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I cannot make the contact form to work please advice thanks


Hello Chris,

Please send me an email through our profile Here. Also please include the URL to your install so I could take a look.

cheers! jacy

HI I sent you the email please advice.. thanks I think the error is beacuse of the !# symbols?? thanks waiting for solution, chris


We’ve had lots of emails these days (because we were on vacation), I might have answered to you, if your problem is not fixed, please re-send an email.

cheers! jayc

is compatible with ecommerce plugin?

Hello Alessandroart,

I don’t know for sure, it should be, hoever this is a creative theme without widgets, does your plugin requires widgets? You can send me an email and I can check it out for you (also include the URL to the plugin)

cheers! jacy

I have not yet installed the wordpress, I’m selecting the theme and plugin ecommerce verifying the compatibility. if this theme is compatible with such woocommerce is likely to buy it, I want to make these checks before proceeding with the purchase. Can you verify this? thanks

Hello Alessandroart,

Yes I can check that for you, but I need to know what Plugin are you planing to use, so please send me a link to that plugin.

cheers! jayc

woocommerce thanks

OK, I will check it pout and get back to you

Hello Alessandroart,

I checked the woocommerce plugin and I think it’s more appropriate to use this plugin with an e-commerce theme, Photoshoot is a presentation theme best suited for photographers/agencies, you need a theme that displays products for sale.

cheers! jayc

sure, but the customer wants a ecommerce but with attractive graphics, this theme we liked and it was compatible with the plugin could adapt it to our needs.

Hi, could you please send me an email through my profile page – bottom right form – Here. I can not contact you because only authors have the contact form.

cheers! jayc

Hey there :)

Is there any chance to let the music play in the background without interruption, if I would switch to another page of my site?

Thank you!

hello Eikju, Photoshoot does not have ambient music, anyway if you are using a plugin could you send me an email through our profile page, also please include the link to the website and the link to the plugin. Yes it can be done but the audio should be embedded within index page …not within other pages.

cheers! sakurapixel

HI I don’t know why but the scroll is not working… please advice, thanks www.400sunnyisles.com thanks! Chris

Hello clucco,

Please make an update, this is caused by the new Wordpress 3.5, please re-download and override the files (this will not affect your existing content).

cheers! sakurapixel

Hi Sakura, but all the backgrounds and images will change ?? what file i need to update? thanks!

hello clucco,

I do’t think it will change, anyway you could override all the content within the ‘com’ folder

Hello SakuraPixel Team,

I am trying to setup portfolio page and need mouse-move – image-move thing(for larger images) to work as shown in preview,

right now image is resized to fit popup size, which is not as what I want.

Can you please guide me to achive desired result(exactly as in preview site-portfolio).

thank you!


Sorry for the delay we’ve been on vacation for the past days. Please go to Admin>Theme Options>General settings and check “Is lightbox mouse move”


Hello SakuraPixel, is that tamplate compatible with qtranslate plugin ?

-hello, because its an ajax template no it’s not

thanks to replay me…

hey anyway to get rid of the # and have it work? It seems like the page with # and without is totally different.

Also, it doesn’t seem to be loading on the chrome browser on the iphone.

here is an example: http://www.spotkaraoke.com/home/ http://www.spotkaraoke.com/#/home/

hello powerstarim, because its a one page theme, I’m sorry you can’t get rid of the !#


Is there a .po file for the translation of Photoshoot dahsboard menu, theme options etc… Thank you Evelyne

Please help, when I view the code I get this ”: attachment_id=95”; instead of my logo. Could you please tell me why my logo does not show up? Thank you

I found a way to display the logo. ;)

Sorry for the late replies lately, we are working hard for the launch of a new theme and that’s why there’s a delay in support! Glad it was fixed!

Greetings and thanks for an outstanding looking theme. I have one problem with it thought. The reel video gets hung up after watching it and when people are going back to the home page or any other page. Then the video sticks in the picture.. You can check it here : http://jilianistudio.com Hope for quick help as we need to launch the site very fast .. all the best

hello inilsi, sorry for the delay, it’s a 404 answer right now, did you remove it?

Hi, I was trying to use WP UI but I am failing. Is there something I should know that would help me here? I noticed you told someone previously you would add Accordion & Tabs short-codes. Is that still happening?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi; nice theme ;) please, how can do to change the images of the background ?

hello memop71, sorry for the delay, In order to change the background images, please set a feature image for each page, When you create/edit page you have a box to the right menu “Set feature image”.

regards, jayc

Also, is there a way to have one column galleries scroll with a mouse wheel?

hello dcphotographic, mousewheel should work, please check if you have the latest update

I am using Photoshoot V2 Version 1.0. Is this the latest?

I have the mouse wheel working now BTW. It was a plugin.

OK I would appreciate some feedback please…I LOVE the theme but there are some issues with it that need addressing unfortunatley. I am almost ready to tell people about my site but at the moment, the igallery is not loading up for some reason. http://www.dcphotographic.co.uk

I have also found it impossible to link to other internal pages within my site without having them in the main menu. Is there no other way around this as I don’t really want EVERY page on show from the main page.

My above comment about mouse scrolling is not only an issue with the one column gallery, but all page types that go past the fold and need scrolling. Is it possible to fix this?

I look forward to hearing from you, Duncan

additionally, I was wondering if you could help. I have a lot of new pages now not being compatible with the new theme due to the fact they are internally linked to and not from the main menu. While I have plan to deal with this situation….hopefully through Accordion & Tabs, google currently links to these pages for geographical search terms. for e.g. http://www.dcphotographic.co.uk/wedding-venue-directory/oxfordshire-weddings/banbury-weddings/ I have changed the default_background.jpg to give redirection info, but I was wondering if I could have that photo link to my main page? If so, where do I go to make this happen?

thank you in advance.

hello dcphotographic,

I’m sorry I’ve been tested about 6 plugins and I could not get it worked, some of it don’t work with ajax themes others have not been updated in a long time and have errors .


Oh dear….thanks for checking for me.

Hi: thanks for your previous answer ;) now i have another question: The theme ist compatible with all sizes screen? i was looking my website with your template in a small screen of ipad and 11 inches and looks bad :( can you help me please? kind regards

hello memop71 , again I apologize for the delay (we’ve worked a lot to build this one http://showcase.sakurapixel.com/theroad_wp/ ), Photoshoot is not responsive, I’ve tested on my iPad2 and it worked OK, now do you mean visually – like colors on retina display? jayc

Hi SakuraPixel, I sent you two emails but have not gotten a response. I am trying to add a scrollbar to my video/reel page that matches the scrollbar on the blog page, how can I do this?

hello Riboflavin, the reel page does not have scrollbar because it only has one video, if you want to add multiple videos, please install a plugin that does that (creates video short codes) and add this videos on a regular page. regards, jayc

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_thumbnail_id() in /home/janabher/public_html/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 1173

asterantony, plese send me an email, also please include the URL to your install