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Hi How do I prevent the logo from sitting on the top of the slider?

Please paste below code into Custom CSS section in Theme options panel:

#Header #logo { padding-top: 8px !important; }

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Awesome. Thank you.

I have the same problem. I’ll try to add some extra transparent pixels below.

Please paste below code into Custom CSS section in Theme options panel:

#Header #logo { padding-top: 8px !important; }

Instead of 8px you can type any value you want (depends what logo position you need).

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Please, can I upload and use my own patterns? Patterns can be used in every backgrounds and in the footer? thanks.

Of course you can use them. It can`t be uploaded in admin panel, but all you need to do is overwrite existing patterns on your one so it`s not a problem at all. After purchase we can tell you how to do it.

Hi, I not use Wordpress, if I purschase this template do you know if I can use just the html and css? Or this is already integrated with the wordpress theme (on php files and with wordpress rulez)?

Sorry but it`s not possible because it is already integrated with whole wordpress and we don`t have any plans to make html version of this theme.

Excellent theme muffingroup :) It’s always nice using a good refined theme every now and then. Definitely like the innovative page maker, makes homepages a breeze.

One question though, how might one edit the footer? Just want to make sure I’m not missing an obvious section in the ACP before I edit the footer.php

Thanks dude :) It`s very nice when people like you can appreciate the product.

With this theme, footer can be edited only in footer.php as you said. We didn`t include this option in theme options panel.


I have noticed that the revolution slider included in the theme is crashing the browser in IE10, the original slider developer has an update on theme forest for this issue, how do we get the update?

We`ll try to make update with the newest revolution slider asap (should be ready today).

Fantastic, thanks a lot – this is probably the best theme I have ever used and I have used hundreds! Well done.

Many thanks dude :)


I am trying to do the contact form in the footer like on the sample home page. When I paste the shortcode for the button in the text widget for the footer it doesn’t translate. I am assuming this is because of the text or html limitations of that widget. Can someone explain how to mimic that contact us box on the sample home page?

To remove breadcrumbs from internal pages, please paste below code in Custom CSS section in Theme options panel:

#Subheader ul.breadcrumbs { display: none; }

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Thank you. One last thing with the breadcrumbs… Is there a way to now extend the page title field so it goes all the way across?

Yes, it is. To do it please also go to Custom CSS section and paste below code:

#Subheader h1 { width: 100%; }

Please next time try to use our support forum, because your questions and our answears can be helpful for other users also.

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quick question please: can you have two blogs with this theme? Or to put it another way: can there be two tabs like BLOG1 and Blog2 (each being a blog)?


Blog can be only one, but you can divide blog on categories and in each category will be different posts. Maybe this solution will be fine for your needs.

My desire to have two blog tabs is because I am creating a member website with gold and silver membership levels each containing different content….just wondering how I could do this with your theme

thanks…any thoughts??

We didn`t tested theme with any membership plugin so we don`t know if it allow to block some post categories. But please remember, that generally each wordpress allows to have only 1 blog page.

Is it easy to change one of the predefined colors for the template? I would image it is through CSS. Just purchased the theme, haven’t begun to dig through the code yet :).

Thank you.

To change css for one of predefined skins, you need to do it in files on ftp. Each skin have own file and it`s placed in css/skins/(choose_skin)/style.css

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Also, the logo seems to sit over the slider. How do I add padding underneath the logo? Thank you.

To move logo, please paste below code into Custom CSS section in Theme options panel:

#Header #logo { padding-top: 20px; }

We don`t know what`s your site and how your logo looks like, so 20px is just example and instead of this value please use your one which will be perfect for your needs.

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I bought the Pindol Theme…. it’s really good!!! But how can I resize the header? Please help me, i’m a newbie…


Please send us url to your site and please give us more details about what exactly you need to do. We need to have a look on it because we don`t know what exactly you need.

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Hi Guys!

Great Theme. May I have the XML file with Demo content? I would really appreciate your help with this. I tried downloading it but i keep getting a connection timeout :(

If you have a problem with xml downloader, please send us pm with question about xml for Pindol theme, using contact form in right bottom corner on our profile’s page and we`ll send you this file asap.

Good theme name ‘Pindol’ :) bookmarked for future projects.

Thanks a lot for your interest dude. We’re glad you like it :)

How can I set blue arrows for slider? Tnx in advice

After purchase we can tell you how to do it because as far as we see you didn`t purchased any copy of this theme.

Hello! Thank you for delivering such an awesome theme. My only concern is, what is the file that contains the html for the e-mail contact form? I want everything translated, only there.

Best Regards,

Thanks a lot man :)

The best way to do what you need will be go to Theme options panel > Translate > Contact and in this section you can translate whole contact form.

But if you reallt want to do it in file, you can do it in functions/theme-shortcodes.php

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Hi Is there any plan in future to integrate an ecommerce feature in the theme?? thx

Sorry but at this moment we don`t have any plans to integrate an ecommerce feature. At this moment we can suggest our other product – Bretheon which support WooCommerce and it`s really good theme also.

doesn’t support with wordpress 3.5.1??

Of course theme support WP 3.5.1

Im having the SAVING problem as well.

When ever a change is made in the theme admin and I click SAVE it just resets, NOTHING IS WORKING :s

Please send us access to admin panel and ftp and we can fix it for you, or you can also do it yourself after read this topic

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I really like the looks of this theme, it might be your best looking yet…but as I test with my iphone…there is still no Real Tap to Call type function on mobile.

There is no phone number at the top of the page, and the one at the bottom doesn’t register with the phone. Would there be a way to make this possible?



Many thanks for your interest man.

Of course it`s possible to do it. Whole solution for that is on our support forum

After purchase you can get purchase code and register on our forum and get solution for that.

ah. I’m an almet customer, and I haven’t seen that.

So please send all questions about almet theme on almet support forum and our support will reply within 24 hours.

Is there a way to use events as posts with this theme? I like the date with the blog post but is there a way to make it display the day of the event and not the day I posted the story?

Sorry but it`s not possible.