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What is the size for the featured images?

are you going to update this? I noticed your html version was updated.


I just got the theme for my site, I need some specs on the images I have placed on My IGALLERIES, is there a way to overlay text on the lightbox?

Thank you,

Already solved this issue with a plug-in, thank you.

Hello Again,

I have another question, is there a way to disable the lightbox on a default template when I press over an image.

Thank you.

Sorry for that, I just figured it out.

Hi, how can i show each category on iGallery?


When you open an iGallery, to the right you have the gallery settings, which look like this: http://snag.gy/w2Jwz.jpg

The checkbox i meant was the last one you see in the printscreen.


I don’t have gallery options!!

Hi again, could you please write us through the profile page contact mail, and send some screenshots please?


Is it possible to change the colors of the cube/menu sidebar from yellow to another color?

Also are you planning to do a responsive version of the site or update the template?

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regarding the menu bar :

1. how can I make it shorter ? it’s too long for my needs.

2. is it possible to add social buttons at the bottom of the menu ?


I’m doing this directly on the server

Hello dxcata,

Sorry, you can not modify it from CSS, you can modify it if you open js/main.js , find this: function adjustMenuSize(){... from this line of code you can modify it: ’#menuExpandedSK’).css(‘height’.....

works ! thanks :D

I’ve installed my wordpress and your theme on localhost but my site just shows a pre-loader. Nothing going to happen.

What wrong am I? or this theme can’t install on localhost.

Please help, Thank you.

Pre-Sale question:

I like this theme but after reading these comments it seems this it is not really being updated, my concerns are that it is old technology and will not work correctly with the latest version of wordpress and all mobile devices?

Why are you not updating this theme anymore?

Hello, I already send you an email at your website with the contact form. But didn’t got an answer. I work for a client and bought your photoshoot wordpress theme, but the sites don’t load good. Often you need to update the site to load the content. When you click down the menu, the content get stuck. It’s really annoying. Is there something I did wrong or do the theme just need an update?

is this compatible on wp new version 3.9.1?


Why cant i enable the comment of my visitor? must i do something for this? i cant see any form to enable the comments for my visitors.

please reply

Hello! I’d like to know how add a cursor on the right side of a page to go up and down? On some pages it works, on others it doesn’t and I don’t know why.. thanks to let me know :) Have a nice day

Hello! I’d like to know too if it’s possible to make this theme suitable for smartphone and tablets? To put it on a mobile version? Thanks :)

I purchased the theme and uploaded and activated the theme, then followed the documentation on how to make settings, but as you can see the theme is broken http://kissajo.com/ . How do I setup the theme exactly like the demo? Thank you.

After some help and time spent with theme I managed to get it working on my own. Theme is great and works fine in wordpress 4.0.1 It’s a great theme for an actor or model to showcase works. Just is not responsive but we knew that before purchase. And no support means you have to figure it out yourself, the theme setup is like no other I have seen, but there are sections built into wp-admin to allow you to add every feature of the theme. There is good documentation available from within wp-admin.

The author no longer offers support for this theme. It should not be available for sale in this marketplace. We paid good money and now have a theme that does not work and no support on how to fix it. http://themeforest.net/item/photoshoot-wordpress-creative-portfolio/3343507/support

Really the theme has lots of good features that are really cool, like the gallery that holds image thumbs in groups until you click them, they animate and then split into their grid positions, also you can set the lightbox image to move if the image is larger than the screen based on mouse input, really cool and unexpected. Some great coding and still working in wp version 4

Hello ikaruna, I have the same problem of nattakorn ! I installed locally to test the theme but the home page reloads without result ! Could you please check that ?

Thanks in advance

I installed your theme and update to the website 2years ago, But now automatically the theme styles wipe out. Please check http://www.janabheri.in/

Hi! Did you upgrade to WP4 by any chance? This might be the issue!


Hi there,

I really love this theme, just asking if it is possible to add a video into background and audio player, with additional plug ins. Thank you

also shortcodes, thank you

Hello , When i added menu the site is loading only , Not work .

When i delete menu the site working well ,

Also when i create new page with template i got error design , Bad style .

How resolve issue ?

And why you dont have demo content .