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Nice Design, Good Luck ;)

Thank you ThemeCafe :) glad someone likes it

Wow! I like this so much

Thank you very much :)

does this support video embedding?

It is coming in an update :) for now in v1.0 it is images only. Talking about frontpage of course. I am working on a way to allow videos inside those frontpage blocks. You can embedd videos inside post content normaly.

Can I do widescreen large images inline in the posts? see > https://medium.com/p/c7d422e3ebee

Exactly as you shown on your picture. That is full width for the content holder and you can add more text and images under.

ahhh ok.. that’s what I was suspecting. to bad that it can’t be like the medium post I sent you.

Kind of like http://exposure.so

I will see if I can fit “full width” version in an update. Will keep you informed if and when :)

Beautiful theme!

(a) can a post contain multiple photos?

(b) can I add sub-tags in the form of dropdown menus? For example, a tag called “weddings” with sub-tags of “Wedding A” “Wedding B” etc.


I am glad that you like it :)

a) Absolutely. You can use any number of photos in your posts. The first image that you insert in that post will be used to appear on the front page post block (as featured).

b) Unfortunately, there is no option to do that for now without extensive remaking of the theme. I would have to completely rewrite Isotope function to include that. Anyway, you can do that without dropdown menus, using sort buttons, just like in preview. For instance one being “Wedding A” and the other “Wedding B” buttons that sort the images depending on their tag (being it wedding a or b) – if that helps.

hi Tom,

I love your theme that I had to buy it :) I am new to adding themes and I can’t figure for the life of me of changing the titles of the columns (ex, nature, people, etc) , i like the titles of them but how do i even add my photos to that section? help! sorry I’m a n00b :)

when I am posting it, it just falls under ALL column, thanks!!!

Hey mydclif3, just like for rebel22lax, here are some basic steps to make it work:

Only thing that you have to do is update your index.hbs with your own tags.

Under part where there is, let’s say, Nature replace .nature and Nature with your tags. In your case that might be .sport and Sport for instance or similar stuff.

Then, the crucial part is that you tag your post with sport (let’s assume we are still using sport tag like in the part before). Do not tag your post with .sport, it is case sensitive and you do not have to use the . marker.

You can replace any tags of mine with yours or add new ones, just make sure that you leave “All” as it was since that is the part of Isotope that filters all posts together without a tag or marker.

Btw, also, make sure that you restart your Ghost service after updating index.hbs file.

Hope that helps :)

Regards, Tom

Hi Tom, it helped

looking fwd to the new update with videos

Hey im in the same boat as mydclif3

I added Weddings

so all i need to do is tag my post with .weddings correct?

if so its not working for me

got it had to use lower case in the tag

thanks for the help

That is honestly really weird. Have you changed anything else around the picture div’s? If you change the structure it might render Isotope out.. it works by reading first tag after its call.

I have tried to replicate your problem on a fresh Ghost installation using files from my .zip and here is the exact procedure that I did and that worked:

- Open index.hbs
- I have edited next data inside index.hbs:
<a href="#" data-filter=".nature">Nature</a>
and changed it into
<a href="#" data-filter=".weddings">Weddings</a>
- Saved index.hbs and uploaded it to the server. Restarted Ghost service. (I am not sure how this part works with Ghost Hosted service, since I am using my own VPS server and can restart it manually).
- Created a new post and gave it a tag called “weddings” (without quotes).
- Isotope filter worked as intended afterwards and did sort my post into weddings category

you are right sir i was using “Weddings” and that was the problem

now i have a new issue but don’t worry I deal with code at work so by the time you read this i will have broken it 5 times and some how fixed it


the cover image vs your icon

i have uploaded a cover image with in the ghost settings page and i’m having trouble getting the image to stay consistent from homepage to individual post page

Plus the return to home page hyperlink isn’t working if you don’t use a icon

feel free to check out dominiquerichardson.com

any thoughts on making a contact me page? or should i just go ahead and code it

Dear friend, I have been working yesterday on an update for 0.4 that will include “About” and “Contact” static pages. I still got no ETA for it though, it should be up in few days.

Regards, Tom

On the home page, will the thumbnails go on indefinitely as I keep adding posts?

Yes, up to 999 as Ghost support at the moment.

any idea on when this theme will be fixed the filtering tag system is broken due to the ghost update that recently rolled out. if you go to www.DominiqueRichardson.com and click on people you will see the error

Same here, I am having issues with my site with the recent ghost update.

Filters don’t work. Shame the author seems to have abandoned. Don’t buy this.

demo does not work :(