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templaza does not currently provide support for this item.

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I didn’t find JFBConnect extension module, help me please

i want to free jfbconnect, how can i find it?

you must write note your template details. your template has not got jfbconnect. i haven’t got any money for jfbconnect, ? think your template has got jfbconnect.

I did it in Item Details.

hello, i want to give auto permission users’s pin, how can i do it

Pin your success, but you have to wait for approval from the administrator!

You can configure in back-end. Go to administrator > TZ Pinboard > Option > TZ Pins > Moderator Approve Pins > Choose “Show” or “Hide”.

i want to add my web site but no find image.

Please send me your link and pin website. I am going to help you check it.


May you send an admin login via support@templaza.com ?


is there any revenue model for this template?example sponsered pins

It familiar to a Community site. Example a group photographers who want to pin their products on a wall.

Can you please help me to install your theme. I have send admin details to your email.

Please follow your email. Thanks for choose TemPlaza!

I bought the theme , but there is no support.:(

Hi please tell me your problem.

can you update your theme to match with latest version of joomla, since we have problems if we update it direct from control panel. some database tables will be lost.

Please send me an admin login via support@templaza.com I am going to help you check your system.

Thanks, Sonny

Could I let member upload their portfolio including picture and text instead of only pin image from other website?

Tom Tong

Members can upload image from their device using upload feature.

Thanks, Sonny

I have having problem with Adding new item. When I add a new item there is no board to select through the drop down menu. So when I save I get the your empty board message. I looked at the backend and there appears to be some boards already created. However, it does not show on the front page and I cannot even add new boards as a registered user. Please help.

Dear Friend! All available boards in admin are other user’s boards If you want to add new item, you can create board in front-end. And you can find place where you can create board is “Add +” button in the top-right of site. Thanks

hi, I am thinking to buy your theme but i need profile pictures and names under the pictures like pinterest and i will use instagram log in is it possible to combine with your site?


You can display profile pictures and name under the picture. However, now Pinme does not support login with instagram.

Thanks & Regard,

Hi, is there a free evaluation version of this PinMe so that I can download and play around with it before purchasing it?


Free version is not available. But you can try with TZ Pinboard before purchase Pinme. Let check http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/ads-a-affiliates/classified-ads/23825

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi Sonny, so Pinme is an extension of the TZ Pinboard? If so, what are the differences between Pinme and TZ Pinboard? Do both Pinme and TZ Pinboard contains feature like managing user accounts who did sign up the resulting website using the either Pinme/TZ Pinboard? thanks a lot!!!!!


TZ Pinboard is an extension of Pinme. Pinme is a template. TZ Pinboard is an extension. It’s the difference.

Sure, Pinme inherits all feature from TZ Pinboard. You should install both of them to your Joomla website.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi, I cannot run the Joomla after upload all the quickstart files. Can you help me to do this configuration.

Hello Cgman 18! Thanks for your reply We replied you via email Please check your email again I took information from email that you sent us and we are checking for you When we finish, we will reply via your email

Thanks for your email Cgman18!

Hi Phuong

Please help to check again and re-connect the SQL database because most of the functions cannot work in right progress.

Thanks! :( cgman18

Hi Cgman18! Sorry for late reply and thanks for contacting with us I am checking for your problem Pls wait for me When i finish, i will reply via your email

Thanks and Best Regards!

I want to buy this site but can i use demo control/Admin panel

Dear Rex4u!

Thanks for your attention!

You can see demo in front end

About demo in Admin Panel to access back end, we cannot give you to use

Hope you understand :)

Thanks and Best Regards!

Hi, I bought your template but I cant understand how to make work sitemap for pinboard component, the item links are not showing so google dont index them. Is there plugin for xmap or another solution for joomla? Regards


Thanks for purchasing our template. About your question: Currently, we havent had plugin for the site map.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Can it be possible add buying plugins this template?


Thanks for your interest. If you want to purchase it, please purchase it Themeforest or In Our site.



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hi. user page i can’t find follow user button and user photo


Thanks for contacting us. We’re sorry that TemPlaza does not currently provide support for this item.

Thanks, Mai

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this a manager user page http://joomla.templaza.net/pinme/index.php/manager-user/manageruser/1001-arat

where is his name his profile photo following button


Thanks for contacting us. We’re sorry that TemPlaza does not currently provide support for this item. Therefore please support it yourself.

Thanks, Mai

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can i add adsense code to pin me template pages


Thanks for your interest in our product.

We’re sorry that TemPlaza does not currently provide support for this item. Therefore if you want to use it, it should be supported yourself.

Thanks, Mai

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demo site is not working.

Not Found The requested URL /pinme/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.