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Hello, I’m also sure to buy routtemplate butI need to know if it is possible to create sub-categories on the portfolio. My client need 5 categories (trousers, dress, coats, ...) but each cloth has 2 to 5 differents pictures. So is it possible ? Exemples : - Trousers / The blue trousers / 4 pictures - dree / the little black dress / 3 pictures Thanks you and have a nice day.

hello rashel , I’m sorry it does not support subcategories.


Is it possible to deeplink to individual iGallery and portfolio galleries? I don’t see links generated by them when they are created.

It appears as though the parent page’s URL persists even when clicking into individual galleries. Would like to be able to link to galleries from time to time if at all possible.

We do use the news section as well (for press/news) but we have paid events with bookings and forms that we use the events manager plugin for which is why we use that. The custom template I created was built based on that news/blog template.

hello timrockitranch , I don’t think you can use it that way with an ajax theme, most of that kind of plugins use page refresh to confirm the data, for example a booking POSTS the data to the database , than refreshes the current page so would print the update data (it does not use ajax to post that booking).

You are correct. I ended up building a custom template that opens in a new window when detailed events are clicked on that can function as a regular page so that no AJAX is used when submitting forms. It seems to be working out just fine.

Thanks for the input!

Also, the contact form does not work after I configured it.

No JS errors in the Firebug console either.

hello timrockitranch,

this is odd, please send us an email, also include the link to your install.


I figured out what was wrong. Tthe name field requires at least 4 characters and I was only entering 3, but it was hard to tell that the form fields were validating because the CSS class was so faint—I bumped up the text-shadow on the errorfield class and now it works fine.

I’m having issues with uploading my theme. Wordpress doesn’t even show the Appearance/Theme/Install. I’ve called the support team for my hosting site and we could not get your theme to show up. Please help. Thank you kindly, Vang0gh

hello , I’m a little bit confused, have you got the chance to install the theme?, basically you have to see this screen Screen. If you don’t have this screen than it’s not a theme problem, it’s a Wordpress install problem (I haven’t heard of it till now), you should try to reinstall Wordpress, you could also send me an email with the user/pass and I could take a look for you.

cheers! jayc

Hi, I use wordpress, and i love the way the wordpress version functions compared to the site template version, like the scrolling (wasn’t a fan of the custom scrollers in site template.). But… you for some reason changed the look of the navigation in wordpress… made it look like a vertical ribbon or something. I really like the site template nav design.. why did you change that for wordpress? its the only reason i havent purchased it now..

SPOTLESS is amazing though. :)

hello krazykaze ,

Well we have changed the menu because the reviewer did not let us use the old menu (he said it looks like King Size). If you ask me ours had totally different behaviour/animation :) . Anyway we had to change it. We have also changed the scroll because it did not behave well on mouse wheel on Mac- Safari.

best of all! jayc

i see the nav can be changed… interesting :) can the igallery categories have titles??

hello krazykaze, I’m sorry iGallery categories can not have titles (we tried that but it was messing up the text because of the images movement)


great looking theme. unfortunately I have an issue. I’ve just installed it and I tried adding a menu, all good in the backend. Now when I try to refresh the front end, it just keeps showing the loading animation and I never see the page appear.

It disappears once a delete the menu.

any idea?

Hi there, could you make sure a background for each page is set as featured image? And if it still doesn’t work, drop us an email directly please and we will help!


Sakura team

Is there anyway you can add a scrolling page for the homepage? If you put in too much text, it just runs off the bottom of the screen with the viewer unable to read it…. :( Plus, I think a smaller text box on the front page looks nicer. :)

Please let me know your thoughts.



Btw your site does look lovely and i think you have done a nice job with it:) Best of luck with your work!:)

I do too….I think it looks fantastic…..but I have to say I am getting increasingly frustrated with the rigidity of it and the lack of functionality. It’s driving me mad!!!

I have spent the last two days trying to add social commenting….my google analytics doesn’t work. Plugins that work with any other themes…just don’t work.

