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i am new and i want to set the menu Expanded by default. That is visitor will see the menu items open the first time they visit. thanks

i also want to display the Portifolio ITEMS… one across (not 3 across). and set their dimensions individually as some images are tall and others are wide. thanks!

Time to buy this. But before that one more thing, once the ” mouse moving view” of the image in the portfolio is disabled, will the image resize automatically to any browser size?

ref: http://thomaskaarup.com/index.html#!Reel.html

I’m trying a add a second (and third, fourth) video, but when I copy/paste the sourcecode it uses the same video as the first I’ve inserted?

hello Kaarup, The theme supports on video as Reel, if you want to add multiple videos, please install a plugin that does that (creates video short codes) and add this videos on a regular page. regards, jayc

How can i change the “home right switch buttons”. I want them to “link” to e.g Portfolio instead of “twoColumGalleryContent” etc.

hello Kaarup , I’m sorry you cant , it’s pretty tied up into the code, actually the buttons don’t link to the actual galleries, but swathes between last gallery products on the homepage

hi there, i purchased this template but i can not use fullscreen function. can you help me? i do not see fullscreen buttons..

Where are you sakura this template is broken!

Hi, I bought this template “PhotoShoot – The Creative PortfolioMessage” at themeforest, but it is not working, it seems that is not finding the home page, because the loading never stops and the home page never shows, but I read the activity window and there I can see that it does find the home page, so, I don’t understand why is not working. I wrote to you from your web too.


i purchased this template and it will not work. i get an error message saying it cannot load the home section and the loading page continues to circle. the only browser it seems to open on is IE however it will not work on Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. Please reply

yes, after installing it on mamp it works locally, but it has a weird issue where the content on the portfolio page drops when you scrool down and won’t come back up

It should work on the webserver without any issues, the reason why it doesn’t – locally – is because it’s AJAX based, and AJAX requests are not allowed offline usually.


ok, thank you. :)

Hi, I would like to buy this template. But I want to know can I make it work as a normal website, not one page only? Is all in the JS, or it’s in the HTML? Thanx!

Hi there, it’s all AJAX and JS actually

Hi there,

Is it possible to add a video into background? I mean also with plugins?

Thank you

Hi there,

Is it possible to add a video and an audio player into background? I mean also with plugins?

Thank you

I Uploaded the theme to my server and it doesn’t work. I can’t view any of the pages on Firefox, Safari or Chrome, I get a 404 Error Page. Is there anything you can suggest that might cause this?