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What’s the deal with the heart symbol that appears in the header of all posts – what is it linked up to? Doesn’t seem to be connected to Facebook likes.

Design looks brilliant, but forgive me because I haven’t been interested in wordpress for several years, here is the question: if this template is used , will we be able to install any other plugins like a SEO or a slider plugin ? I really want to buy this amazing design. I will be glad if you answer me.

Hi and thanks for your interest.

You can install almost any plug-in, and if you check out the horizontal version it already has a slider (check out the first post with the dots).


Thank you for your quick reply. I have realized that horizontal version has a cool three-dotted slider. However, in the vertical design, there is just an image slider as I can see. I was looking at one of the theme users’ website. Well, it seems like there is a categorization problem on the user’s website, but there is no problem at your demo, so what do you think? Is the problem caused by theme user? And I am also wondering about that heart icon. What function does it have?

I am just asking these questions to buy this well-designed theme without any doubt. Again thanks a lot for your quick reply.

Yep the vertical version doesn’t have a slider, the category filter should work just like in the demo. I really don’t know what’s the issue with the heart icon… one of my colleagues is going to check/test it in the meantime.

how can i change some words english to turkish? exam.= Search in search button, All, Home, vs vs vs

There is only a font in the typography. are there more fonts and how can i add these to the typography?

Hi, have you downloaded the latest version of the theme… you should have these options that you asking for.

If you have any other issues, send us an email using the form on our profile page.


yes i have downloaded the lasted version of the theme (1.2) and there is stil a font in typ.o.

You should be able to translate these using the .po files that come with the theme, if you’re still having issues regarding this then send us an e-mail via the contact form on our profile page.


Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for creating such beautiful theme. and I hope that you keep supporting it and us.
I have just purchased the theme and I was planning to use it in Arabic. so far no comments as I have jest started configuring the theme but I have noticed that it’s not 100% Arabic Supported. I may need your help to adjust that in next few days. but for now just want to say well done ;)

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

I don’t really know what issues your having, but if we can assist you, feel free to send us an e-mail via the form on our profile page.

Hi there! I just bought the theme and am currently trying to format my blog. I have a couple of questions:

1. How to I get a ‘follow me’ widget onto the blog? I can;t see this in the widgets. Is this a plugin I can download?

2. On the homepage, how do I change the size of the tiles which show the different posts?

3. What is the width of the text area on the posts?

I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.



Hi there, thanks for purchasing.

1. If you mean the Twitter feed widget (displayed above the tiles), you can manage that by going to Pico > Twitter feed. If you had something else in mind regarding this, let us know.

2. This will need a little modification, if you’d like us to work on it, send us an e-mail using via the form on our profile page.

3. The standard width is 780px, but since the layout is fluid it will re-size to smaller versions if your screen is smaller.


Hello! Thank you for your prompt reply and apologies for my late one. As for my questions:

1. What I mean is a ‘Follow Blog’ option for readers. In my blog there was an area for people to enter their email address so that they would get an alert everytime I put up a new post. How do I organise this?

2. Yes please, that would be great if you could work on that. I would like to stick to vertical scrolling and be able to fit 3 tiles/posts across the page. Currently the tiles are so big that I can only fit one with a blank space next to it. My temp url is if you would like to check it out.

3. Great, Thanks.

I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Deepa

Also, a few more questions…... 1. Is there an option to link to instagram on the social media bar? 2. What is the widget area called at the top of the homepage above the tiles? 3. In the homepage, when I go to the bottom and click the ‘Load more posts’ button, the scroll bar then dissapears and I can’t scroll down any further?


Hi. Pico theme works in WP 3.5.1? Thanks

Hi, yes it should work… should you have any issues you can contact us via the form on our profile page.


What colors do you have available for the theme color?


The theme comes with a basic light or dark skin, which then you can customize, have you checked the customization button to change the colour (the small box with the X on it, on top of the menu).



Could you show any demo with products? I would like to use your theme to make a horizontal scroll gallery of draws and paintings working as products. I suppose Woocommerce will keep your theme style, could you confirm me that?

Thank you in advance, Cheers!

I forget one point, I could read some comments about translation issues, is there a proper po file with all text content already? I would like to configurate a bilingual site, thanks.


Yes to both; there was an issue with an older version of the theme, the current version should have the proper .po file.


That sounds great! Would be possible to see a demo with products in horizontal scroll? I really’d appreciate it, thank you.

Hi Man
I want to add this font to the website so anyone will open the page it will show in the same font.
how I can do this?

