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one more question please: with regards to the blog….are you able to reduce the size of the images next to the posts….maybe look like something on this page:

I want a small thumb nail (1 inch x 1 inch) to the left of the content


You need to do it yourself. Sorry but we don`t offer theme customization like this one.

I got it….I know you don’t customize; I just want to make sure that I can make the changes that I want; I appreciate your time and feedback

This is just code so you can customize everything what you want. All you need is little knowledge with php/css/html. Everything depends from what exactly you need to do – so basically everything depends on you.


Any way to turn mobile version off? Any manual hacks to temporarily disable it? Mobile doesn’t work so well for me. I’m using the dolphin browser on alaxy s3. The slider doesn’t resize to fit browser, just gets cut off in half. The tables also show badly and just get cut off instead of resizing.

ok let me double check. I have caching enabled.

thanks, it worked. It was my wordpress caching that held it back.

Great :) Cache sometimes can make a problem so we are glad you sorted it.

Hey again, sorry I didn’t add a link last time. Using the Wordpress Gallery function, the gallery shows fine, but when clicked, the lightbox does not show and the theme sort of bugs out. I’ve e-mailed login info.


Can you explain what exactly doesn`t work? We already logged in with the details that you send us on pm and everything works fine (images are very large so you need to wait to open them – each of your image have 3mb).

Hey again, just verified using another system and its working fine, must just be an issue with my browser. Sorry about that, thanks for the quick response!

Probably the problem was with the browser. However we are glad, everything works fine now.

hi there ! how about the RTL in this Theme ? it will switch automatically if i’ll install it on RTL langue wordpress ? dose it support Rtl?

Check this screen and you will see how the theme looks in RTL. We can make the header for you (sort logo, phone, social icons), but if you see any issues in content, you need to do them yourself.

Hey, just bought this and installed – great theme. Having a problem with the custom theme settings though. None of my changes are saving. Can you help?

Thanks very much.

Of course we`ll help you. You can send us pm with details to your server or you can do it yourself – decision belongs to you. More info about that you can find on our support forum

For future support please visit:

Support forum

I’d like to buy this theme but before I do, I have a question: Is there any possible plugin or planned feature to implement reviews for products in this theme? I mean a review system, where you can choose between star or percent rating. Like on

I’d like to have this option within this theme and be able to modify each color of the rating system.

Is it possible?

Sorry but at this moment we don`t have any plans to do this option. Of course if will get more questions about it from other users, then we can think about it.

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know any alternatives? I’m trying to find a plugin but it seems there’s no one. :(

Sorry but we don`t have tested any so we don`t know. But we found some of them in Google and below you have some examples:

Try to look for something what will be great for your needs. Maybe this link to Google will be helpful for you

Perfect & Clean theme, admins are very helpful. Thanks!

Many thanks dude :)

Hi, great theme i love it!!

One question, is there a way to hide the breadcrumbs on certain pages without using a slider? thanks. :)

Thanks a lot man :)

Of course it`s possible. Please just paste below code in Theme options panel > Layout > Custom CSS section:

#Subheader ul.breadcrumbs { display: none; }

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Support forum


Is it possible to have text appear in the lightbox?


Theme have built-in fancybox into theme and whole info about that you can find on

The first example from this page shows what you need (text in fancybox). We hope this link will be helpful for you and will explain how to use it.

For future support please visit:

Support forum


How can i format the ol and ul without using any class? I want that

    be formated as the
    without using a class.

    Because the WYSIWYG editor fo wordpress create ul and ol without class.

    I’ve try it to put in the costum css the following code: #content ul li{ list-style-type: disc; }

    content ol li{

    list-style-type: decimal; }

    But it didn’t worked.


You can do it by paste below code into Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section:

#Content .content ul { list-style: disc outside none; }<br />
#Content .content ul li { margin-left: 25px; }<br />
#Content .content ol { list-style: decimal outside none; margin-left: 30px; }<br />
#Content .content ol li { margin-left: 0; }

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Support forum

Thanks it works fine. By the way, there’s no need to use the br tag.

Ohh, forgot it`s pre tag :) Thanks for the info anyway.

is there a way to use the style within wp ul tab plugin – it keeps overiding with the theme layout?....

hi – yep i have done that but the image doesnt go the full width – only two thirds across the tab space? – soory to ask so many Q’s!

sorry – also does the lightbox function work in tabs

Please send us all details to your admin panel on pm and we`ll help you. We`ll check this img you did and we`ll check fancybox as well (fancybox should works also).

How do you add an extra line in standard WP content box?

[row] shortcode and “& nbsp ;” don’t seem to be working for me. Neither does ( < “br” / > )

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Please send us access to your admin panel on pm and we`ll check it asap.

Hi, this is a great theme and want to purchase but I have a few quick questions.

1st – Some themes showcase “styled tables” in their showcases but there is no in Pindol. How can one add styled tables? If TinyMCE is used, would the tables look good? Is there an example that you can show how tables in Pindol seem like?

