor. Is it still supported? There is no “Edit with Elementor” button.

Hello :-)

For support please come to support forum https://rifetheme.com/apollo13-framework/docs/getting-started/support-forum/

However, quick answer – be sure you have enabled Elementor for post types that you want to use it for. Elementor -> Settings -> General -> Post Types.

With kind regards. Air.

Hi there, i just finished the theme installation and revslider.zip and js_composer.zip are missing from the theme folder/advanced/plugins as indicated in documentation (https://rifetheme.com/apollo13-framework/docs/installation-updating/installing-the-plugins/plugins-fails-on-installation/)

Hi there:-)

As explained in the documentation: “Some themes may have additional plugins bundled with them. Information which plugins are bundled with the theme can be found in theme description.”

You can read it here https://rifetheme.com/apollo13-framework/docs/installation-updating/installing-the-plugins/ As PhotoProof doesn’t have any additional plugin, you are fine.

With kind regards. Air.

HI guys, im in love with the PhotoProof #2. Some pre-order questions.

1. Why is the theme so bad (60/100) on Google PageSpeed Insights mobile rendering?

2. The horizontal scroll is only for portrait images right? landscape would not work properly?

3. Can i make the navigation bar light?

4. The mobile menu is not opening well. It laggs pretty much. (the FatMoon theme has the same problem)

5. Is the theme gdpr compliance proof? the new law in the EU

6. Can i create more pages besides your demo #2?

Thank you very much. Best regards, ado

Hey buddy,

i have a Samsung Galaxy S7 – using Chrome. The mobile menu is pretty lagging.

@6. Can i create my own pages with the elementor

Hey again :-)

“The mobile menu is pretty lagging.” I believe it can be connected to some animation that is overlapping menu container. I will get a look at it tomorrow morning, as today I was the whole day out of office.

As for creating pages with Elementor – sure you can, themes cannot block content creation with other plugins :-)

With kind regards. Air.

Hey :-)

Could you check once again mobile menu after refreshing cache or running it in private mode on your phone? I have updated stylesheet with one rule that should protect whole page form resizing on mobile menu open.

I will also add this fix in an upcoming update.

With kind regards. Air.

Hello, there is any mode to customize the tag order in the album with filter page? Thanks. Best


Any post types order plugin should do the trick eg. https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/

Best Regards Daniel

Hey, unfortunately doesn’t work for me. i need to arange the tags what is listed in /album/with-filter/ top center for now it is arange by alphabetical and i need to rearange it. Thank you

Hello :-)

Yes, Daniel thought you mean something else.

Order of these tags in a single album is displayed in the order they were added to items. I had a similar topic on our support forum here https://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/4656/changing-the-tags-in-an-album but I believe that answer there is outdated.

If you want to display your tags in alphabetical order I can help you on our support forum( https://rifetheme.com/apollo13-framework/docs/getting-started/support-forum/ ) but you will have to renew your support first. If you mean different order, it may be harder to do.

With kind regards. Air.

Hi There

I’m interested in your Apollo 13 theme – Hero + Content, would like to know if I can have the gallery on the homepage spanning a wide screen. At the moment, the theme has 2 images for the gallery that open into another page.


Hello there

Yes, you can add there more albums and stretch it to full width :)

Best Regards Daniel

Can it be a lightbox on the homepage instead of opening into a gallery page?

Yes, you can add a single gallery with the lightbox.

Hello! What is the recommended pixel size for photos on the main page slider?


I can recommend images wide at about 1700px-1920px. On our demos we used the images in such resolutions: 1700×1140px

Best Regards Daniel


leletaba Purchased

Hi there, is there a way to change the background colour in each works page? If I go in Word details > Page Background > Use custom settings > Page Background (color changed into black) but is not changing the default white colour. Thanks so much for you help! Regards

Hey:-) Please come to our support forum, and give us more details there(live link to your site), so we could help you.

However, before you will have to probably renew your support, as it seems it expired.

With kind regards.