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What can I do to have the submenu always open on the full screen mode?

Almost perfect! I’ve replied you in the forum, but thank you very much so far! Great theme and assistance.

Good morning, I write from Italy, excuse the translation. you can have on the home page with a Slideshow: images with video ?? or there is only video and images separated ?? thanks Nico

Hi, It’s currently images and video separate.


I just LOVE this theme and I want to buy it. Only one issue: I need a different portfolio, somewhat in the METRO or MASONRY style. Without being a programer: can I use such kind of portfolio as well in this theme? Thank you so much for your answer!


Currently what’s not displayed in the demo isn’t a feature of theme. Depending on the amount of customization you’ll need to contact a developer if unfamiliar with WP codes.

If it’s displayed in demo then the feature is present out of box.


Hi. Thank you for your great design :) Does this theme support RTL languages?

Hi, Sorry, RTL isn’t there in the theme yet. I’ll note this down as a requested feature.


Hi there, In the porfolio page (, when you click in to each project, it takes you to project page (example link:, then at this project page, at the top right corner, there is a icon called GALLERY (link of this button direct to, so my question is, could I modify its link, so this Icon can take the viewer back to a Portfolio page instead of Project page(Gallery), the reason that I want to take client back to Portfolio page is the Fiterable Mode.

In Portfolio page, there is a filter, while in Project page(Gallery) there is no Filter.

English is my second language, so I hope that what I explain above is clear is enough for supporter to understand.

Thanks heaps.

Hi, Sorry , we missed this one. Please post to support forum if you haven’t .


love this theme thank you!!! when i checked the demo version there is a purchase button in the middle of the home page or a linked button… how can i add this to my website and link accordingly?

Hi, Yes, the process is explained in Help Guide. Could you post to support forum if there’s any problem so we can help better.


Hi, I imported the full demo data but when I checked on the site, it does not look like the demo on your site. I understand that the images should be mine, but I want the layout to be like the same one on the demo on your site


Could you create a ticket with description of the issue and url at our support forum so we can check why it’s not working.

Here’s support forum url :


Hello! This theme is compatible with plugin nextgen gallery within posts ?

thanks !

Hi, Yes, nextgen plugin will work inside post contents.


Do you have a list of files/directories that were updated with the version 1.8 update?


Here are the files that changed since last version.

Version 1.9

  • Files ‘framework/admin/admin_setup.php’
  • Files ‘framework/admin/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php’
  • Files ‘framework/admin/tgm/tgm-init.php’
  • Files ‘framework/functions/framework-functions.php’
  • Files ‘framework/options/[all files and folders]’
  • Files ‘woocommerce/[all files and folders]’
  • Files ‘functions.php’
  • Files ‘header.php’
  • Files ‘js/common.js’
  • Files ‘style.css’
  • /framework/plugins/

You’ll also find the information in item description.


My ‘fullscreen images’ are not fullscreen on larger sized devices like Imac or the iphone in portrait. Can you help please? htttp://

yes, this image has a white border, but why doesn’t it fill the screen? This image has no border, but i still get a black area below the image on imac and iphone:

Ps..I am updating the site for a client, so have no access to the codes you need for the support forum

Hi, You can request purchase code from client and register under your username at support forum using the purchase code.



Hi im looking to buy a theme with private galleries. does this theme allow me to have a private gallery for each of my clients?

If these private galleries can be password protected, can they all be consolidated into a single page? I would like my clients to enter a page named client area, then click on their gallery (defined by their cover photo and title), and then entering a password before having access to their gallery.

unfortunately I don’t have an example at hand unfortunately but I am trying to understand how many levels you have for your theme pages. I will have clients for different event types and I would like to categorise password protected galleries in their own categories. Below are several examples of what I would like to achieve:

home page > clients page > weddings > dave and jodie wedding (password protected) > images displayed in chosen format

home page > clients page > commercial > movement evolution outdoor session photoshoot (password Protected) > images displayed in chosen format

I will also have open galleries, but these will be different to the protected ones e.g.

Home page > gallery> weddings > jamies wedding > images displayed in chosen format

Home page > gallery> travel & Culture > Africa > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > portraits > images displayed in chosen format

Home Page > portfolio > Creative > images displayed in chosen format

I Hope that makes it clear.


You can password protect galleries. Password protecting galleries don’t apply the individual portfolio items in the gallery. You’ll need to password protect them separately.

The theme doesn’t manage clients. So it’s upto you how you use the galleries. If you password protect the galleries and group them under a particular category it will work.

