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Nice theme!~


Great work!

Many thanks.

Lookin (as always) SOLID!!

Thanks a lot sterlingwilliam :)

Wish you the best with sales, looks great :)

Very nice – bookmarked for future use!

We’re glad you like it.

I am loving the new theme

Really appreciate :)

your support forum is not working

Yes, we know. Forum will be ready within few hours. Please be patient.

Is there any woocommerce support?

At this moment we doesn`t support woocommerce. We’re are working already on WooCoomerce support for our other theme – Bretheon.

theme is very difficult. I need help. xml file in the theme yet?

Sorry but we don`t understand you. We wrote you to send us access to your admin panel (login, password, url to your page where you have theme). Please send this details using contact form which is on in right bottom corner and we`ll upload this xml file for you.

sent. :) pls help.

We already checked your site and everything is ok. You uploaded xml file properly but you didn`t set up Homepage. Everything has been described on forum and in doc. Nevertheless we already set up everything for you. Please next time try to use our support forum and read doc also. We hope everything is ok now.

Hello i would like to say that “Pindol” is a reaally bad word in polish… And many ppl from my country can feel offended :D or they can laugh loudly :D besides its a great theme

One of our friend`s is from Poland and he dropped us this name for Theme. As far as we know this word put a smile on the faces so we don`t think this is bad work. In our opinion this is really nice and funny word (sounds great) :)

Anyway thanks a lot for your interest :)

Man, this theme is great. However, it’s in the running with one other theme. One big difference for me is that both themes include the Revolution Slider, but the other one also includes the Layer Slider. I would LOVE to have that additional option in this theme.

Is there any chance of adding any other sliders? Other than that, this theme seems very very good and it’s extremely tempting!


Thanks a lot for your interest mate. In our opinion both sliders are similar in working and appearance and we think there is no needed to add both of them (will be much difficult for beginner users). However, if more people will ask about that, then we will do it of course.

Thinking about purchasing this theme. Is it possible to display the phone number in the mobile version?

Of course it`s possible. After purchase we can tell you how to do it.

It’s not that bad wodd, could be worse :) nice theme and funny name :) Are you from Poland maybe? :D

One of our friend`s is from Poland and he dropped us this name for the Theme. We think this is nice and funny name for the Theme :)

Nice theme and even better name. :D

Thanks a lot mate :) We didn`t know that so many people will be interesting this name :D

Hey Savage theme.

Just having wee issue. have demo material all loaded, however the wide mode isn’t working since I installed the demo content. Have I possibly missed something. Thanks Pete

Thanks a lot fluent :)

Please send us access to your admin panel on pm and we`ll check everything for you.

there seems to be all sorts of bugs going on, features in the option seem to have a mind of their own! not responding on parts.

E.g changed font type for menu and only change on the sub pages it stays the same on the homepage and doesn’t change?

Thanks Pete

Please send us access to your admin panel on pm and we`ll check everything for you. Please also describe your problems to check.

dla samej nazwy zycze powodzenia :D

Dzieki bardzo :)

hi muffin group, i need your urgent attention. i can’t install the theme i just bought.. every time i am trying to install this theme it uploads so slowly due to its massive size, then after uploading 100% it throws me below error message…!!

“Internal Server Error”

i am using godaddy VPS. and i have few sites there with many times i have changed and installed new themes, never had this issue .. please help… !!

Probably the problem was with the server. Sometimes it`s happen but we are glad everything is ok now :)

Hi Muffin group, please don’t worry about the earlier issue.. its all good now.. ! cheers

Hi Muffingroup, First of all i think its a great theme, no doubt about that.. nice work!

however i am just having one issue at the moment, and that is no email being sent from “contact us form”. Am i doing something wrong? please help ..

Cheers; somik


Thanks a lot man.

Did you set up email for “Contact form” item? If you did it maybe you should to check if your server support standard php email function because maybe that`s the problem. If you are sure that everything is ok, then please send us access to your admin panel and ftp on pm and we`ll check it for you.

For future support please visit:

Question: I love the homepage design with the big photo of the woman and call to action button (Buy now). I wonder if I can create a homepage with that header style but below that, having a full width content below the boxes of: Translation ready, Retina ready, etc. I would like to replace the “Great theme with awesome features” part with a full width content.

Is that possible?

Yes, of course it`s possible. All pages in this theme has been built with Content Builder so you can fit it to your needs.