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Also, please tell me how to fix the glitch appearing on the left sidebar of my posts:

When I scroll down, my twitter/instagram feed starts to repeat partially.

This maybe an issue of your browser maybe, please send a screenshot (or other details) of this if you’d like by using the form on our author page. thanks.

Last question, I promise!

The social media links on the top of the site don’t link to anything, even though I’ve added my information to the social media settings. Any advice?

Please enter your full url address there, for example:

Does it support RTL?

We’ll be adding RTL support, in the updated version of the theme coming out in a few days. thanks.

Thank you so much!!!! I’ll be happy to hear about it :)

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the updated theme now supports RTL :)

Hi, nice clean theme. Some pre-buy question: - Is woocommerce getting the theme style? - Is there a shortcode for the recipe style?

thank you

thank you, I look forward to this..

Just thought you’d like to know that the updated theme now supports WooCommerce.

how I set the color and horizontal slidebar¿

I find it. Thank you

I don’t see any products on the demo site. Is there a Demo for the WooCommerce support in the theme?

Hi, I’m trying to add a contact page, but the only option I have in the Pico settings is to add a map. I don’t want a map, I just want a quick easy form to fill out. How would I do this? I don’t see a page default for “contact” in there either…

Nevermind… I’m an idiot. I found it in the theme documentation. However, i would like to let you know that the link to “theme documentation” inside the admin area doesn’t work. Just goes to a “page not found”

Ok, last and only question… for real. I’ve looked everywhere, and can’t find where the “share” area on each post is built. I would like to be able to customize that to add other share options or remove those I don’t want. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi, that part is located in the Pico/core/core.php file of the theme, line 234.

Let us us know if you need further assistance regarding this.


Thank you! Found it!

Hi there just downloaded the theme and am working my way through, having an issue i cant change the theme colour in theme settings. I click on the eye dropper and nothing happens?? Im on wordpress 3.7.1.

As we suggested, in the other comment…

Hi there, just want to check the Right to Left support to use this theme for Arabic version?

Hi, yes the theme supports both.

Hi i have another issue. I think when i choose recipe for the post type there are meant to be some options pop up like those on your example post which show “prep time”. I cant get copy to appear next to the image which again i think has something to do with recipe settings as looking thru your example code there are div classes for “post-desc-inner” which cannot be edited. Please see screenshot of post area here:

Page i am editing is here:

Also still cant change accent colour. Nothing happens when i click on eyedropper.


Hi, amplifyindustries.

These issues might have something to do with something on your end. A plugin conflict or something; if you’d like to try deactivate your plugins and see if that fixes the issue.

Or send us your log-in info (via the form on our profile page), if you’d like us to check it further for you.


Hi im jsut wondering if you received my email i sent last week on Thursday regarding some of the issues i am having. I disabled all the plugins but still cannot change accent colour or makde recipe posts correctly.

We just replied to your e-mail now, sorry about the late reply.

At the moment this theme is a complete waste of money if you want to establish a blog in another language than English.

Translation ready? Yes, if you change everything directly in the code.

The language files contain 17 items to translate and the translated files won’t be used in the combination Pico 1.1 and WordPress 3.7.1. Text which is displayed on the homepage like “Home”, “Search”, “All”, “Recent Posts”, etc. can be only changed directly in the code, because they are not in the language file.

When will you provide proper language files?

Hey, thanks for letting us know. If this is the case, then it’s a slip from our part… I will let my colleagues know and we’ll add an update (within a few days) with the proper language files.

Sorry about this, and I’ll let you know about the update.

just imported posts from another site and this does not work as advertised and i’d like my money back.

when i click a category sorter it does not work. i get a random collection of posts.

The arrow to reveal more posts is not obvious.

The featured images all have to be fixed. I would suggest adding a standard image size similar to the one applied to thumbnails.

my laptop 13” screen cuts off text under featured image…put text about feature or atleast a theme customization option that makes that gives a choice.

not worth $55. I’ve purchased a bunch of themes cheaper than this and gives you way more functionality. worth $20 at the most.

Greetings, Everything should be working just like in the theme demo.

- The category filter issue you’re having maybe has something to do on your end.

- About the featured images, if they’re not displaying correctly this could be due to the image sizes you had on the other site, you could use a plugin to generate the featured images again for you, you could use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

- About the cutting off of you post, the posts are simply larger but we’ll take your suggestion for putting the text on top. I could suggest for this, to use the Vertical layout

- About the arrow not being obvious, we’re doing an update of the theme in a few days and we’re going to address this.

Otherwise about the charge-back I really don’t know how that works cause we’ve never had a request for it, maybe you have an option on your end, or could contact ThemeForest for this or us by using the form on profile page.


Revisiting this issue on images – they are being resized from smaller images to larger ones. where is the code that is doing this?

I bought this theme yesterday, unfortunately I cannot find he file in the download to be able to upload it, bought spaces theme as well yesterday and had no problems installing it. Please advise urgently as this now puts me a day behind with regards to getting the site live.

Hi and thanks for purchasing!

Simply zip the Pico folder (to and you’ll be able to upload it. Or else, write us through the contact form on our profile page and we’ll send it to you by email.


Just do add on this.

When you click on the ‘Download’ button, you have the option to download All the files and Installable WordPress file only, which is the zip file you need.

Let us know if you have anything else.

Hi! So we are loving the theme, and it looks very nice, but all of a sudden the post type “Link” has stopped allowing us to preview it before it is published. We have tried a few fixes in the files area on the host server but nothing has worked. We can preview any other type of post but the “link” post just previews a blank page. Have you run into this before and could you possibly help? I don’t know if it will help to give you the URL but it is

Hi, has anybody had a chance to review my post about the “preview” problem? We are hoping to solve this issue soon so we can get moving on more posts of this type, and I’m not having any luck….. Thanks!

Hi amywaggs, thanks for purchasing.

The “Link” post-type doesn’t allow you to preview it beforehand, because of the way it’s constructed, since it doesn’t have any content …

If you had something else in mind, or if you have any other issue, please do let us know.

Hey and thx to your work !

I want to translate the theme but Poedit doesn’t works :( How can I translate PO file ?

Thanks !

No Idea ?

Hey, thanks for purchasing!

We’re releasing an update in a few days and we did a fix for this too now. You’ll be notified when update is available.

If you have anything else please do let us know!


Hi, I am trying to figure out how to customize the thumbnail that appears in the browser tab before the title of my blog. Right now it is set as a salmon colored square and I can’t seem to find how to change it anywhere.



You simply replace the current favicon.ico (on your theme folder) with your new icon. This can help generate your favicon:


Hi everyone, I purchased this theme and would like to be able to add my own social media icons to the top bar instead of the ones that come with a theme. Is there any way of doing this?

Hey, thanks for purchasing our theme!

In the header.php file of your theme folder, on line 76 you’ll find this:

<?php the1_social_profile_icons();?>

replace that line with your own code.


Hi I purchased this theme and having some problems.

Firstly upon uploading any pictures of any kind for the posts, I keep getting broken images and none are displaying.

Then on the recipe post, we cannot see how to post a recipe including the ingredients listing? How can we achieve this?

I am happy to send you the logins if needed, as we need it up and running urgently!


Hey Phil175, thanks for purchasing!

Please send us an email using the form on our profile page and we’ll assist you there.

As for including the ingredients list, please use the “ing’” button located on post content editor (where you have the text formatting options).