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Looks cool, good luck!

Thx Clarke ;)

Amazing bro , good luck with sales :)

Thanks LioIT :)

Looks great ;)

Yep, thanks ;)

Looks extra cool, congrats :)

Thanks ;)

Very good concept :) Love it. GLWS

Thanks ;)

Lovely them, thinking about purchasing. But have one question. Under post navigation you have older posts. Is it hard to change this to a normal “prev 1,2….200 next” page? My blog has over 1000 posts, so only having a jump to previous pages is not enough for me.

Hi Zerge.. I already bought the theme and trying to set it up :)

Could you help me with that change I mentioned and also I have a second question. Where can I change the resolution of used thumbnails for featured images (I want the photo in light box to be bigger).

Also, any idea how to make portrait images fit nicely into this theme? Haven’t found a way yet :)


Answered by email.

Thank you :)

Awesome! Good luck with sales :)

Thx AtomTech ;)

Very interesting :)

So purchase it! :)

I’m going to buy this awesome theme.

Even if I don’t need it ! \o/

Cool! Thanks ;)

ZERGE, priv :) Otlichno smotritsya! Good luck with sales!!!

Spasibo ;)

Hey ZERGE, I love the theme! It’s really well written…and looks and works great. Just is there any way to use a photo background? Like this? http://pocasi.seznam.cz/praha Responsive, no repeat…you know. Thank you!

I tried to follow all the steps, but I’m doing something wrong obviously:) http://irska-hudba.cz/ it covers logo a footer nav. Would you please advice?

1. Add property

z-index: -1;
for img.bg

2. Remove all styles that you added for body, .body-class

Thanks for your help!


I recently purchased your theme and I am in the process of setting everything up, but I have some questions.

1. Setting up the Instagram Widget and I am a little unclear on what should be entered for the OAuth redirect_uri? I put in my site url, but none of my pictures show up.

2. Should have had zillasocial and ajax rebuild thumbnails plugins installed with the theme or individually after the install of the theme? I only ask because I couldn’t find them anywhere in the Themeforest zip.

3. How did you get your full Search field on the 404 page? Did you just code that into the page or use a custom sidebar?

Besides those questions I love your theme and I am really excited to get everything setup and moved over from Squarespace. I have been waiting to find a theme that fits exactly what I am looking for and this will work out great.



Maybe the download I got from Themeforest didn’t have all the stuff in it that I am looking for. The plugins weren’t included, but I am not sure if they were suppose to be. Also, I don’t have a 404 template in the page templates dropdown. All I see is Default Template, Archives, Contacts, Full-Width and Sitemap. Should there be more?

No. It’s correct. You no need to create a 404 page, it’s automatically.

Oh I see. I will test that and let you know if I have any additional questions. Thanks for your quick responses.

Hi, the Theme is great.

I want to translate the Theme in German, but the page is still everything written in English. What´s wrong? Ideas?

what it looks like: posted in Lesestoff “on” 18. März 2013 “by” Netrobin “with” nicht einem Kommentar it should look like: posted in Lesestoff “am” 18. März 2013 “von” Netrobin “mit” nicht einem Kommentar

...and the “read more” is still not Translated yet, even though I have it translated in the translation file.

Check your email.

What kind of Code for bookmarking and sharing services do you mean? Is there no plugin for it?

For example http://www.addthis.com/get/sharing

Yes, you can use any plugins for this.

The third one: Disqus comments are not showing correctly in the Comments-Box. If you want, I send you a temporary access.

Ok, i have installed the Disqus plugin. when i deactivate them, the Disqus comments are visible in the box, but why now shows both comment systems, Disqus and Wordpress?

ok, it’s fine the way it is.

I would like to use it in French, is that possible ?

edit : oups sorry, i didn’t see it : “translation ready”

Yes, it possible, let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

I would like to add widget on my Wordpress is that possible ? Is that possible to put it in the Header ( With the ”+” Button)

I think i’ll buy this theme, but i’m really noobie. And my English is not so good.

Yes, you can add any widget to the Header.

This is a Great Theme for my personal Blog and the Support get 5 Stars!!

Thanks :)

I like your Blog, looks great!


When I change the color sheme, I still have blue color when I clic in the search field, where can I change this shadow ?

I didn’t found it in style.css, maybe you meant in the bootstrap.css ? I made the changes, it works fine now.

Thanks for your awesome support, very efficient and fast

Yes, it’s in the bootstrap.css, but you can override this css in the style.css also.

Yes, just found where ! :’)

Thanks a lot

Hi Zerge

I just bought the “Phrase” theme for my WP blog. Could you tell me Where do I have to go to set up the high of the header? (just want to make a little shorter)

Thanks :) - H.

Zerge. Yeah, I tried that but this only affects slightly only the ”+” top footer and not so much. What I want To do is to Reduce the space high between the Header (where the Logo is) and the Posts. ...Could you help me? :7

Reduce margin for:

#content {
margin-top: 100px;

Awesome, thanks! :)