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Can I use this on multiple sites?

Do you mean if theme is multisite plugin compatible or you mean use one purchased version on many sites?

for many sites.

Under license, one purchased item can be used for only one site. If you want to use theme for 3 sites, then you must purchase 3 different items.

It’s so annoying. I don’t know what’s going on.

1. Whenever i change something in the theme panel, when i click SAVE CHANGES, it just return to the General option without even saying me if the options are updated or what.

2. It doesn’t save any changes I made. Like if I put a header image, when i click save, it returns to the general option then it just erases the changes i made like uploading the header.

3. Because of that problem, I can’t choose the full width layout. It’s always a box.

I can’t do anything because of this. I already uploaded the latest version.

What’s the problem?


We already replied on your PM with more details so please check your mailbox.

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Hello. can you pls resend it to Thanks.

You need to resend us mail first because we are not able to find your one. This mail above is not available in our database so last time you probably wrote from other email.

Hey Muffin Group,

Great Theme! I mean it really really great =)

I just have two problems and i really hope you can help me out!

1. the accordions (the first one in the accordion is always open) How do i close them all? as soon as the page is opened. (

2. I’m using WPML as a language translator (English and Arabic) but the theme doesn’t seem to respond to RTL languages. ( The following doesn’t happen: - All header items except the logo don’t seem to shift left when Arabic is chosen (Menu and social icons). - Language drop down menu doesn’t seem to show the Arabic language.

Hope you can help me out as soon as possible.


Best Regards, Seven Dynamic

Hi and thanks a lot for such a great words :) Below you will find answears on your questions:

1) Of course it is possible. Please read right topic on our support forum and you will get what you need. There is whole explanation how to do it :)

2) Sorry but theme is not RTL ready. Most of themes are not RTL ready and our is not as well. So you probably need to contact with your developer to make theme RTL ready.

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We’re using the theme here…

I only just noticed there is no author on posts. Is it a setting I’m missing or what?

Thanks a lot.


author is not included into blog post – nobody didn`t asked about that and that`s why it is not there. But if you really want to do it, you can add author in includes/content-single.php file. All you must to do is add function which is described on

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Alright thanks for the reply. I’m just trying to improve the information on screen for Google Highlighting. Author really needs to be on there and I’m going to add more information to fullwidth template also. A floating div on the left with author, publish date/time etc.

Ok :) We hope you will do it yourself and everything will be looking good.

I purchased this them approximately one month ago. I like it a lot. There was a bug from the beginning with the dropdown menu on the home page. You had to actually click on the Parent page of a page with subpages, because the theme would not let you clip on the child pages…they would disappear as you hoovered. I lived with it. NOW the child pages have disappeared all together on the homepage menu. I disabled all of the plugins and that did not work at all. I tried to created an account for support and it doesn’t recognize my email, my purchase code or my UN name for themeforest. My username is punkielynn. I have a purchase code. I have tried for weeks. I need help please. I upload the theme on a different site and the subpages show up. Just not on my main site. I have no other way to access support than here.

Please send us PM with request about access to forum and we`ll create account for you. If you want to get access to forum, you should use the same nickname as on TF (not email). Also please send us access to your wp dashboard and we`ll see what`s the problem with your menu.

Hi there,

I bought the theme not too long ago and I really like it so far. I do have 2 quick questions though

1. Is it possible to open Revolution Slider open in a lightbox? 2. Is it possible to change the Google Map pin icon? I have changed it in the images folder in the Pindol theme folder but it doesn’t change the icon on the Google Map.


Kind regards,


I have just fixed the pin icon issue I was having – The cache hadn’t cleared properly.

I am still unsure if there is some PHP code or a shortcode I can use to get a Revolution Slider to show in a lightbox though

Any help would be much appreciated


we’re glad you fixed the first issue. But unfortunately there is no option to show Revolution Slider in Lightbox.

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How to use .xml to recreate themes like demo? Please help…


can we implement mega menu in this, how you had done for one of your earlier websites.


unfortunately we didn`t tested any mega menu with this theme. However we see some users, use UberMenu plugin and it was working without any problems so probably it is possible to include this plugin into theme.

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Hello I migrate my localhost website to online, but my images doesnt appear, still on the localhost, what can I do????

It looks like you used “Image” Content Builder item. Path to images inside content Builder items can`t be moved from localhost to live serwer. But about 1 month ago or so we did the tool which can do that – it is changing all paths inside content builder. We already created topic especially for you so we hope everything will be clear and easy :)

Please check:

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to disable in blog site:

- “Leave a Reply” - “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:”

what should I do? THANKS FOR A GREAT THEME :))


please paste below code into Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section:

#comments { display: none; }

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to disable under the “Menu” Bar the secend Line (Breadcrumbs) “Start / xxxxxxx”

What can i do…..




You’re welcome :)

Hello, I want to display the WPML language icon selector on the right hand site of the facebook logo link on the upper right, where do I need to paste the link to the WMPL selector in the header file? Thanks a lot, Dirk


you should have right html code for that and then you can paste it header.php file. There is whole code for social icons which looks like

<div class="social">...</div>
and please paste this code inside it or after. Just try and you will see how will be better.

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Highly recommend Muffin group themes, in simple good themes and speeeedyyy support.

Thanks a lot epitom :)

hey, nice theme. where can i edit the footer text area under the widgets?

Hi and thanks :)

You can edit it in footer.php file.

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Fantastic support to a great theme – one that really works, without lots of errors and authors running away when you ask for support! We’ve had some bad experiences with themeforest themes before, but we’re glad we chose this one. The support has exceeded our expectations and to be honest, there’s not even much need for it – you can customise & do changes and it works wonderfully! Thanks muffingroup & best of luck.

Thanks a lot @bkdelectronic :) It is really nice to have such a great comment here.

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dear muffingroup,

i have a quick question. i really want to change the color of the little arrow beneath the main menu and of the arrows on the slider. i already changed every color in the pindol theme options and there is absolutely nothing blue left. still my menu and slider show up in blue how is that possible and what can i do to change it? thanks in advance for your help!!!

best regards, julia

These arrows are images and that`s why you are not able to change their colors from theme options panel. You must upload your own images into theme and replace already existing images. The full path for these images you have below:

css/skins/blue/images/menu_border.png css/skins/blue/images/large_left.png

We hope this will be clear now :)

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thanks so much! it worked right away :-)!

No problem dude :)

This theme is great! It is very user friendly and the support team is helpful and quick to respond. By far my favorite developers to work with.

Thanks @azmob3 :)

Is there a plugin required to run the contact form or is it built in? How is it configured? I do not see any information on the documentation.

“Contact Form” is an standard Page builder item. You can easily do it from Page Builder and you missed that because it is described in documentation. Go to Content Builder section in doc and find description for “Contact Form” item.

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hi I often work with joomla , and with joomla when a buy a profesionel theme there is alwys a quick start folder to have exactly the same thing as the demo

if a buy your theme , how to make the same home page , the same page like demo


No problem!

great work first time working with wordpress and after a few minute i have already my theme like the demo ,, very happy thank you gays

You’re welcome bro! We’re glad that we could be helpful for you :)

Hi! My bullet points/lists wont show… can you let me know what I need to do to correct this? Thanks!

You need to type right class for bullet lists, ex.

<ul class="list">...</ul>

More info about bullet points you can find on our demo

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