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Hi. I noticed a problem in the admin bar when in the front-end. The icons aren’t displaying, it only display a box with the dashboard icon code. When i’m in the dashboard, icons are okay. The problem is only when I’m logged in and in the front-end.

any help?

This is also not possible. This theme has been coded totally different then theme you showed above.

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Hello. Visitors are reporting they can’t see the site. Now I checked that the problem is with IE. I checked the site in IE8 and i saw the problem. It says here it’s compatible with IE8 but it’s not.

Theme is compatible with IE8 but since Microsoft doesn`t support WinXP and IE8 what you can read on, there could be some issues with this browser but unfortunately we can`t help because this is not our issue. Microsoft stopped support this browser and system and that`s why users can have problems and the longer users will use it, the biggest problem will get.

Of course you can send us screenshots of what you mean and also attach url to website and we can have a look on it but can`t guarantee if we`ll be able to do anything.

Thanks for understanding!

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I am a web developer and need to show my customers proto types of themes before purchasing them. Is there a way to download and use first page with its content for proto typing to show customers?


unfortunately this is not possible. If you want to show him prototype you can send link to demo website

Thanks for your interest!

Urgent problem!

Hi, guys. I have done login in my wordpress site and update plugins. When it have finished my website say the next:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 in /homepages/41/d461950304/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/pindol/functions/plugins/twitteroauth.php on line 127

I can´t login in wordpress site and it´s impossible to view my website. I update the theme last version but it has not solved.

How I can resolve it? Please it´s important and urgent.



please go to functions.php file on your FTP and comment/remove 2 lines that we show you below:

require_once( LIBS_DIR .'/plugins/twitteroauth.php' );

This will help you :)

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I’d like more options for the blog date. I’ve written instructions for the date to be added to a widget. I’d like to use the space under the date box and leave more room for tutorial type posts which require wide screenshots.



unfortunately this is not possible to do what you need. Some layout things are limited here and it can`t be edited as you wish.

Thanks for understanding!

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We changed the date column into a dynamic ads column and it boosted AdSense earnings a lot. The area the date takes up is valuable.

We will continue to enhance the Pindol theme, we are enjoying it.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your theme and I like it but I noticed you didn’t comment on it being WooCommerce compatible or not and I plan to be using it to sell some products online.

I wonder if it currently supports WooCommerce or if that’s a planned updated if it doesn’t right now.

Much appreciated.


Basically WooCommerce will work but when we say it is not compatible, we mean theme is not styled at all. And if theme is not woocommerce compatible then it won`t be styled for any other e-commerce plugin as well.

Many thanks, I appreciate your care and follow up.

You’re welcome! :)

where is the sample data for the theme? or this theme not include any sample data?

You can download xml file for all of our themes any time you want from


I’m having problem with the slider and featured image in blog page and single post page. Just like in other pages, I want the slider to show in Blog page, but when I put a slider in the post, the featured image doesn’t display in the blog page. Also the slider is not in the header but in the content area which is wrong.

How can I fix it?
1. I want the blog page to display 5 posts (this is ok) with featured image for each but must have the slider in the header area just like the rest of the pages in the site.
2. Then I want to display the same slider the blog page to the single post page.

Check the site:

I fixed the blogue page but the Post i don’t know how to show the slider in the header.

oh okay

You’re welcome.

Hi, Recently bought this item. Done everything to bring demo look. But after we imported sliders, we get one unusual issue:

When we click on menu link “home example 4”, following line appears over the slider:

“Revolution Slider Error: The param cover not found in slide params.”

Please help us to resolve the issue..Thanks in advance.

Ok so then please send us access to your wp dashboard on pm with more details like for which page you did it and where this error is and we`ll have a look on it.

cannot share since i am working on localhost.. do share once we go live. thanx for concern.


1) How to customize portfolio page to have two column or three column view.

2) How to modify the number of porfolios to be shown on a single page.

regards anuppress


1) This can be done in Theme options > Getting started > Portfolio section.

2) This also can be done in section above.

Thanks for choosing Pindol! :)

Hi! Could you guide me through how to add some text into the “right copyright column”, where there is a menu on your demo? I would like to enter text instead.. Thanks in advance!


To modify copyright section, you need to edit footer.php file on your FTP.

Thanks for choosing Pindol!