I am sorry to hit you with another one….but, I was wondering if you had any idea why my simpleviewer galleries in my blog posts work when you access the post from the list, but if you click “next” or “previous” from within a post, the gallery does not load??? :(


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


hello dcphotographic, I cant figure out why is that happening, maybe the plugin fails to initialise because not the whole page its loaded when you go next, only the content .

yeah…I have no idea mate. I am a photographer. :D

Hello author, I wonder of the gallery can create sub categories such as: Marriage, and Other 15 Years? waiting!

hello junioritalian ,

Sorry, both one column gallery and two columns galleries do not support sub categories.

regards, sakura

Hi, I’m new to working with this theme (taking over from the previous designer/developer) and wondering if there is a way to add a popup “welcome window” on users’ first visit to the site, with a cookie set to expire 30 days after? Can this be done within this theme or would I need to use a plugin?

Hi! I’m looking at the site with Google Webmaster Tools but it seems that all the pages don’t have a page title. I installed plugin SEO by Yoast which have a good rating and works on all my sites. But, it’s still not working.

How can we set the page title on each page with this theme? It’s very important for me to increase the SEO of the site.


Hi. I’m wondering if I can create a link to a specific Portfolio category?


Hey SakuraPixel…. I saw that many of the owners of this template had some problems Integrating this template with some Wordpress Plugins…. Before my purchase… Can you please confirm me if its possible to use this teemplate with this Plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-translator-revolution-wordpress-plugin-/1108823

Please let me know if its possible… Thanks a lot for your help And congratualtions for the great designs

Hello Eguiarte,

I’m sorry I do not believe that plugin will work with the theme, Ajax based themes like Photoshoot, load pages dynamically through ajax (at different points – when they need it). The advantage of this kind of theme is that it looks more beautiful and has more interaction. The down side is that not all plugins work with this kinda of themes because: Plugins also need to initialise at some point, most plugins are coded to initialise at document.onLoad event (following a classic structure of a classic web page).

regards, Sakura

Hi Great theme!

How can I get rid of the little minus sign in the upper right hand corner (right below the fullscreen option)?

Thanks Dave


I’d like to know where/how I can add some more javascript in all this mess? I can’t seem to find where a simple self-invoking function has to be written in order to be able to manipulate the page. All I want is to be able to listen to a click event.

Thanks for any reply

Hello philhudson,

Since the Photoshoot’s JS approach is more Object Oriented, I’m going to describe “The Javascript Mess” bellow:

Within the js folder you can find three main files ( see here: http://d.pr/i/ZeNa ), the files are main.js , PagesUtils.js and sections.js .

main.js – As the name suggests main.js is the script entry point (it handles pages load, menu and other general processes)

PagesUtils.js – As soon as main.js loads a page it calls PagesUtils.js which has the responsibility to check what is the current page type and initialise the appropriate scripts for that section (screenshot here: http://d.pr/i/B65O ).

sections.js – Within sections.js you can find classes for all the website’s sections. Scripts from sections.js are called from within PagesUtils.js as they are needed. Example, if you want to moldify something within Home page, you go to sections.js – function HomeSection (screenshot here: http://d.pr/i/nsJ8 ).

So I should add my code in sections.js? Also, is there a reason why after loading 3 pages, the script stops loading the next pages? I click 3 pages on my menu, and then when I click some more, I get the loading image, but my pages don’t load.


I have a pre-buy question?

Is it posible to do a submenu?

Hello MVHI , I’m sorry the answer is no.

Hey! I need to know what the size of the background images must be. And can i use IGallery of other sides? best wishes Stefan

Hey Stefan,

We used large images (1920×1200), saved for web ( so as to be easy on the loading time) as for the iGallery, not sure what do you mean exactly?



I’m having some more troubles with the theme.

It seems that after loading 3 or 4 pages, the theme then refuses to display the next pages. It still changes the background images, related to the current page, but won’t display the content. Strange thing is that the content is loaded (it show in the dev tools) but won’t display for some reasons.

Any ideas why?


Will you have an update soon for Wordpress3.5.1? I like your theme but I am worried about the issues that may occur since you have not updated it recently. Joseph Wraith

Hello Wraithlight , I’m sorry we did not planed a version update.