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What are the functional advantages of this theme over Bretheon? (besides the design) Can you list a table of differences? i am deciding between the two.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot for your interest.

The main difference between this 2 products is design. Functionality of both products is similar.

Sorry but we didn`t tested theme with this plugin so you need to test it yourself. Generally, if plugin is written properly, then it should work with the theme without any problems.

i Love it.

Thanks a lot man :)

Can ShareThis in the blog be removed? and 2nd line of text in main menu tabs?

Yes, of course. ShareThis can be removed. What about your second question… Do you mean submenu under main menu? If is that what you mean, it can be of course removed also. After purchase we can tell you how to do it.

makes contact form spam. Send a we can call constantly. pls help.

If you think about captcha for contact form, we suggest to use Contact Form 7 plugin. Some customers are using this plugin with theme and it works.

Next time please write more clearly because we don`t understand your english (we can only guess what you mean).

I would like to have the “click to call” work when in the mobile version. I see above that you told someone that after they purchased the Theme that you would let them know how to do this.

Would you please inform me of how to display the cell phone on the mobile view and have it “click to call”?

Please just follow this paste to get what you need.

We hope this solution will help you. Anyway thanks for your interest.

Thank you, looks like that will help. By the way….Great Theme!

Many thanks :)

Hi, I just purchased this theme but when I’m trying to install it I get an error message that the style.css formatfile is missing. Can you help? Thanks!

Did you read doc well? Please read doc (section 1.3) because it`s standard problem for all beginners.

good looking theme! jsut one question before i buy, is it possible to put several pins on the contact form example 4? Then list several companies underneath.

At first thanks a lot for your interest.

You can`t put several pins on one map, but you can put many maps with different pins on each. You can also list several companies underneath, using “Contact box” item from Content Builder. Each page on our demo (contact also) has been built using Content Builder so you can build any Contact page you want. It`s like a chlid’s play.

This is not version of homepage for this product, but for the other one (Bretheon) which you can check here

No problem mate :)

Hi there, DO you have the shortcodes for only the demo homepage? Thanks

Homepage was built via Content Builder. All used items for this page you can see on this screen

You can also download xml file with whole demo content and then you can delete all other pages except “Home”.

Don’t get me wrong but in some East-European countries your theme’s name “Pindol” sounds… very hmmm rude and inappropriate. The word “pindol” is referred in a way to male’s sexual organ or to rude expression that’s related to it. Maybe it could be a good idea to change the theme’s name?...

One of our friends is from Poland and we exactly know what this name mean. We don`t think it`s rude and inappropriate. It`s not only our opinion, because we asked about that few our friends and they also think this is good name. Also it sounds very nice.

However after purchase you can change theme’s name yourself and it`s not a problem at all if you don`t like it.

Well, it’s – of course – up to you how you name your themes, but whatever your opinion sources say – it is ODD and inappropriate – especially in therms of business abroad you try to make. Name a theme “BIG D*” and try to sell is across the US. Similar impressions caused. We’ll talk about that then again. My intention wasn’t kinda stupid criticism but a kind advisory. Good luck with your “Pindol” then.

Thanks for the info.


The menu arrow color can not be changed through the control panel, also how can I increase the width of the page on full width mode?

Thank you,

This is image and it`s placed in css/skins/blue/images/menu_border.png

If you want to change it, you need to upload your one instead of this one which already exist.

Thank you, that helped a lot.

No problem dude.

Great theme! I have been working on updates but today when I load the site, the pages are coming out in outline mode and the theme shell with the graphics are not loading? Is that something I did in the backend?

We don`t have any idea what you did. Maybe while update you had connection error and not all files has been uploaded. Please send us access to your admin panel on pm and we`ll have a look on it.

I don’t recall doing anything major accept for updating pages, so hopefully it is not my server doing something. I sent you the private message with the login info.

We already replied on your message so please continue writing on pm.

How can I get rid of the Page title on the actual page? So for example I click in About US in menu, it says ABOUT US again on the page. How can I remove that?


Please paste below code in Custom CSS section in Theme options panel:

#Subheader h1 { display: none; }

For future support please visit:

Support forum

just another quick question, how can I define the Homepage? If I do it under Settings – Reading options – static page, the page that is loaded looks different than the page I get when clicking on a menu item.

For example and looks different even I set serives as home page under static page

That point is very important to me.

thanks for the answer! I want to display the subheader on the homepage as well. so the page that is displayed as soon as I type in There is the subheader and this litte horizontal line with shadow displayed on every site, but not on the home-site. I posted in the forum as well:

We already answeared on your question on forum so please read this topic. Please next time write only on forum, because this is confusing when we get the same questions here and on forum. Thanks a lot for understanding us.

thank you!

Hi – How can I enable the revolution slider plugin in the Pindol template header after I first install it? I have created sliders that work in the pages, but I can’t figure out how to enable it in the header – full width.

Thank you.

To set up right slider for the page, while edit/create page you should to go “Page Options” section and there is select field named “Slider”. And please just select created slider for right page.

For future support please visit:

Support forum

How can I change the background colour of the footer? If I change it under theme option and save the changes it doesnt work!!

Please remember that custom colors can work only with Custom skin. Probably you use one of predefined skins and that`s why you can`t change color. Please go to Theme options panel > Colors > General and make sure that Theme skin is Custom.

For future support please visit:

Support forum

Got questions before purchase: 1) On responsive mode, it shows social icons. How to show the phone or email instead? 2) I bought Rockettheme and the pictures in the sliders do not shrink proportionately and its a pain cos you have to add custom css code. I don’t have time to mess with that. Do I need to add custom code or it does it automatically? Thx

We know that support is really important. We are replying on all questions asap. We are working all the time and we do support for all customers so don`t worry about that :) This users already get reply and everything will be sorted.

Is there a way to add a link a the bottom or top of the Mobile View so that the visitor has option click “Desktop View”

It`s not possible to give choice for user. You can only decide in theme options panel if you want responsive version or not.

Hi I’ve created a slider and added images but when I go to the page options the slider does not appear in the drop down. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi. Just sent the details. Thanks.

Problem has been already fixed. Below is explanation what was wrong.

The problem was with database. In functions/meta-functions.php file you have function named function mfn_get_sliders(). In this function we made one little change – we hardcoded table name. In wp-config.php file you have $table_prefix = ‘wp_’; but your table is already named wp_2_revslider_sliders and that was the problem why the sliders can`t be found.

After this little change, everything works fine.

Great. Thanks for your help and quick response.

I am starting to hate this theme I purchased. I cant even submit a question in the support forum without receiving a 401 error. I simply want to update the background with a custom background image…and it uploads the file..but then after I save changes…it reverts back. I cant update ANYTHING!!! Please respond ASAP!

Take easy man. We’re helping all our customers and we are replying asap on each question. It looks like you have a problem with one of the files. Sometimes when you’re trying to install theme, and your server is not fast enought some files can be broken while install. Please just send us pm with access to admin panel and ftp using contact form in right bottom corner on our profile’s page and we`ll check what`s the problem and fix it for you.

However it`s really weird that you can`t post anything on forum. As you can see we have many other topics on forum and users are able to post so maybe the problem is on your side (connection error or something else). We already checked forum also and everything works fine.