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Hello there, really like the theme! Before I purchase I would like to ask if is it possible to make a change in the posts. I would like to remove to “comment” button and add a “share” and ” check it out” button, do you think is it possible? Additionally, when scrolling is it possible to add the the head menu with the search? Last one :) Adding a share option for the whole site in the side of the site, under the changing colors option.

Thank you very much :)

Hello there!

This is an HTML template not a WordPress theme. If you are looking for a WordPress theme version of Pinfinity there is one available for sale on our site here https://www.cssigniter.com/ The modifications you are looking to make are possible via some template editing and plugin usage, if you choose to get the WordPress version, our support staff can help you achieve the results desired.

Thank you!


dubq Purchased

Just purchased and uploaded the dummy site. The infinite scroll does not work and also the “im” issue is still persistent.

The .ias_loader { display: none !important; } code is in the styles.css file as well, so it’s still happening with that. Any fixes for these?


Hello, can you please send an email directly at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com for troubleshooting and fixes. Thanks a lot in advance!