I am having an issue with your theme and https, it keeps getting stuck in a re-direct loop. I tried a different theme and had no issues.


unfortunately we don`t see any “Purchased” label next to your question. Support is available only for customers and that`s why in this case we are not able to help you.

Thanks for understanding!

Hi, how can i add a search bar in the menu? thanks

How you fixed it and what is still not good? Please explain.

Instead of putting the background using the theme options, I manually put it in the stylesheet with the same properties/values. If cover is chosen and you use the Theme Options, it will not really work on mobiles but if you manually code it if will appear. The problem is the fixed property is still not working on Android but is better now than no background at all.

Here’s the exact css codes:
html{ height:100%; min-height:100%; } body { background: url( no-repeat fixed center top !important; background-size : cover !important; -webkit-background-size : cover !important; -moz-background-size : cover !important; -o-background-size : cover !important; min-height:100% !important; }

Let me know what you think. :)

Ok we see what you did but this will work also on some devices and on some not. The problem between backgrounds and mobile devices was always because some devices support those kind of solutions but some not. And there is no golden mean. But if above code works in your case for some devices better then ok. Thanks a lot for explanation!


You can include the use function canonical urls in the template? (

thanks in advance


at this moment we don`t have this option, but we`ll think about it in future.

Thanks for your suggestion :)

You plan to implement the template markup

thanks in advance


sorry but we don`t have any plans to add for this theme.

Thanks for understanding!

so sorry (((

We understand but there is nothing what we can do in this case.


How to remove this sentence “Archive by category”? ( page category ) Or replace it with something else.. Screenshot:

thanks in advance


you can do it in functions/theme-functions.php file. Find mfn_breadcrumbs() function and inside you must change one line. We described it on

Thank you very much! All fixed!

You’re welcome! :)

Is there anyway to update Revolution Slider (due to the security issues today regarding revolution slider ( ) without having to update the theme?

Here is our details: Pindol: Version 1.2.2 Revslider: ver. 2.3.91 Wordpress : 3.5.2

I tried downloading the newest update, and just extracting revslider files out to put into the ftp, but it breaks the slider.

I need more time to update the theme but wanted to address this old revolution slider ASAP.

Thank you


please take a loot at where everything has been explained.

Thanks for understanding!

Hello , Great theme… is there any way to make full length posts and not excerpts on the homepage if ‘show latest posts’ is selected in Wordpress reading settings. Can you please post the code snippet here. Thanks in Advance.


to that, you must modify includes/content-post.php. Just find the_excerpt() function and replace with the_content() funtion.

Thanks for choosing Pindol! :)

404.php file of this theme is hacked. We noticed it from all of our clients’ sites. Is your theme safe? Now, one problem we can’t fixed is this site cliniquedupied-md (dot) com wherein the site is like not reading the style.php. We checked it in Webpagetest and we got 2 errors from the theme files. Also, the widgets keep on resetting.

Yes, theme is definitely safe. The only problem was in the past was related with revolution slider version older then 4.2. So please check if your slider version is older and if is, then you must update slider as soon as possible. More informations about this vulnerability you can read at

Thanks for understanding!

The client wanted a blog section but the main blog page has content on it. How can i make the content on that page still display with the list of posts under it?

For that you can use “Blog” item. We did something similar at – just take a look at “Gallery of our beautiful clients” where below you have some posts included. This item can be used in any place you want and can be mixed with content of course.


Pre Sales Question:

Is it possible, without customisation to get a contact form in the top right portion of the website inside the slider area?

I’m happy for the slider to be replaced by a static image if that makes the process easier.

Thanks Simon

Hi Simon,

for this theme we used Revolution Slider which allow to use shortcodes and other stuff inside but we have never tested it so we have no clue if this will work as you need.

Thanks for your interest in Pindol anyway! :)

I’ve just purchased the theme and want to download the demo .xml file but you havent updated the .xml download page help to reflect the changes in themeforest so I am struggling to get the demo content.

Please can you tell me where I get the purchase code and can you update the download page so other people dont get as frustrated as I am right now.

Not a great start!

And the video showing you how to install the file is not on YouTube anymore. What a Mickey Mouse outfit!

Requesting refund. Really not happy with this theme or the ease of use.

For this theme, .xml file can be downloaded any time you want from but all informations about re-creating page you can find on support forum so please take a look at 2 easy steps below:

1 step:

2 step:

But if you are not happy, then you must contact with envato becuase we are not able to help you in this case. All we can do is help you with your questions.

Thanks for understanding!