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The images are not showing up in IE. I am testing in IE 9. The animation is not working in IE too.

You can see at dev.instaboothatl.com

Please advise.

Hi, davidmt05, thank you for purchase. Try to upgrade your IE browser to the latest version. Thanks


How do I set the top main image?

I can’t see any mention of it in the documentation or find a sample image to replace?

Is it not there or am I going crazy?


I worked it out! Image number 5 was actually the first image. :/

Hi, awetherill, thank you for purchase. Do you need still my help?


Is it possible to get or buy the PSD to this template?


Hi, kitkawaii, thanks for purchase, Do you mean phones mockup? Thanks

Hi, I’m interested in your Pincode theme, but I need to make sure it’s compatible with older browsers, as my clients are often older and have outdated browsers. Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi, unfortunately, not below IE8. Pincode likes modern browsers and web technologies :) Thanks

HI, I have a question – is there a way for me to put a video where the iPad is in the site that I have planed with your template -


It can be bigger of course

thank you

Yes you can do it easy.

Can u direct me or refer me to how ?

The template has example how to embed responsive video clip or use Google search. Thanks

Wow, an amazing design, I am hoping I can use it. One question please; I have noticed with this template (and some others on themeforest) that the animations or screen build is a lot slower on Apple products. i.e. my ipad and iphone (using either chrome or safari). Is this something that just has to be lived with or is it curable? If you shorten the delay for ipad then it will be fast on the computer?? Plus point – your responsive build on tablet and smartphone is pixel perfect, well done. Many thanks in advance.

Hi, sappo, sorry for late reply. Please tell did you try my template on Apple products?

How can I make the screenshots gallery, when item is clicked and lightbox appears, add navigation between the other gallery items instead of having to close and reopen each portfolio image?

Hi, jessegarcia, thanks for purchasing my template. You have to use lightbox jquery plugin. Hi, if you have some developer or you can edit the code then you can customize it.

Flexslider (Testimonials) not rotating on iphone. Desktop is working fine. I have not altered any js. It’s what’s used right out the box.

So, is there something I have to edit? Like adding more controls to the custom.js?

Ok. Just found that it is working on phone, but seems like touching the testimonial causes the slider to stop. Is there a way to have flexslider resume when not touching?

Hi, jessegarcia, thanks for purchasing my template. This is normal work of the flexslider script. If you want the slider doesn’t stop when touching you have to customize file jquery.flexslider.js (js folder). Open file jquery.flexslider.js find string 829 and change value from true to false. Thanks

How can I turn off the preloader percentage screen? It acts jumpy and we’d like it to not show when page initially loads.

Also, quick FYI, we tried removing the jpreloader.js link at the bottom of the code, but that messed up other items like the flexslider, carousel, modal popup, etc.

Let me know.

Hi, jessegarcia,sorry for late reply. To turn off the preloader percentage you have to delete some code in the file index.html – delete all strings from 63 to 67 and also delete some code from the file custom.js – delete all strings from 4 to 20. Thanks


1. Before I purchase, are the iPhone mockups included in this template? If not, where do I get them?

2. Your demo does not display properly on mobile – the header bar is blocking the main page.


Hi, kennadams2308, unfortunately, the iPhone mockups didn’t included in the template, but if you want I may give you a link where you can find a lot of amazing iPhone mockups and you can select most situated for your web page mockup. Thanks

Hi, we’ve purchased your theme and would like to know if PinCode template theme is available for Wordpress? If not, how would we go about using it as a theme?

Hi, jessegarcia, thanks for purchasing my template. I’m so sorry for late reply. Unfortunately PinCode is a simple HTML template and you can’t use it as a WordPress theme. Best Regards

Hello, I am very interesting about your theme. I need some theme for simple preview of mobile phones.Can you recomend me some theme from you ?

Template is avaliable only for one domain ? Or I can use template for more website projects with diffrent domain name ?Can I give there my logo ?

Thanks so much

Best regards


Hi, roxman, thanks for your interest.Please contact me via email dsathemes@gmail.com. Thanks

Hello , please i need help about your theme. I want rename #features to #offer . I try everything. If I change id : scroll not working. How can I do that ? I wanna mydomain.com/#offer . Thanks

Hi, roxman, thanks for purchasing my template. You need to change the id in the menu item from GoToFeatures GoToOther, and than open the custom.js file find code Animated Scroll To Anchor and change the id from GoToFeatures GoToOther. If you can’t make it work then please email me from my profile page. Thanks.

PinCode – Premium Landing Page HTML5 Template – Parallax Image


We don’t get the images when download the theme.

Please let me know how to download images.

Hi, resolveindia, thanks for purchasing my template.Unfortunately the zip doesn’t contain any image from demo. Please contact me via email. Thanks