If you can look through the demo and see if your required features are displayed. All features in demo will work out of box. Those features which aren’t seen in demo won’t work with theme.


Hello, the theme looks amazing! My question :

By default, the menu is on the LEFT side of the screen. Is there any option to put it on the RIGHT side ? The background photo I need to use is composed that way and I cannot use LEFT side menu even if I wanted. Please, is it possible to swap the menu to the RIGHT side of the screen?

Thank you!

Hi, Sorry, currently we don’t have a selector to set the menu to the right. It will be as seen in demo out of box.


Hi, can I SFTP export Lightroom galleries directly in to this theme

Hi, Images need be added through the WordPress Media Gallery. It assigns IDs and database entries for images so that they can be associated with pages. Uploading it via FTP won’t register them to WP so it won’t work with the theme.


How do I make THIS > work with a portfolio? Every time I try I still get the details link along with the lightbox on my thumbnail image? I bought the theme quite some time ago and have never used it until now. We have no need of a details post, we are just having vimeo.


Will keep trying in the meantime

but with vimeo not images I meant to type above

all is working, i just do not want the extra detail link on the thumbnails, just open the vimeo-video in lightbox


The thumbnails doesn’t work with vimeo videos. It’s only used for lightbox images.

Perhaps we can provide you the HTML in the thumbnail block so that you can assign video links to them. Could you post this to support forum

Do provide you site url where the thumbnails are active.


Thanks so much for replying! Yes I will make a post on the forum right now and give you the dev url

I am not very thorough with WP, and am a newbie, I want to use the full page slideshow for the homepage. I have added images to the gallery, and selected ” Slideshow from full screen post” and gallery on the home page. The slide show works perfectly alright, but the white static home page is obstructing the slide show. I have tried all options I know, but it simply wont go. Please help.


Could you post to support forum with direct url where we can check on the page with the problem.

Here’s support forum url


Hey. I have a problem. I have a new client with your theme. Unfortunately, ex-webmaster which has a purchase code – no contact with him and I just need a line of code from the file footer.php

The error that appears on the page :/ Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /wp-content/themes/photoreactive/footer.php on line 41


That error is a syntax error. Could you upgrade the theme to latest version and check.

Great if you can ask your client to get the purchase code from themeforest. We need this to provide theme support. You can use purchase code to register at the support forum.

Please register at the support forum:


Hello Imaginem,

The contact template for my client no longer works. Whenever you click the send button, nothing happens. I cleared cache, even disabled cache, but still not working. Is this something you can help in?

Best regards,


Hi Paul,

Please post to support forum. We’ll need to check the page where the error is occurring to see what’s causing the issue.

Here’s support forum url:


Sorry about that. I actually did open a ticket on the support forum, but thought I opened it here, came back, didn’t see my comment so I sent it back. Here is the ticket number on your support forum #37969. Sorry for the confusion. I’ve updated with the URL in the ticket.

Best regards,


Imaginem, can you confirm support for PHP 7? I was having issues and couldn’t identify if it was the theme or a plugin.


It should work fine. Could you post to support forum if you think there’s any issues. You can run theme standalone with the recommended plugins ( without third party plugins ) to check if problems are caused by plugins.

Here’s support forum url:


Presale Question: How is full screen video handled on iOS devices, iPad and iPhone? is there a demo I can view?


Thank you for taking interest in choosing PhotoReactive theme.

The fullscreen videos in iOS will need to be manually played in mobile devices as autoplay for media files are disabled at browser level. In iOS video playback will be done through its media player – this is the same way it plays all videos in iOS Safari.


Thanks for the quick reply. I found the Vimeo and YouTube sample pages under home in the menu. I understand the iOS media player and also the in ability of autoplay.

FYI; I tested the above mentioned pages on a iPad Pro held horizontal and it is not possible to tap the play button because they reside under the left hand side bar.

I suppose there is a right hand sidebar option?


The Vimeo play button in the fullscreen video is generated through it’s embed code and can’t be adjusted. It should however play on tapping the video screen section. We can also provide code to set a margin space to the video through support forum if preferred.

We’ll further check on this and set a responsive menu option for iPod Pro as an update.

Currently there is no right hand side vertical menu option.


Nice theme, could you please let me know if i can remove the + of the white color circle button in the left bottom? cheers


Thank you for taking interest in purchasing Kinetika theme.

Yes you can disable the fullscreen toggle button through theme options. You can also set it to show only on fullscreen pages, or remove it altogether through theme options.