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great work! glws

Thank you so much!!!

Best of luck!

Thank you!!!

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thank you so much!!!

I will not be supprised if you get a thousand sales by the end of this week. Great work man. :)

Thanks mate!!!

Looks great, had to buy it, thank you for your hard work, had to support you.

Thank you so much. If you like our work please rate it!!! It help me in developing new and better items

Lovely + Awesome design!!! Good luck :)


Hi, Thank you for this great theme.

Some questions -

1. I have tried to change the main header image and it’s shown on the screen, all twisted – where do I pick the image ? in the html or css ?

2. The sections – I have changed the mac image to my own and it doesn’t show up

3. The sign up – how can I put it at the front page and not at the bottom ? also doesn’t show up

4. Is there a way not to use the navigation and preventing it from showing up ?

All my tests were local and not on server – is it got to do with it ?

thank you


Ok lets start again You need change the width of the blocks and return to the image class=img-responsive

changed that – now what ?

You can learn more about the HTML structure of the documentation menu item HTML Structure or http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid

Great File!!!

Before I but is the Newsletter sign up feature fully working? Do we have to add any code or is there script for it. Also, Does the Newsletter signup feature support Mail Chimp Intagration?

Thank you!

zip contains very detailed documentation how to customize mailchimp

Was very tough to get a straigh answer out of you. Was just looking for a simple YES or No.

To customize mailchimp you have to do a few steps. It’s very easy to do

HI, please take a look here – landing.imaginemachine.com Where in the code do I change the size of the phones.png image ? I was only able to change the length of the image but changing the width doesn’t change anything.

I have changed the size of the image itself and nothing changed but the length of it.

Also, how can I make the text next to the images in the sections, to get higher ?

thank you

how many sections are you going to add

the email message have sent

Fantastic looking template. I’m very interested in this one… tell me, can I insert Mailchimp forms with more than one field?

I’d like to get name, business, email for Mailchimp, can I do this easily? Or could you help me if I purchase?

Thanks and good luck with sales!

I would like to use MailChimp, so that when the customer signs up, I can start the autoresponder. I am comparing your code and the Mailchimp form requirements right now, so maybe I can do this. I may need a little guidance though. Thanks.

Ok. How can I help you?

ok, sent you a message via your contact form.

before purchasing,

Could you help to add a contact form on pages.

Eg., name, email, message.

Thanks. Lance

i had bought, my email is wubingfang@gmail.com

can we start it now?

I’ve sent you email

Are you considering adding pricing tables? Although I am also looking for code I could maybe use with this.

Hmm, I haven’t received any message

is there an email address I can send to? maybe the Themeforest form is not working. This is the second message I sent through Themeforest this week and I don’t think you got the first one either.

Hi Author,

What a great template. Actually I want to buy and need some of modification. Can I have up to 10 features instead of 2? I plan to convert my current minisite to this template. You see my site www.rahsiabisneskerajaan.com so you get the idea what am going to do. Cheers.

Add more 8 features section?

I will buy this template maybe today. If you can do it for then should be great :)

Great template and great support from the author. The code was well organized and easy to customize, but I wanted to add a couple fields to the newsletter submission form and DSA79 was able to help me out with that. Very happy here. The author went above and beyond with customer service. Thank you DSA79 :)

Thank you so much for comment. I’m very glad that I have such buyers.

Please take a look at my site – http://www.thelandofvenn.com and tell me why the responsive part doesn’t work. it looks bad in mobile. Thank you

I’ve sent on email

got your image but u 2 don’t show the image of the ipad with the screen from the game

The image disappears on the screens of mobile phones look at live preview of source http://themeforest.net/item/pincode-premium-landing-page-html5-template/full_screen_preview/7119164. This is a design feature

Hi there,

I bought your template today and I’m trying to do something for hours with no success.

I want to repeat the FEATURES section, but when I do it the image and feature-box are not visible. They are there, but can’t be visualized.

Could you please tell me how to do that correctly? I would also like to switch the positions of this second Features section, placing the image on the right and the feature-box on the left.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Jafar.

Hi, Jafar, thank you for purchase.If you want to add another section you have to change the ID of this section and add styles for this section in the file style.css

I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work.

1 copy the section you want (for example section with id=feature_1) 2.add copied section to the right place 3. change all ID’s in this section (for example id=feature_1 to id=feature_3, class=banner_content_1 to class=banner_content_3 etc) 4. open stylesheet file (depend what color scheme you use) 5.copy all styles for copied section (for example section with id=feature_1) 6.paste this copied code and change in this code all ID’s (for example id=feature_1 to id=feature_3, class=banner_content_1 to class=banner_content_3 etc)

I’ve setup the newsletter.php file correctly, but I’m getting this error: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in E:\kunden\homepages\31\d364151660\www\store\newsletter.php on line 30”

Is this something related to my server or what?

is this your local server?

This is the BEST template – hands down.

Hi,shocktheory,Thanks for purchase and kind words, i’m happy you are satisfied with my work. If you like our work please rate it. Your rating helps us in developing new items

Hello, I believe that the mailchimp is installed. Upon submitting an email – I get this: {response“} and a white page? Shouldn’t something else happen? FYI – the emails are being captured by mail chimp.. I reckon I was expecting a popup thank you or something.

I’m sorry I meant that I get: Response: Success

This message mean that email address have added to your list in MailChimp account

Is there a way to disable On Scroll Animations on mobile devices?

Please contact me via email. Thanks