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The 80×80 thumbnail looks interesting, but there are nothing else that works to preview the template.


Preview isn’t working.

Thank you both for warning. It seems that the problem was the width in the preview images. I have upload the correct versions now. I will notice you when they are correct visible.

There is still no preview bro …

Sorry Massix, we will have to wait until the reviewer have check it and accept it to view it correctly.

I have put a couple of these previews on my web server so while you can take a look of the theme.

http://www.vdesigner.es/01_pinkage_theme_home_pink_1024.jpg http://www.vdesigner.es/05_pinkage_theme_works_blue_1024.jpg http://www.vdesigner.es/09_pinkage_theme_blog_green_1024.jpg

Many thanks!

Now the preview images has displayed correctly.

Sorry for the waiting.

This is just PSD files, no THEME files? Where’s the theme? I just purchased but I only got PSD files… What theme is this based on?

Sorry aldun1 but Pinkage it’s only a design created to become a theme. In ThemeForest there are few categories and Pinkage is located into PSD Templates.

On the Item Details you can see that the file is composed of 5 psd files with a txt.

In a time if we see that the theme likes we will create the theme in html.

Meanwhile you can use this free html template as a reference to adapt Pinkage theme.

I hope this really helps you.