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Hello—Is there a way to change the sort order of portfolio items (alphabetically, date created, etc…)


Hi there,

You would need to change the code in /includes/page-builder/composer/lib/shortcodes/portfolio.php. You can find details of WP_Query here – http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query

- Ed

1.If I upload the big images,will the images automaticly resize perfectly on single post? or Do I have to resize images manually one by one?

2. what about crop and resize the thumbnail? some of themes wordpress crop the thumbnail ugly, mostly if I have picture girls,men,human being,they always got cropped to thumbnail with NO HEAD? what aboout your theme?

1. All resizing is done automatically by the image script within the theme, all you have to do is upload the image one.

2. This is default WordPress functionality. You could use a plugin such as this – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/thumbnail-crop-position/ to change that :)

- Ed

Hi, do you have a full tutorial for pinpoint ? also when i go to colour customiser, and change the colours of lets say the Nav background colour and then push save. the colours don’t change grrrrrrrr why?

The possibility for such a tutorial really isn’t viable – the “finished” website that you will get with using Pinpoint can be whatever you want it to be, and unique.

Please read through the documentation to learn about the specific parts of the theme, and install the demo content if you need a helping hand with examples of pages you can create.

- Ed

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

this is what happens when I try to install demo

You will need to contact your host to increase your php memory upload limits.

- Ed

Hey Swift,

Is there any chance of getting the AI for that video? Maybe for an addition fee or something. I’ve already bought the theme and it works great, love the video though, I’d like to customize it for a local services promo.

Hi there,

Unfortunately not. We put over 2 weeks worth of work into, and it’s not something we can really put a price on, nor would we want to distribute it. It’s also quite a large project, and requires quite a few premium plugins.

Thanks for your interest though :)

- Ed

Is there any easy way to maybe center the menu? Maybe this can be an option for the Header section?

Also for testimonials, is there a way to make the “cite” like this:

username something address

Use multilines, instead of all on one line?

Hi there,

I can provide some css for this, but it would require losing the aux controls on the right.

For the testimonials, try adding:

in the cite box, to add a line break.

- Ed

Thanks for the reply. I don’t mind loosing it. I will put a ticket in the forum for this.

Ok, will provide the css there :)

- Ed

I am having trouble with the link roll over color. When I select a link on a page, it goes white. How can I change this? I have looked everywhere

Add the following to the custom css box within Pinpoint Options:

a:hover {
color: #222;

- Ed

Hi Ed. I tried this and it didn’t work. Links still show up white.

Can you log a support ticket with a link to your site please? http://support.swiftpsd.com

- Ed

I didn’t want to go through all the posts, but is there an easy way to hide/remove the breadcrumb? Maybe you can add that as a toggle in your admin panel?

Or if there is a way to put it somewhere else? Or having as a page element in the page builder…

Open up header.php, search for:


and replace each instance with:


Hope that helps :)

- Ed

Thanks, and last question of the night. I have a background image, but it stops at the very bottom of the table. I want it to be the full screen regardless of where the bottom of the table/page is. I removed the footer as I don’t need it, so unless I have enough content to push the background image down, I am left with no background image on half of the page. Does this make sense? I know in other wordpress background settings I am able to have the background image as a fixed item, or scroll, etc.. I don’t have any of those options.

Hope this makes sense..

My advice for this would be to simply add a blank spacer to increase the height of the page content, seeing as it will only occur on certain pages where you dont have much content.

- Ed

hi, how do i get the ICONS to show?

do i need to upload one of the sample layouts?


What I was saying is that because your files are loading from an IP address, and not 24-7-logistica.com, then that’s why you’re getting the issues. Change the URLS in Settings > General to match your URL, that should fix it.

- Ed

Cheers ED, you were correct – without that advice i would have been stuck. There was a DNS issue when i 1st set things up so that explains it. Appreciate this wasn’t caused by your theme. THANKS!

No worries :)

- Ed

Hi Ed,

A short while back I messaged you regarding pinpoint and multisite, well it works perfectly :) There is one issue with the revolution slider, when enabled it removes the widget sidebar from the widgets pages for all network sites apart from the first. When disabled those come back. Now this problem seems to be fixed in the latest update for revolution slider. Is this something you can provide as it came with the theme?



Great! :)

Sure, send me an email or log a ticket and I’ll happily send you over the latest version.

- Ed

Hi Ed, I sent you a mail this morning. Thanks


Sorry Ryan, I remember seeing it but must have got sidetracked. Sending now.

- Ed

Hey mate loving the theme so far to work with, we have an issue tho when adding posts.

If we set the thumbnail image in meta first and save it saves fine…but if any other settings for example Sidebar settings are set and saved. Then the thumbnail upload never keeps after saving the article and we cannot add a thumbnail or change a thunmnail from an article.

