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I was trying to get the Wordpress version on your website, but it wont let me subscribe. The payment got canceled, I dont know why!!! Any other way I can get it?

Im definitely having problems buying the theme on your website via paypal!

Hello, can you please send an email over at vmasto at cssigniter dot com and we’ll figure this out.

Suggestion, perhaps you could have the header with the search bar fixed when scrolling.

Thanks! If you need to do this let me know, it’s quite easy.

hi I have purchased your theme pinfinity and i am trying to upload it to wordpress and it keeps saying that it cannot do it? Please help!!!!

Hi how do I get a refund? Very misleading website makes it seem like this is a Wordpress theme when it isn’t? Is the Wordpress theme available from this site or not? Can’t find it anywhere

Hello! Apologies if you thought this was a WP theme. The WP version is only sold via our website. Since we don’t have control over refunds through Themeforest you must request one directly from themeforest!

hi i like so much your plugin but i ask if you there is a plugin that works with your template and if it supports membership and people can post just like pinterest.. thank you so much

Hi excuse me for my english. I wanted to ask if it is compatible with the bootstrap because I have some problems with bootstrap.css

Hello, no Pinfinity isn’t compatible with bootstrap, it was built on a custom grid.

Hello. Since this is a custom grid I’d like to add a side bar (left) so where would I look for documentation for this in the theme (just downloaded—and may be obvious so I apologize)

OK. I’ve noticed that there is a 1 second delay before JS centers the grid layout. Have you been able to fix this to be auto centered on load? Happens in all my browsers (Mac OS X 10.9 – Chrome, Safari, Firefox).

One other question: do you have a post form to add content? I can’t seem to find it.

Hello, the 1 second delay (it’s less than that but depends on the system) is unavoidable I’m afraid because the grid layout needs to be controlled by javascript. About the Post form to add content no, that’s content management system territory, it should be handled by the backend. But I guess you could take the page template and add a simple form there and there you have it?

Is there a simple way to swap the intro from left to right? BTW, good job on the JS and the css. IT’s easily modifiable (building this into a custom CMS, and was referring to entry form design not page). feel free to email me answers at joseffb a/t me cut c0m

Shooottt.. I though it was a WP theme.. it a template huhuhuh..where can I get installation help

We could discount the price of the HTML you paid on the WP theme most probably.

Well, as much as I love the theme but I think I’ll let it go for now. Is there a way for a money-back? Even if it is not 100%? 80% will do.

Hi again, yes you can get a full refund but you need to contact Themeforest (Envato) for a refund, unfortunately authors do not have refund rights in the marketplace.


I also bought this template thinking I was buying the theme! this is indeed very misleading. How can I get the theme?


well, after reading about the subject I now understand that a theme and a template are different things, but I wasn’t aware of that when I bought it, hence the reason I call it “misleading”. I thought they were the same thing, and I wasn’t the only one, as it can be seen by this forum. Call me a wordpress noob! I’ve sent a mail earlier today to that address. Not sure if it is you checking this mail nor not, but I would really like to have a solution for this, and a discount on the theme would be fair, I believe..


We’ll try sort this out, it’s Sunday this is why you haven’t gotten a reply yet, I’m not the one replying this is why. Thanks for your patience.

No worries. I can wait until tomorrow. Thanks

Where can I change the column resizing? so it can fit the items on two columns on mobile devices like Samsung S4 which have full HD resolution. Currently it displays everything on one column on mobile devices.

Thanks, it works, but the share buttons on each items are messed up…:( Why don’t you modify this theme to use bootstrap, and add a few features and make it as a new theme, I would buy it again and probably more users :) ....this is still the best HTML theme of this kind .

Hey, if you can send me an email at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com with a live version of your website I’ll take a look if there’s something we can do about the social icons.

About revamping Pinfinity, it’s not out of the question, we have prioritized doing this in some of our non-responsive themes, but a Pinfinity v2.0 could be a possibility by this summer.

I have send you an email.

Can ads be placed in the wordpress theme, I understand that this is not the wordpress theme but the HTML version. Pinterest actually places their ads among their post, is this possible. Also does theme support mentions and hashtags. I don’t see any categories, are there any?

Hello, and happy holidays!

The WordPress theme (available on our website) supports endless categories, as WordPress does. It doesn’t support hashtags and mentions, and in order to use ads with it you have to install and configure an ad management WordPress plugin (like google ads etc), this will allow you to place ads in your content or in widgets (we have a special widget just for that which repeats every X posts).

Hi, I downloaded the zip but there is not html folder in it? help..

Hello there. Sorry for this delay. Have you managed to figure this out? Did you try redownloading the zip file? What are its contents?

hi thank you,

but wouldn’t it be easier if you simply tell me the name of the folder which contains the html copy to copy&paste to tumblr? even after one month.

Out of all the folders and links I cant seem to find the correct one neither there is a folder called “html”

Hello! Thanks for bringing this to our attention, unfortunately there was a packaging issue it seems.

The template is located at the root of the extracted folder.

Only the folders “_instructions” and “PSD” do not belong to the template.

hi what is the font name Pinfinity logo

Hello. It is the “Mission Script” font.

Is it possible to make this theme only a available by username and password?

For internal Use in a company.


Hello, this is a static HTML template so you’d have to implement it yourself.

What you want is indeed possible but with the WordPress version which is only available at our website, http://www.cssigniter.com/ignite/themes/pinfinity

Hi I bought this template. Can you uplaod it??

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean? What is the problem exactly?

Do you have a manual where I can find the process of uplading the theme? Step by step. For dummies?

This is not a WordPress theme, this is a static HTML template, the theme is only available on our website. If you can send me an email vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com we can sort this out.


meywala Purchased

Alright Look like I joined to the group of people who ordered this item as a wordpress theme Is this a lot to ask for a refund so I can buy the theme on your website?

Hello, if you can send me an email at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com I’ll send you a coupon that discounts the HTML price, unfortunately we can’t issue refunds on Themeforest and you’d have to go through Envato

The infinite scroll is not working on Safari. The HTML is getting loaded by not getting displayed. All of the new entries are display: none; Can you please help?

Hello! Can you send me an email at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com with your website’s URL so I can investigate please?

It’s not a template it’s just a theme in html, how do I do now? if possible I would like to be reimbursed. Thank you

Did you have a plan to created a product or shopping page format to this template for a new version? I’m so interesting in this point so far before deciding to purchased. Thank you.

Hello, I’m afraid there are currently no plans to adding this kind of functionality on Pinfinity, although with a bit of rearranging fields etc it shouldn’t be very difficult to add a price and an add to cart button in the single article template and transform it to a product page.

In any case I’m sorry to disappoint!


chista7 Purchased

Hi, When open HOME PAGE it jumps to left side then jump to center, i need it load at the center of the browser, i need the true version of it, THX


chista7 Purchased

there are another problem also, pages “content1.html” “content2.html”, “format-text-alt.html” has really bad view, ther are completly in the left side of browser, I need true version of it also, THX

Hello! Could you please send me an email at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] to continue the conversation over email. Do you have a live URL of your website so that I can see the issue?