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Thanks a lot

are you limited to horizontal scroll or can you change to vertical?

You can select the option to have it vertically, thanks!

HTML Version?

No, sorry :(

Great looking theme, only crucial feature that I find missing is that it doesn’t seem to use Google Recipe format, could you take a look into it? :)

One more thing, is the theme made with SEO in mind?

Thanks for letting us know, we’re thinking of including it in an updated version, thanks.

If you do, let me know, I will buy it. It’s crucial for food blogs nowdays..

That’s a very good looking blog, but I am with @macca: it would be great to switch easily to a vertical scroll.

Yep, you have the option to use it vertically, thanks.

Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck dude!

Thanks a lot vickystudio!

Nice design very clean :)

Thanks, louiejie :)

I really like this them a lot. I am interested in using it as a photography blog, where I can post multiple pictures as well as write blog posts. I was wondering if the format would allow for me to post multiple pictures on a post as opposed to just one?

You can have gallery posts, check out the fifth post on the frontpage, this is it inside page

I really like this theme a lot. I am interested in using it as a photography blog, where I can post multiple pictures as well as write blog posts. I was wondering if the format would allow for me to post multiple pictures on a post as opposed to just one?

I just bought this theme and really like it.

One thing though – on ipad and ipad mini, the blog posts fail to appear in the main window (sometimes they load after about 30 seconds). Can you look into this?

Thanks for purchasing.

We’ll look into this issue, and let you know in the meantime.


Are there any plans on changing the output to google recipe format?

Hey, thanks for your interest—we’re thinking of including that in the next coming update!

+1 for google recipe format its a must for us to buy. its not much work for you but it means alot

Hey, thanks for your interest—we’re thinking of including that in the next coming update!

+1 for google recipe. when is update coming?

Great theme. Do you guys have an ETA on when an update will be coming out? I’ve noticed a few bugs since I’ve used this theme. If I can offer a suggestion on what should be looked at from a user perspective.

1. Creating a gallery by uploading pictures takes too long. Unless there is another way to batch upload to a gallery, the current method doesn’t work. After uploading photos, you’ll have to click in “show” then “Insert into post” for each individual picture, which is extremely time consuming. You should just be able to batch upload them all at once after uploading to wordpress.

2. Also in the gallery view when clicking between pictures, it should remain in a fixed window. If I’ve uploaded pictures of different sizes ie. horizontal & vertical, it seems as though I have to play catch with the arrow ”>” when the picture changes sizes.

3. Ability to customize what share items are displayed in the bottom Share section. Looks like it’s default to Facebook | Twitter | Delicious | Digg | Reddit. I would like to be able to add Pinterest and a few others. However unless I screw around with the php, there isn’t really an easy way to modify this.

4. Compatibility with Mobile/Tablets. Some functionality doesn’t seem to work correctly such as the gallery view on mobile devices. Also the loading problem on the main window as stated before happens on all ios & android devices we’ve tested on.

5. Ability to play a video file from the preview post. Looks like I can actually go into the post two different ways. A. Clicking on the preview image. B. Clicking on the Topic Title. Is it possible to make it so that when clicking on “A” the video plays while I remain on the main page? If I want to add a comment or something I should be able to click on “B”

6. Google recipe integration ;)

Hey, thanks for letting us know about these.

1. This is kind of a standard wordpress way to insert images for now

2. We left it like this on purpose, but we’ll add the option your suggesting

3. You can use a plug-in for this (there’s many) but we’ll add a few other social media …

as for the others—we’ll be adding them with the update, coming out within a week (you will get a notification e-mail) :)

thanks again.

Awesome. Thanks for your quick reply :-) Looking forward to the update.

Hi, Is there any chance to install woocommerce into?

Not for now, sorry :(

Nice theme!

BTW, I wanna create my own personal website using Pico theme. May I ask a few pre-sales questions?

1. For the blog post, there is a heart icon for “like”. Can I replace it with Facebook like & google+1 so that readers can like and share to their facebook/google+ directly?

2. For the blog post, can I show the date directly instead of X days/ months ago?

3. Can I add banner ad on the theme? I would like to have the ad on the sidebar (under the menu) + blog post header + above blog content

4. Is it possible to use the original facebook share/ google + icon on the blog post (above comment)?

Thanks a lot for your answer!


Greetings, These need a little tweaking, you can contact us if you decide to use the theme (using the form on our profile page) and we’ll show you how. thanks.

This theme has alot of potential but I’m very dissapointed that there’s no update yet. Adding stuff like google recipe format etc aren’t much work but means alot to food blogs..

Hey, thanks for your interest. We’ll be adding an update soon!

Love this theme, but there are some problems with the main page. Say you have 30 posts (only the first 10 are visible before you click on the “more” button at the bottom) and you choose a category on the left sidebar. It only will show posts that are part of the original 10. so for example. On the demo site, Menu Option “Vegetarian (3)”: so if I click on “Vegetarian (3)” – only 1 recipe shows up. Or worse, if recipes are posts #11, #19,#33 – and i click on “Recipes (3)” – no recipes show up (and I don’t have the option to see “more” so users are stuck…

2)No documentation for top section. I have no idea how to add an “about us” or any of that stuff you have on the top section that slides out

3) ”+” sign on the far right to expand the top section is not obvious as all, I didn’t even notice it until weeks after I purchased the website. would recommend making that more obvious.

Suggestion: Infinite Scroll This website would be perfect for Infinite scroll, surprised you didn’t choose to use it, it might help with the issue I highlighted above…and would help with overall user-friendliness

Just wanted to follow up again. It’s been a few more days and I haven’t seen any updates. Does your team of a date you are aiming for (i.e. October 23rd). I just want to know because we are postponing the announcement of our website until we get these issues fixed. thanks.

Greetings, I apologize again for the delay. I know I said in a few days, based on my colleagues words…

I know they’ll be adding the update tomorrow (that’s if themeforest doesn’t take much time for review). But in the meantime if you’d like and have issues with the theme yet to resolve, you can send us an e-mail (using the form on our profile page) and maybe we can assist you in that way.


Have the changes been committed to Themeforest for review yet? please advise. thanks

Hi there!

nice theme guys!!

I have some questions here.

01. It is possible to add a banner on the theme? I would like to have a big one under the menu bar.

02. And how can i change the background color of the sidebar on the left?

Cheers, Marcello

Hello, thanks for purchasing our theme!

Can you please send us an e-mail via the form on our profile page, and we’ll reply there with the solution.


Ok!!! Just sent! I await for your reply then!!! Thanks!!!

Can you please tell me how to remove ‘Please Fill Your Widget Settings’ From the homepage?

Hi, this is the twitter widget, if you want to make use of it you have to fill out your twitter details—if not you can deactivate it, by going to Pico > Twitter feed