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Hi there

I love the theme and have a few pre-sale questions:

1. there are colours to choose from, but how easy is it to make it all a different colour from the options provided?

2. There is a newsletter option on the create an account page – is this an included feature or do you need to add a separate plugin? If so, which is better

3. Is it easy to adjust the width / colour of the user bar at the top of the page?

4. Can you change the tab headers on the product page? So Description, Specification etc…

5. Is it possible to change the striped background behind the product cost details (right-hand side)


Hello JBecks,

1. Theme customization can be done by editing CSS file.

2. “Newsletter when signup” is included feature. Also it can be enabled or disabled after registration within user account.

3. Adjust the width / color of user bar can be done by editing CSS file.

4. Yes, if required.

5. Yes.


how to upload this template to dreamweaver so i can begin working on it?


You can edit template files as usual html and css files.


Hi, Is it possible to disable the responsive view on mobile ? Thanks!


Yes. Edit this file: /catalog/view/theme/piacenza/stylesheet/stylesheet.css find ‘Mobile Devices’ section, and delete all code under it.


Do you install for me?

My friend got this template for free. Can you direct me to it for free?

Hi wyloo I need your help please for CSS issue Thank you

Hello strmix,

Please email me using contact form on profile page.


Hello wyloo,

I just purchased this beautiful theme today, installed it but sadly the only thing I can see is a blank home page. I found out that it’s not compatible with Opencart as it says in the compatibility info. Can you provide me with the proper files that are compatible with

Thank you

Hello isavma,

Thank you for your choice!

Theme is fully compatible with OpenCart Proper files in OpenCart_v1.5.6.1 directory.
If you have some installation issue, please email me using contact form on profile page.


Thank you wyloo, I reinstalled everything and the site is working as a charm. It’s indeed compatible with OC Thank you.