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Awesome work! glws sakura! ;)

Good job! GLWS !

Very Nice Work

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Looks awesome :)

hi, Nice work!

I bought you HTML version of this theme, will I get any discount in it ??

I will defiantly buy this if you say that I can create video galley as picture gallery is there.

Hello ,

I’m sorry I can’t offer a discount since its being sold through Envato Market, for the moment there are no video galleries support, we will add short codes for videos next week, you could also use a plugin to add video galleries. You can see documentation files here: Docs

cheers! sakurapixel


Thanks for reply! I just want to ask one last question before purchasing it.

Can we add accordion and tabs in this theme? Since I need it.

In the last HTML version It has been the main issue for me!

Please answer as soon as possible!!


well, the theme supports regular WP pages (you can build as many as you want – would look something like About us page), however you should be able to add any content there (if you have a plugin that generates accordion components I don’t see why you could not add this type of content inside the regular page), also please note that the theme does not come with an accordion component.

cheers! jayc

Do you have any future plans to add there features??


I have bought the theme.

Please, It would be grate if you arrange accordion & tabs as short codes in this theme I can wait for updates.!

Hi again,

we are planning to add the video short code next week, and we’ll also look into the accordion / tabs issue, so please contact us using our profile page and we will try to help!


Hi – really like the theme and considering purchasing – one question – is there a way to allow the pictures to automatically resize without cropping in the lightbox?


Hello rondij,

Yes there is, go to Admin > Theme Options and unckeck the ‘Is lightbox mouse move’. This way images will be resized.

cheers! jayc

Thats great. One more question – any chance of making the theme responsive in the future?

hello rondij,

We don’t know for sure, we started this theme as non responsive (there are some animations that could not be responsive – like the portfolio section), we’ll look into it next week in order to determine how much of functionality could remain if it would be responsive.

cheers! jayc

Nice work. I have a question. I’m not that great at building websites but can this theme accept social media plugins on Main pages as Facebook and twiiter live feeds? thanks

hello tolovet,

Most of twitter plugins must be installed within a widget, this theme does not support widgets/sidebar (there is no room – the design is mostly for creative websites), however if you only want social links buttons on the main page, I could add that for you. At the moment social links can be found under the contact page.

cheers! jayc

Hi How can I use your Lightbox in about page template for single image or multiple

hello anostudio,

It’s not build for that, however I will run some tests and get back to you.

cheers! jayc

Thanks will wait for you , I try to use different lightbox plugin no one works

Hello anostudio,

We’ve implemented this (thanx for the idea :) ). We will make an update within 2-3 days that will include this feature and other features, you can wait until than or you can send us a message through the profile page and I will send you the updated version right now. Also please note that you will have to activate this new feature from Admin > Theme options ( see screenshot here)

cheers! jayc

Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanx JFthemes :) ,

Best of all!

Great looking theme.

It seems the iGallery example loads very slow, do you think this would speed up on a more robust sever with CDN ? http://showcase.sakurapixel.com/photoshoot_wp/site/#!/photoshoot_wp/site/?page_id=142

Are there plans to make the theme or variation on the theme that is responsive and mobile friendly?

Great work!

Hello bowmandesign,

Thank you!

1. Yes , would load much faster, we only have shared hosting), we plan to upgrade to a VPS or Cloud but I’m still making plans on how would I port safely the themes without any down time :).

2. No, sorry this theme will not be responsive, our next themes will be.

cheers! sakurapixel

Theme is not working for me. SUCKS ! Man i need your help. This is my site url: http://www.retouchbd.com/ see how its looking. DAMN

Hello ,

Please read the documentation starting with the “Important” subsection from the Installation part ( Installation )

I will be online within 2 hours, if you wish you can send me an email through my profile page, you could also send me the user/pass I could help you set up and running .

cheers! jayc

OK , got it, now it works, I’ve sent you an email.

cheers! sakurapixel

Hello? Just bought it but some questions: 1 How do I add images to One/two column gallery? 2 Portrait lightbox possible? 3 Anyway to custermize light box crop. When displaying portrait images in landscape lightbox thumbernail. 4 Anyway to display full size image (or auto adjust) in light box without using mose move?

The template looks really good.. But when it comes to use, every bit is a problem….

Hello grasszhang,

I will answer your questions bellow:

1. Please read the documentation near Installation and usage (you will find extended info about creating those pages Documentation ). Actually it’s pretty easy: you create a page, choose a page template (Ex: one/two col Gallery), add it to the menu, then you start add one or two column items (Main menu> One Column Gallery> Add new).