This is a nice theme. I would like to exclude some categories, or only select specific categories to appear on the homepage. Can you provide this option in a future release? I dont want to have to edit the query string in the theme otherwise i wont be able to upgrade…

Hi-I jsut downloaded your theme and am working to get it all set up. It has been relatively intuitive for somone who is complete novice with the web.

My question is-when I go to my website ( still says “Please fill your widget settings!”. I ahve gone into the widget settings and to my knowledge set this all up so I am not sure how to get this text removed! Can you please help??

Thank you!

Hi, I’m really sorry about the late reply.

I see that you got around the twitter issue you had on your site, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Yes, I have this same issue….want to know how to kill the “fill your widget settings” comment…seems odd if all widgets are filled…..?

Hello, That’s the Twitter widget, if you don’t want to use it, you can disable it, by going to Pico > Twitter feed


Thank you – fixed!

I uploaded my png logo file to be used on the site.

The PNG file is correct and recognized, and in the right size. The link to it is correct. The “Use this text as logo” text box is empty. Yet the blog does not use the PNG image file, and still the text from the “Use this text as logo” box that it used to use in the past.

Greetings, I’m sorry about the late reply.

Did you fix this issue yet? If not then please send us a link to your site via the contact form on our profile page so we can have a look further.


Hi, Thanks for answering. It turned out to be caused be a cache plugin (installed as default on the server) and it took the template 3 days to update. Thanks.

Hello. Great looking theme and nice to work with. I feel there’s an inconsistency when displaying a recipe post’s cooking time. If I put in “30 min” it puts “30 min min” when listing the posts (e.g. on the home page). Yet if I just put “30” it only says “Prep. time 30” on the actual post, no “min”. It would be helpful to be able to specify hours also.

Hi and thanks for this lovely theme. However, I’m having a problem with the Twitter feed. It was running fine for a few days, but just now began printing this error message (in place of the latest tweet): Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() tw-widget.php on line 62

Line 62 contains this: foreach($tp_twitter_plugin_tweets as $tweet){

I tried deactivating other plugins to see if something was interfering, but no luck. Any ideas on how to remedy this?

The site in question is (I have the “msg1” set to display:none; but you can of course still check it out with a dev tool like Firebug.)

Thanks for your help!!

I want to recommend this theme to a client for a blog website. My only concern is the scrolling performance; it seems that because of the smoothing, the scrolling isn’t smooth. Would there be a way to disable the scroll event handling altogether?

I wouldn’t need a backend option, just for you to advise whether it would be an easy hack. Thanks! Very nice theme, by the way. Great work.


You can disable this scroll handling plug-in via the options panel. The downside to this is that if you decide to use the horizontal layout, the mouse wheel will not work, only the scrollbar handle.


Hi – great theme!
I wonder what happens if I have lots of menu items (approx. 30) in the sidebar. Is the menu sidebar scrollable?

I thought using a static page’s layout wouldn’t suit the homepage that much, design-wise
For a blog site I totally agree with you but I want to set up a fashion store so I go with a more formal approach

So – thank you very much for all your swift replies, I’m buying your template as soon as the ipad fix is out (since mobile optimization is on top of my clients wish list).

Really makes me wonder – such a gem should have 5 times the sales by now – you were probably unlucky to be released among 20 other templates on the same day :)

Thanks man :)

Hello in4fun,

We’ve had some unforeseen issues with the update, and only managed to publish the update today, sorry about this. Maybe you bought another theme, but I thought I’d let you know.

Hi, I have a problem in sharing a text-only content on facebook… whan I try to share on facebook a post that contains only text, it shares also a photo that is a photo of an older post…how can I say to facebook to share a photo that I want to share or nothing?? ( I don’t want to use the featured image because I don’t want to display it in the home page ). I tried using the og:image and a link tag but they don’t work… How can I fix it?

Thank you, Valerio

Hi, I’ve got another problem… In the sidebar, the recent posts widget shows the wrong date of the posts as you can see here: How can I fix it?

Thank you, Valerio

Hi valedp88,

Can you please go to your theme’s /core/core.php file and replace line no. 329 there:

so, replace this line

echo the1_date( $date );

with this

echo mysql2date(get_option('date_format'), $recent_post->post_date);

Does that fix it for you? Thanks.

Hi, Great, this works fine!!! Thank you ;)

Hello, thank you for this theme. :)

How do I disable the default share buttoms in the theme? So I can use my favorite plugin for sharing? :)

Best Regars! :)

Hello, and thanks.

To disable those buttons, please change the following in your theme’s core/core.php file:

Find this line (should be line no. 241)

function the1_sharepost( $style = '' ){

and add this after the above line


Done and thank you very much! :)