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Great Work! GLWS! ;)

Thank you so much!!!

nice theme, GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Well done! Great template, congrats ;)

Thank you so much :)


Love the theme. One question, using mailchimp when the newsletter form is submitted it doesnt redirect and the next page just says “success”.

Is this meant for ajax submission but executing as a page reload or working as it should?


Hi,just_hutchy, thank you for purchase.This message mean that email address successfully added to your base. It’s working as it should

ok does it have to be a json response or can i make a nice looking page like with the contact form?

I will add this feature in the next update.


When I tried to subscribe to the newsletter, I got this message {response must be provided – Please enter a value”}

Would you please advise how to fix that? Thanks.

Can you send me the file newsletter.php?

Sure, i’ll email it to you. Thanks for the help

I’ve answered via email

Ok. Finally, This is a nice clean landing page. What I like: home panel does a jig but the rest of the panels are stationary, no animation. Stylish when it needs to be and clean when it has to be. Fits all my needs.

I do have a few questions, if you please:

1. I need to put an email sign up in the first home panel. Need it to stay stationary while slide show is changing in the back. Can this be done by a simple cut and paste from the “subscribe form? I would also like to put the social media links up top as well over the moving slide screen.

2. Also, I’m assuming I can add to the menu and have those items directed to the other <sections>panels that are skimmed over if you just navigate from the menu?

3. The scroll bar seem a bit quirky. Every time I touch it it scrolls back up to the top panel. Is this fixable. Kind of annoying navigational quirk?

Sorry for late reply. We don’t do customization work. Regards.

Hello, I loved your topic Pilot, so I bought it, and would like to know if you like (I would pay for it) to join the “SOME FACTS ABOUT U.S.” the PinCode, and “GOT QUESTIONS? WE’VE GOT ANSWERS!” Tesoro in the Pilot. Thank you.

Hi, marcosbeltrami, thank you for purchase. Please contact me via email Thanks

I’m so sorry but I accidentally deleted your email address can you send it again? Thanks

how do i stop the slider?

Answered via email

this is my personal email, but I do not see anything even in the junk mail folder

1. Open the file index.html find strings from 107 to 131 select one slide you want and delete others save the file 2. Open the file custom.js find strings from 182 to 186 and replace these strings the following code $(”#slides”).superslides({ animation: “fade” }); save the file.Thats all.

Regards, DSA79

Hi, I have a couple questions.

Does the page load faster without the load-spinning image if there is no slider but instead a single image?

Also, are the pictures included?

Thank you in advance.

Oh, and another quick one. What happens in IE8 and lower?

Hi, mattsmeo, frankly say I didn’t check speed load without loader image and without slider, sorry maybe if you delete these it will be load faster. Pictures are not included. I’m so sorry but template does not support IE8 and lower. Thanks

Hi, I sent you a message regarding how to disable the menu on June 8 and still waiting for your reply. I also found the parallax scrolling background is not working mobile device, please let me know how to get it working. Thanks!

Hi, html6, thanks for purchasing my template but I have not received your email :( Please contact me via email and I’ll help you. Thanks

Hi I am having issues with the contact.php. I just modified the file as directed in the documentation file; But when i submit the contact form i get the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in /home/path/contact.php on line 40

Please advise

Thank you for your suggestion.

I sent you an email for another issue

If you like our work please rate it!!! It helps us in developing new and better items. I haven’t received no email


Great theme! Is there any reason why the loading gif is taking forever? I mean, sometimes it will load for 30 secs or more before going to the site.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sent you a private email.

Answered via email

-wrong post-

Hi. I bought Pilot design. I have bug with layout in What You’re Getting section. Please see test web http://lp.rccreator.com/

Hi, ruslanbz, thanks for purchasing my template. Every feature-box must have the same count of the strings (for esthetic view) – your first box has 3 strings and second and third only 2. Thanks

Thanks. I add several nbsp and now is ok

Have a nice day :)

Contact form generate to many spam. Our current web-site also have contact form(not use your design), but don’t generate spam. How can I block spam?

I see but the x Lander has simple form without captcha and any other spam protection but I’m sure you can find in the web a lot of additional scripts for protect your form from spam. Thanks

My question is other. If somebody want spam me why they didn’t make it before from our current web rccreator.com ? I use Pilot design.

I can’t answer on your question. You can insert your contact form in the Pilot template . Regards

Hello. does this template support Russian fonts?

Hi, yes it does .Thanks


I just downloaded your theme’s zip file, but when I try to upload it to WordPress as a new theme, it tells me the style.css stylesheet is missing.

Any idea how to solve this problem?


Hi, aiyannagreene,thanks for purchasing my template. Unfortunately Pulot is a simple HTML template not WordPress theme. Regards