2. 3. 4. You can go to Admin>Theme Options and uncheck “Is lightbox mouse move (image movement based on mouse position)”

if you still have problems you can contact me here : Profile page (lower right contact form), if you wish you can send me your skype ID so I could walk you through.

cheers! jayc

Hi Jayc Thank you very much for the quick reply. 1 Yes I followed your installation on the Documentation page. I can add images to ‘portfolio’ or ‘iGallery’. But when I do the same steps for the one/two col Gallery, the only things which shows up in the add new page is Title and Item description. There is some space where allow me to ‘Add small description’ but I can’t find the button for ‘upload image’ and ’ Add new item’ as I can find in ‘portfolio’ and ‘iGallery’. I’ve upload the screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/o5oumf/6

2 I tried unchecking that option. But what I got is I still a landscape lightbox (and auto cropped) screenshot as below (as on Firefox 16.0.2) http://tinypic.com/r/9qb902/6 When I tried displaying it on my portait screen (1050*1680) it displays something like that: http://tinypic.com/r/x59tt0/6 When I demaximized my browser window and tried to resize the window, the lightbox somehow become like this: http://tinypic.com/r/17s5et/6 I hope the above is clear. And thank you for the help?

Hello grasszhang,

I will answer bellow:

1. One/two column galleries don’t work like portfolio and iGallery because they don’t have to group images, you only have to add a small description and set up a featured image – see screenshot here: Screenshoot (the green rectangle). You can find more info about this within documentation.

2. The image might look distort because you might already had images uploaded within your Wordpress , the theme needs to resize images when you upload it (in order to resize images for the current theme’s requirement please read documentation around “Thumbnail size” )

Ex: Thumbnails size

Photoshoot uses thumbnails of different sizes for different sections. The theme creates these thumbnails when you upload photos to Library from your computer. If you already have photos within your library from a previous theme you can use the following plugin in order to regenerate the thumbnails according to Photoshoot needs: Regenerate Thumbnails After you have installed ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin go to Tools > Regen Thumbnails and click Regenerate (this could take a while depending of your library content).

Also please email me through my profile page and also send a link to your website.

cheers! jayc

Hello there, On of my clients bought these theme and I am customizing it for his needs. all his images are not landscaped they are horizontally oriented and when i create portfolio or galleries all my thumbnails are destroyed I am not able to see the head of models. Please let me know if there is some way to make these thumbnails look better ?

hello Effekt,

I think I remember your client, but I must have misunderstood. Anyway I understand what you’re asking but the thumbnails are generate through some WP native functions based on some algorithms (in order not to mess the image, for example you could upload a portrait image and WP will make sure to safely generate a landscape thumb).

However depending of the image you upload, this could not be achieved without the cut of some edges from the thumb, so basically if you upload models (humans), you should make sure that this humans are centered within the picture (basically is better to have a 1000×1500px image than a 1000×3000px image). What I’m saying is that you need better scaled images before upload.

OK, enough said, you could try the following: 1. Please open/edit com/sakurapixel/php/hive.php

2. go around line 64 and change set_post_thumbnail_size($w, $h, true ); to set_post_thumbnail_size($w, $h, false );

maybe this will help! cheers! jacy

One more thing, after you have made that modification, please run the Regenerate thumbnail plugin (as described in documentation) in order to regenerate sizes for already uploaded images.


SakuraPixel thank you for your answer, later i will have the account that bought your item and i will write from that account also. As i see the best solution will be to make these images based on theme needs, otherwise i will have these problems. If i go with second solution changing variables than logically i will have problem when I will upload landscape images :). Is there a way to make these variablesauto, what I mean is to not crop at all images just to make their size smaller for thumbnails and display the whole image on lightbox ?

Hello Effekt,

We have fixed the lightbox issue, now if you can display correctly portrait images (in responsive lightbox mode). You can see a preview Here. The file is waiting for approval (it takes a few hours), than you can re-doawnload and override your existing files.

cheers! sakurapixel

SakuraPixel i have a nother problem now. When i open some portfolio and I change inside images with next button, when it comes to the end image it appears the loading image and the site blocks that time. Can you please let me know how I can fix this bug ?

Ok no need for that, i found the problem, there was another product without image and that coused the problem ! thanks anyway

Hello, love the theme except for one problem. If I turn off “Is lightbox mouse move” it crops portrait oriented images slightly cutting off the top and bottom slightly but noticeable. Is there a way to fix that?

Hello cehanis,

Please send me an email through my profile page ( Right bottom form ). Please include the url to your website.



Hello cehanis,

We have fixed the lightbox issue, now if you can display correctly portrait images (in responsive lightbox mode). You can see a preview Here. The file is waiting for approval (it takes a few hours), than you can re-doawnload and override your existing files.

cheers! sakurapixel