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SEO Optimization, on post, page, portfolio and portfolio details page i dont want to show the site title only the name of that page. also browser title its showing double site title. i turned off theme site seo, using yoast seo, what can i do to modify the code in header so my title shows properly

see attachment want to mimic that footer with shadows so there darker how can i do that

We already replied on all your questions on forum. As it is described on product’s page we do support Mon-Fri 8am-6pm (GMT+1) and we reply within 24 hours on each question on these days.

Hi! Just bought your theme and so far so good! really excited to finish using it! I did have one slight problem however. The arrow on the menu is still the default blue eventhough I have updated the colors in the theme options to the color it should be. the dropdowns are working correctly, it just seems to be the menu arrow on the active page, and the parent (no child) menu items. any idea what I can do to fix? Thanks so much for your help!

Many thanks for your interest :) We’re going to help you with your problem.

This arrow in menu is image and it can`t be changed via theme options panel. Image is placed in css/skins/blue/images/menu_border.png so please just replace this image with your one and everything will be ok.

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Hi. I have the exact same issue as GRB above. I am using Yoast SEO and disabled the Pindol SEO in the theme settings. The issue is that my H1 tag is showing the Yoast SEO title instead of the actual page title. Please advise.

We already noticed this issue and it will be fixed with next theme update. But at this moment you can fix it yourself by one little change. We described everything in the following topic

We hope this solution will help you at all.

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Thanks folks. Worked like a charm.

Great dude :)

the title of my site keeps appearing in the heading section of every page. How can I stop this? is an example

Everyone noticed the same problem in the same day. Really nice :) As we wrote in 2 other comments, it`ll be fixed with our first update. But at this moment you can do it yourself by following this topic (you are probably using Yoast plugin as we think). This one should help you with your problems.

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Hey there again,

I’m seeming to have one slight issue, I am attempting to use a Wordpress Gallery on a page but it seems to be having some formatting issues, messing with the text size of the page and the images not showing properly.

Any ideas?


Please send us url to your page. We need to have a look on it because without that we can`t say to much.

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this theme looked beautiful, but unfortunately it’s useless without sidebars for me. I will request a refund and hopefully envato will oblige.

Hi I have read the documentation. I think it’s just a problem with my setup. I can’t even see the sidebar option in the theme settings, check the screenshot here.

I am running the latest version of wordpress.

hi, ignore the last comment please. I got it to work. I’m just used to working with themes that automatically display the content they’re supposed to. I guess for a small site like ours it’s not a big deal to go through all the pages set the show content to “on”

We’re really glad you got it work.

Further from the last message, I can’t get this to work at all on my wordpress. I’m using wordpress 3.5.1

After installing as normal, I tried to get the content to show by adding the content boxes, but it shows the content twice. Also I can’t see any option to add sidebars at all. You make references to this on the help pages, and the theme even displays a message saying I can add widgets to the sidebar, but on the widgets option there is no trace of a sidebar at all.

Please check the video here:

Content show twice because you probably did it wrong. While create/edit page, in section Page options you can turn on/off “Show content” option. If you turn it on, it means Content from WP editor will be always added under “Content Builder Items”. You’re are probably using “Content” item also in Content Builder and that`s why you have it duplicated. So you can decide how you want to show Content (if you prefer use “Content” item within Content Builder then please turn off Content in Page options).

About sidebars we explained everything in your other comment.

We hope our answear will be helpful for you :)

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Please explain how to customize the “sidebar’s widgets”. In the widget’s area, it only has footers. This is a deal braker and I’ve already spent time customizing this theme. I’ve looked on your forum, which the “search” doesn’t bring much up; actually there is a post on the page before signing in, yet when I signin, I can’t find it. When I change the dimensions in the logo for the header, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Also, you say to goto FAQ on themeforest, is this that place?

Why are you so mean to your paying customers? It seems there is a language barrier, yet you are very aggressive. Had I seen these comments I wouldn’t have purchased the theme, despite how much I really like it. Try to be kinder, there are many people that see this. You might even increase your conversion rate.

Please help, I really want this theme to work for my clients and maybe purchase more for others.

Take easy man, we really don`t know what you mean saying that we are mean and aggresive. We just want to tell that we are not and we don`t know why think like that. We are helping all our customers and we are going to explain you everything below.

At first we would like to explain how the sidebars works. All you need to do is create your sidebar in section that we described in doc included into package (page 29 – section 4.1.2). Then you need go to Appearance > Widgets section and already created sidebars will be waiting for you. After that while create/edit page in section Page options you can choose right sidebar for page. Trust us – it can`t be done easier.

