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perfect! how does wpml intergrate?

Thanks for the kind words :)

WPML Integration is seamless. Just install the plugin, and you can then translate the theme through the plugin. We’ve included a config file that allows you to provide translations for the text/page options in the Theme Options panel.

Hope that helps!

- Ed

Thanks Luke!

- Ed

What a show. Great work. Any plans to add AJAX to the portfolios? that would make it King.


Thanks Ed. Did you get my email? Please let me know if you did not.

Yes, thanks. Just about to reply now :)

- Ed

Nice theme, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you very much :)

- Ed

Can the layout be changed to full Boxed? Like with padding on the top and bottom without messing up the responsive design?

So you’d like space above the header and space below the footer?

Log a support ticket at http://support.swiftpsd.com and we’ll happily assist you :)

- Ed

Thank you.

Wondering if we can add html elements to an gallery? What I mean is I will have images that need to have descriptions, so if I could have an image with maybe the tab element underneath it so the user can get the info, is this possible?

Also does this theme have widgets? I am looking for a scroller of other images. Example: I have a site that has images of cars, so under the category Porsche, I would have an image of a Porsche, then a tabbed element with all the info then a slider that shows other cars under the same category.

Maybe I can’t find it.. too many options :)

Also do you plan on adding a Google+ for images? you have facething and twit thing..

Thanks Ed, the more i go through it the more i find things that i could benefit from. And your example with the portfolio carousel is what I am talking about.

I do notice that under some of the images you have the following: Client: Dr4w Date: October 15, 2012 Tags: Visualisations

Is this also removable/editable?

Lastly it is possible to not have the navigation follow you down the page.

Great :)

The client text / date / tags are all pulled from the item page, which you have control over. If you’d like to hide any of this, we’ll happily provide you with the CSS to do so.

- Ed

you got me :)

Holy sh*t!! Pure awesomeness! Bookmarked for the next project. Good luck with sales ;-)

Haha glad you like it, thanks! :)

- Ed

Best video promo ever!

Thank you! It took an incredible amount of work and patience, but we’re really happy with how it turned out :)

- Ed

Nice work. Congrats ;)

Cheers! :)

- Ed

hi and congrats for the great work !

if only it would be hi res/retina ready… any chances to make it in an update? it would be so much gorgeous :-)

also check letter spacing… eg. in http://themes.swiftpsd.com/pinpoint/page-builder-elements/ some characters are too close to each other

cheers, tasos

Thanks dude!

It’s actually pretty much 90% retina-ready already, you can upload a hi-res logo, all icons are FontAwesome etc. We’re definitely going to make this officially hi-res in an update soon though!

I can’t see any issues on that page from my end, could you tell me what browser you’re using please? Thanks.

- Ed

i am using chrome 24 beta on windows 7… the arvo google font file shows extra chars (as if font is corrupted) and in any case is not displayed smoothly in (my) chrome… (but displays better in ie9 & firefox) :-)

Hmm ok, it’s likely to be an issue with the browser as its beta. I’ll look into it when I get a chance though, thanks for pointing it out.

- Ed

Great work ! :)

Good luck with sales.

Cheers Bedros :)

- Ed

This is truly AMAZING work! Cheers!

Thank you! :)

- Ed

Incredible theme guys! Good luck with sales!

- Jack

Cheers mate! :)

- Ed

Wow, what a theme! Will definitely purchase. Love the promo video.. that’s how you present a theme ;)

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!

- Ed

Bookmarked. I’m testing the theme on my iPad 3: in portrait mode, the main slider is mashed vertically. The video in the slider seems to be buggy: when the slider shows it, the sub menus links stop to work and the third level sub menus don’t appear.

Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll check what’s going on with the height issue, and also look into trying to replicate the menu issue you’re having. Appreciate the feedback!

- Ed

You’re welcome. And a question now: can I customize the height for the sliders (layered and flex)?

Layered slider yes, but not currently for the flexslider. We’re going to add in the WooSlider plugin as standard in the v1.1 update, which we hope to release in the next few days.

- Ed

Great THEME!

And great PROMO Video Also…


Thanks, glad you like it :)

- Ed

Helo, I have question. Looking ad Non-profit demo vs the main one, I can replace entire header with 1 image or overlay social icons, or text on header. Can this be done easily? Thanks

You should be able to set one up without any issues, but if you have any problems then we’ll be happy to help you resolve them so that we can include one as standard in an update :)

- Ed

Alright, I personally prefer to keep customization safely under child theme. I think I’ll put my faith to Pinpoint anytime soon :)

That’s completely understandable.

Great! Give us a shout when you do if you need us :)

- Ed

more questions please :

1. can blog posts featured images get resized/cropped in (same) height to get nice alignment and…

2. ...show them in more than one columns in standard blog template/module ?

3. can blog & portfolio posts create automatically their featured thumb (when are video posts) or we need to seperatelly specify a featured image ?

4. can we show a set of selected posts/portfolios/pages in a slider/carousel ?


1 – This can be changed with a simple code change, happy to provide that for you.

2 – Unfortunately not, only the masonry blog offers columns.

3 – You would need to specify an image, or you can use the video embed as the thumbnail.

4 – You can set the portfolio carousel asset to show a certain category. We’ll look at adding a posts and pages carousel in v1.1


- Ed

Hi Nice theme. Do you know if woocommerce should work OK?

Should work perfectly, if you have any issues with it though we’d be happy to resolve them so that we can make it 100% compatible.

- Ed

Wow, another template with my Visual Composer :) GLWS!

It provided a great base for where we wanted to take it, and we’re really happy with it now. Thanks!

- Ed