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Hello. When will be the next update? I’m having problem in my site with the latest WordPress update and it seems that theme is incompatible with the latest update.


theme was tested with latest version of Wordpress and it’s compatible of course.


I have the latest version (1.5.6 ) of the theme and the change log shows rev slider updated. However, after updating the theme, I still have an older version of rev slider? Do we need to update rev slider seperatly?


yes, to update Slider Revolution, you need to update plugin separately. To do this, please remove slider files from FTP and later upload newest files from package via FTP as well.

Thanks! :)


You are welcome!

I received an email from Envato telling us of a major security update that we need to download the latest version to 1.5.6 when the latest version is listed as 1.6 from back in July (of which we already have installed) so totally confused on why we are getting this notification. Could you please check with Envato about that? Thanks! Wondering if this is a scam.


you get this message because there was a problem with contact form item. Contact form was not sufficiently protected because of an very old mail function and to update theme, you need to replace current theme files on FTP with the newest one.

Thanks :)

I’m sorry but did you read my comment thoroughly? The question was in regards to the version numbers which don’t add up. We already have updated to 1.6 months ago back in July and just now we are getting an email warning to update in October to an old version 1.5.6?? Makes no sense so we would appreciate clarification. It just put a flag in our heads that this email might be spam so we wanted to check in. I think you either need to reword your email to others to update to 1.6 and why this email is being sent so late in October even though was done in July.

Sorry, we missed which theme you were talking about. Get so many questions today about it and confused. The mail you get came from Envato and we don’t know what they are sending exactly to users. However, it is very weird if they sent you to update theme to 1.5.6 version which is quite old (from March). Anyway, if you have recent 1.6 version, you should just ignore this message.

I created a Calendar using the Spider Calendar plugin and want to add it on a webpage but I cannot find the toolbar button. How can I do that?


Sorry, but we can’t offer support for third party plugins, please contact with plugin author


Pindol is without any support as till now there are no compatibility updates for WordPress 4.7 it is entirely incompatible with it.

Sorry but we did not asked for a forum post because the posts you have posted are from account that has expired very long time ago. We are asking you to post request from account you used to purchase theme or because your support has expired long time ago, you can post question thru contact form on the right at and we will prove that it’s 4.7 compatible.

Dear Muffin group support, Why did you blocked my email from accessing your support forum? I am one of your clients as I have purchased the theme so strang customer support?

No, you are not and a lack of “Purchased” label next to your nickname is the best proof of this. As we can see, you clearly ignore our requests and so far didn’t sent us request from account, where as you said, did purchased theme and until you will not send us such message using contact form on the right at, using proper account, we won’t be able to help you.

If you do not understand applicable rules, feel free to contact with Envato and maybe they would be able to explain it to you better.

Dear Muffingroup This rachrach i am sending you from the account i purchased the theme pindol

To make a backup of settings you need to contact with your admin or web developer. But your access on forum has expired and that’s why you are unable to log-in. There is only 6 months of free support included and more details about it you can read on


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I see, and thank you for the helpfull information :) and the bugs issue that ruined my website reputation & SEO.


You’re welcome!

Great name for a theme, peace ;-)

Thanks ;)


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I have recently upgraded my WordPress to 4.7.2 but I am not able to install the latest theme.


why are not able to install it exactly? What’s the problem?

I’m trying to optimize the SEO with the Yoast plugin, but the plugin is not recognizing the text into the content builder. Can you please provide some solution to this? Thanks


Yoast plugin, recognise only WP default editor content and we do not have any solution to do Muffin Builder content visible for Yoast.


Hi. How to order the portfolio categories by the number of items?


we are sorry but it is not possible to order portfolio items that way.

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