2nd – Can I disable content backgrounds and use only CSS colour (ie white) as content background?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot dude for your interest. Below you have all answears for all your questions:

1) At this moment we don`t have any styled tables for this theme. But if you really need them, we can do it with update which should be ready this week.

2) Of course you can disable backgrounds and use just CSS colour (any color you want).

Hi again,

Thanks for your reply. I have purchased this great theme and I would appreciate if you add some styled tables (doesn’t need to look fancy) that would look clean and I will download the updated version this week.

Many thanks and regards.

Thanks a lot dude :) As we said we`ll do it this week.

Hi! Im also having problems with the gallery, I’m using the wordpress gallery method which works fine but when I click on the image the lightbox is also broken.

It opens the image inside the light box attachment view. See here –

So you can see the website in the background and the light box actually loads up the website a second time and then the image side of it?

Not sure why as the gallery settings have been set to media and not attachment. This happens in Chrome / IE / Firefox

Probably you created gallery in wrong way. Please read this doc about how to create gallery in wp. This is default function for each wordpress.

This loading sign is showing and doesn`t want to open image because you probably didn`t choose right value for “Link to” option while creating gallery. You should to choose Media file instead of Attachment page. This options you can see on this image

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Support forum

All the images are set to MEDIA not ATTACHMENT page so that problem is not that. I followed along the steps and the problem is still happening?

I’ve seen other people in this comment section having problems as well with their galley, how were they able to get around this?

I followed the steps again but it is very basic

All we did for all this users was logged into their panel, then set this option to attachment, click save changes, and again change to media, click save changes and it worked :) If you want us to have a look on it then please send us access to your admin panel and we`ll check.

Hi there,

I’m struggling to make the header smaller when responsive. After inspecting the element I can see it’s 122px high and that it’s set in layout.css under #top_bar. But after changing this value and refreshing my cache the headers stays at high. Any ideas?

Please send us url to your page and we`ll have a look on it. Please also describe better which element exactly you need to change – the best will be if you can make a screeshot and just check on this screenshot what exactly you want to change.

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Support forum


Could you tell me how to add widget area in page builder. I would like to add widget Ad rotate with 3 ads. And when I add code in page builder and paste the code to image I can’t see those image. Could you send me the code to insert image in this code area in page builder. Image with link.

Greetings Gosia

Sorry but it`s not possible to add widgets into page builder. Widgets can be added only in sidebars and footer.

Sidebar you need to create separately in Theme options > General > Sidebars section. Then after create you need go to widgets section, and already created sidebars will be waiting for you.

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Support forum


I am looking into chaging the size of the text inside the element “Column” of the content builder. The General setting Content size is changing also the menu and part of the footer so I searched inside css\layout.css. To be able to add it in Custom CSS editor but unfortunatly I was unable to find the CSS style.

Thank in advance,


If you want to set up specific size for text inside “Column” item you can type this text inside p tag with styles. You below example and it will help you with what you need:

<p style="font-size: 36px;">Your own text</p>

Of course instead of 36px you can set up your own size.

For future support please visit:

Support forum

Thanks a lot! That work pretty well!

You’re welcome :)

hi sir,

i would like to check, is it possible for me to use column inside tabs? i try to use column but it seems like it bring the second column to be below the first column. please advise.

thanks. karimie

Ok, we’re glad you did it but please remember that after this change, columns outside tabs can look bad and that`s why we didn`t recommend this change. However if in your opinion in works fine, then we are really glad :)

thanks for your help and understand about that. the changes is very small, so it does not affect much. btw, i really love your theme. it’s easy to use and understand. looking forward to buy another themes from you guys for next project. is there any other enhancement on the shortcode for your future release theme? coz i can see that shortcode that you have is almost the same on all of your theme. :) but to be frank..its nice.

Of course we are working on new theme and should be ready soon – we`ll attach some new shortcodes like recent posts, clients, etc… So follow us on TF and you`ll see what`s new will be available in our new theme :) Also if you have any recommendations about what else shortcodes would you like to see in new theme, then send them us and we`ll think.

However many thanks for your words about our job. Really appreciate that.

There’s a bug with the pagination. If you go to an archive page, the pagination just keeps going and doesn’t truncate or shorten to a set number of pages. This causes the “Next” link to overlay the page links and it messes up the display.

Have you checked in Theme options > Getting started > Blog section? At the end of this section, you have option called “All pages in pagination”. Just turn it off. This is exactly what are you looking for so we hope your bug is solved now :)

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Support forum

Hi there, I thought I left a comment earlier but my comment seem to be disappear. My question was: Can I save the page that I created as a template and used it in future?

Sorry but it`s not possible to save just one page template. But you can export whole content, posts, pages, clients or portfolio. It can be done in Tools > Export section in WP. All we can suggest is for example create one page (or as many as you need) at first and then export them from your wp. After that you can import all exported things into new theme.

We hope this explanation will help you with what you need :)