We hope our answear will be helpful for you. And please remember that we are not mean for anyone and we try to help everyone the best as we can (we really don`t know why you think we are aggresive – we try to be as friendly as we can for everyone) :)

Hi Thanks for great theme. I would like to have a website in 2 different languages. One in blue and other other language in red. Do you know how I can do this? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Sorry dude but it`s not possible. We`ll think about it in the future but at this moment we don`t have any option like this one.

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Hey again,

I am loving this theme! I just have one more question.

I am trying to upload a PDF doc as you can see here but it just appears as weird code when I click on the link. Is there a way to fix this?



Thanks a lot man :)

We see what`s going on. Please follow this paste and it should help you with your problem.

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I made the change, which you can see here

but I am still getting that weird code when I upload pdf docs

You didn`t done this change. Please open this file and have a look that nothing has been changed.

Also on the screen that you attached with the change, is info in background (Transfer incomplete) so you probably did something wrong.

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Hi, I would like to create on the home page few latest posts, but not on the sidebar. If the possible? How can I do this? Thanks

We`ll try to do it with next update (we didn`t realized that so many people need this option in content). However if you really need this option now, you can use this plugin – some of our customers using it and we noticed, it works fine without any problems.

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Hi I have a problem with When i click on the pindol theme options , a blank page appears. Whats should I do? Thanks

Please send us access to your admin panel on pm because we don`t know what can be the problem. Maybe the problems is with one of your installed plugins, maybe some files are incomplete or … We need to have a look on it. You can send us pm using contact form in right bottom corner on our profile’s page

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Hello guys, awesome product and definitvely a really good slide module. Great job! I am in Switzerland and I am looking into building a 4 langages website using Pindol. Could you advise me an extension? So I could get a menu with fr/eng/de/it ? Thank’s in advance!

With this theme you have Revolution Slider included. It means that you can create as many sliders as you want (each can be in different language) and for each page you can select right slider. So if you are creating page in english for example, then you can choose slider created in english language, if you create page in spain, then you can select slider created in spain. We hope this solution will be helpful.

Parfait merci beaucoup! C’est vraiment super d’avoir un support aussi efficace! Keep up the good work man!

We need to use translator for first part of comment :) However thanks a lot for kindly words dude.

Hi there,

I’m used to work with SEO Yoast and I would be annoying to have any compatibility probleme. I read you’ll fix the double display in a future update, but Do you know when this update will appear ? Tks

Update will be ready soon but we don`t know when exactly. SEO Yoast works fine, just one little thing should be changed in code and after purchase we can do it for you without any problems if you don`t know how. It will take just few seconds.

@sangwh Multiple Websites Different Colors.

-if you want to setup site in different color scheme same home page. what you can do is setup wordpress for multisite and adjust the theme names, ex. theme1, theme2 and so on, the name don’t matter what you want to call it as long as you differentiate it to an network site. once you get multisite setup in wordpress should be easy for you to set multiple themes on your site.


I’ve just purchased this theme and I’m having problems.

I’m currently running uDesign (1.6) at

Basically I can’t activate the theme. If I do the site disappears, if I do Live Preview I simply get a page unavailable error message.

Do you have any thoughts?

I’m thinking the homepage sliders may be causing the conflict. Any thoughts? I’m a bit reluctant to delete all the sliders just in case it isn’t them.

Many thanks,


Did you already solved the problem? Because as we see theme is activated on your site.

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One final question.

Is this compatible with woo commerce? I have installed it and no matter when I change the template widths, they dont actually change and a little message appears down the bottom on every woocommerce related page:

Any ideas how to get rid of that message down the bottom about widgets?

This theme is not WooCommerce ready but we have other great theme which is WooCommerce ready – Bretheon.

However if you really want to change it yourself, you can send us pm and we`ll send you few files from Bretheon and you can have a look on them to know how to do it.

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HI, please is it possible to edit or remove theme copy right with regular licence

Yes, of course. It`s possible to do it in footer.php file.

Hi there,

Shorts question, what the shortcode for slider portfolio on frontage.

Thanks in advance


If you want to get slider images on frontpage, you can only do it with Revolution Slider. There is no other way to get portfolio slider on frontpage.

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Bad news. I’ve installed your theme, installed your xml file. – Got a lot of things not working. 1) All fonts are TimesNewRoman. – I’ve tried to change this via admin – but no luck. I’ve set it to PT Sans but there is still Times.. 2) Footer is messed – not like on your demo site.

Please send us url to your page. If you don`t want to send it public, then send us pm with more details because we need to have a look. Maybe something is wrong with css files but we need to have a look on it.

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