Glad you’re enjoying it :)

Hmm.. Thanks for letting me know the steps that the issue occurs for you with. We’re currently improving our meta options to take advantage of the latest media uploader, and also making gallery/sliders easier to manage. We’ll get this into the v1.4 update which is due next week :)

- Ed

Hello I have purchased this theme couple of weeks ago. And now going to use it, installed it on localhost, working fine on all browsers, but doesn’t working in CHROME. Why? It gets crashed when i open the website in any of Google Chrome (I have right now 7 PC’s & 1 laptop) tested on each of the Device’s Google Chrome, and when i open the website, even the LIVE PREVIEW, it gets crashed. Please help. Thank You

Sounds like an issue with your Chrome, as we’re looking at it right now, and haven’t heard from anyone else having an issue.

Can you try quitting Chrome / clearing your cache / re-installing / updating?

- Ed

That’s what i think that there may be some issue with Google Chrome of my pc, so to confirm this i checked in 7 pc’s of my office and laptop. (With the Live Preview of this theme) But the same issue, It crashes Google Chrome. and working fine in Others. I have installed it now again on Localhost, and 6/10 times it crashes. No plugin was installed. Now installed the Recommended 3 plugins too. Sometimes it works fines & Sometime Crashes.

Just wondering if i start making the website in it, it should not give any problem in future. I love the theme, but kindly help me fix this issue, what problem is this?

What version of chrome are you using? I’m trying to replicate but having no luck in doing so!

I’m convinced that it’s a local issue..

- Ed

Are there any known issues with WooCommerce 2.0? I’m running PinPoint and just about to install the new version of WooCommerce – just wondered whether it had been checked for conflicts.

Many thanks.

No known issues apart from a few minor styling issues due to WooCommerce classes changing. I’ve checked locally, and there is a notice that pops up that regarding the theme not appearing to have support for it, but seems that’s an issue with the WooCommerce build and no one seems to know why it shows!

Let me know how you get on.

- Ed

Hi Ed,

Loving the theme, I am thinking of using pinpoint for an e commerce website pitch I’m doing…is there any way to add a shopping cart to the header or menu. I tried with Uber Menu, but I’m having display issues with older versions of IE {!!!!}

cheers Steve

Hi Steve,

Glad you’re enjoying it :)..

Not as standard, you’d need to add this yourself. Display issues with the uber menu? Have you checked those versions of IE are supported?

- Ed

Hi, Fantastic theme thank you! One question. How can I remove the navigation menu from specific pages? ie I wish to create a homepage that doesn’t show the menu but the menu is shown on other pages? Thanks! Angus

Now you’ve uploaded the whole download folder, whereas you only need to upload the “pinpoint” folder :)

- Ed

Ahh got it thanks. All good cheers!

You’re welcome :)

- Ed

Hi I have purchased the latest version of Pinpoint and wondered is it compatible with Woo commerce 2.0

Hi John,

Thanks for the purchase!

I have tested it and only experienced minor styling issues. There is a notice that pops up saying the theme doesn’t implement WooCommerce, but this is incorrect.

We’re fixing the styling issues in the next version.

- Ed

thanks Ed

I notice that when using wp-login that the pinpoint logo shows up, how do I go about changing that into my logo? I have a logo uploaded, seems odd that I would have to go into the code the change it. Am I missing an option somewhere?

You’re welcome :)

- Ed

Did notice that it links to wordpress.org for some reason though on the login page.

That’s standard WordPress functionality. You can change it by following – http://konstruktors.com/blog/web-design/2899-replace-login-logo-with-site-name-link/

- Ed

Oh also, I can’t for the life of me to get the aux login to redirect to my member dashboard. Would you know of a way to do that?

Also, the logout link the aux doesn’t actually logout the user.

<form action="<?php echo wp_login_url( '/redirect-link-here' ); ?>" autocomplete="off" method="post">

Try adding the redirect link within the brackets.

- Ed

It’s because of this line: <input type="hidden" name="redirect_to" value="<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>" /> in the form that the redirect plugins won’t work. It’d be awesome if that was an option on the header settings to change that :) or if its removed so that plugings will work.

Good spot, that’s not needed – will have it removed in the next update :)

- Ed

I’m trying to insert an message and for some reason its placing two code blocks before, after, and inside the warning. I am using the shortcode:

 [vc_message color="alert-block"]WHat? [/vc_message] 

Here is a screen shot : https://www.evernote.com/shard/s134/sh/b56bcb16-c37b-4a76-ab7d-9100afadbca3/119739384a40a6526bac3c47ed295ff7

Nevermind, it seems just an issue when I type it manually instead of using swiftbuilder.

Should be:

[vc_message color="alert-info"]
I am message box. click the edit button to change this text

Hope that helps.

- Ed

I have a few more quick questions.

- Is there a way to add a class to a list? - Is swift page builder ever going to get tables and such, I find myself having to build everything I want in page builder other than tables and going back to classic editor for tables because otherwise it wipes not swift builder objects and I have to start over. - How do I install just page templates not content?

Hi there,

1 – Not as such, although you could add a div around it with a class?
2 – The Swift Shortcode Generator has table options, that is available in any asset that has a WYSIWYG editor. You can embed these tables in text blocks within the page builder – no problem at all.
3 – If you need a specific template, let me know and I’ll sort out the code for it for you :)

Hope that helps.

- Ed

In the update can we please have a full width footer widget section?

There is a full width footer section when you have the layout set as full width?

- Ed