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Hello, I just purchased this theme from you. I love it! However, I am not sure how to install this into my Tumblr page. I copied and pasted your html code into the customize section and it didn’t render like the screenshots and live preview on here. Please help.

Hello and thanks, please read all the steps for install in the Documents (!!!), but i think you do this, Copy the Code and past it in the “Edit-HTML” section, click Update and then Save, then Exit, if this not work, you must contact Tumblr. Some Users report in the Tumblr-Google-Group, that their “Edit-HTML” do not work (by all Themes), this is not a problem by this theme, this is an Tumblr error and can be fixed by TUMBLR .

Regards, Rainer

Hello, I bought this theme and am on the road to customizing my page. I wanted to know what are the optimal specs for the background pictures? I uploaded a few but some were cut off, and then it wouldn’t let me upload past 6 pictures. Any idea why? Thank you.

Hello, in my demo i use images with 640×480, i think this is enough, and pictures are loading faster. The pics are “cutted” to fit to your screen, it loooks different on 16:9 and 4:3 Screens … the images are not stretched, they allways fit to the screen. The upload on tumblr permissions are this: Max size is 5 MB per file and 15 MB per day. It may be that your pictures were bigger!?

Regards, Rainer

hey i buy your photosnaper theme ,i wanted knwo if u have for blogger ?

Hello and many thanks for buying, sorry, no this theme is only available for Tumblr.

Cheers, Rainer


With the image post types (not the background images), I’d like to verify that I do have the option to use a url to link the image to something else another website for instance?

Hello, this is not dependent on any theme, at tumblr you have the option “Use a URL instead” to do that and you can “Set a click-through link”.

Hi there. First I want to compliment you for making a theme that IS different than all those boring we-all-look-the-same-themes. I love the graphics. I would really like to purchase your photosnappr theme, but 20 bucks is a lot of money for me so first I like to know if I can customize it to my liking. I don’t know which things in the photosnappr theme can be altered through Tumblr’s ‘appearance’ customization and what has to be done in the code. I don’t know a lot about html and/or css etc. but I often succeed to alter a theme by changing, cutting or pasting pieces of code through trial and error. Here are my questions: 1.I have an extra blog which I don’t use for posting, only for trying out new themes and settings. Is it possible to install photosnappr on this blog first to try things out and then install it on my main blog? 2. I don’t want a changing background and I want to disable the rotation. I will only use one photo for the backbround. Is it easy to do that? 3. My photos are a mix of landscape and portrait orientation. Does the box/frame in which the pictures are shown automatically adjust itself to the orientation of the picture? 4. I upload and post all my photos as high-resolution 800 pix wide or high. Can the theme or only the frame be adjusted to those (max.) sizes? 5. Does the theme support infinite scrolling? 6. Can I disable the dates and tags in the footer?

I hope I can use the photosnappr theme, ‘cause I l ike it a lot.

Hi, many thanks for your compliment, you can change the text, link and border colors, The Links (Text and URL) at the bottom, you can add the Disqus Shortname and you can use any Google Font

1. With the license, you are only allowed to used on one Blog, normally it’s eays to install.

2. For one Photo, only upload 1 Photo, than there is northing to Slide ;-)

3. Yes the orientation is like in any other Theme

4. No, only 500px width images are supported.

5. No, this is not supported.

6. No, you can only hide the Notes.

Ahh I really really like your theme. It’s really unique (for tumblr)! But I have a couple questions before I buy it
  • -If it supports you creating and linking to other pages? (I think I already know the answer to that, but I’m just making sure)
    • -Is it possible to have 2 columns instead of the 1? Or to make the pictures display any bigger?
      • -If you can add links to your facebook page with a facebook icon or w/e?

Hello, 1. You can Link from the Menus or an Blog-Entry to other Pages.

2. No, only one Column.

3. No, there are no Social Icons in this theme.

Have a nice Day!

I’m not sure that this works as advertised. I followed the included instructions and nothing works. I looked through the code and I couldn’t even find the area to include the slides.

Please update on how to get this working.

There’s definitely no upload fields. All I see are add page and advanced, where I can add custom css.

Got it working. Thank you for the responses!

After adding the code, click UPDATE PREVIES , than SAVE, bakc to APPERIANCE and now YOU MUST click on CLOSE, then go back and you finde all Settings. If not, your problem is caught by Tumblr, some Users writing in the Tumblr-Group they have problems updating, then you must contact Tumblr Support. But first check it out to CLOSE the Settings after Saving the theme.

Additionally, no CSS file was included.

Got it working! Thank you!

Sorry, this fields are in, i have nothing changed on this theme, i can not do this easy, every upload will checked by an Themeforest-Inspector. Open the file in the Text-Editor, not WORD or any other Office Software to view the code.

Cool, thanks!!! Have a nice Day!

Does your theme works entirely on Safari?

Hello, I downloaded the theme, but it doesn’t work ! All it shows after I save is ” Archive RSS ? ? ”, but I don’t know what it means. See – http://nanayephotography.tumblr.com/ Could you please help me ? Very sorry for my broken english. Have a good day.

Hello, and many thanks for buying, no problem ;), for me it works, the only think i can see is the background-picture size, they are all around 5000px, resize this to something like 800px * 600px and your page loads faster, i think this is the problem :), when someone hase a slow internet connection!

thank you very much ?

You are welcome ;)

Really beautiful theme! Unique design, stands out a lot, yet simple too. Kudos!

Any plans to update it to be fully responsive? [hoping] ;-)

I’ve customized it my Tumblr, perfect. I wonder if it has to modify the photos I post, because they do not have the option to increase the actual size of the pictures.

I think, you mean the ratio, the BG Images fits on every screen, from 16:9 to 4:3. To fill the full screen, the images croped automatically. If you are uploading 16:9 images and you viewing on 16:9 you see the whole image.

Hi, great work with the theme. I have a problem with safari, I uploaded four images in background and on the first round they are not sized properly, then they are fullsized and work correctly. How is it possible?

Great job, Love your work