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Hi Ed! A big woooww for Pinpoint theme!! If next year i have to change theme with another Swift idea (fashions change ;) ), Will i have problems with shortcodes, etc?

Thank you

You shouldn’t have any issues. We may change things a little bit to improve it, but not majorly!

- Ed

hi, i am extremely intrerested in your theme, i am statisfy with all of your demo pages, but before buying i still have a few questions. question 1: i need to build a business site with a lot of products, i wonder if it is possible to add custom content into single portfolio page, like list, table, tabs, buttons etc…? question 2: if the size of pictures in single portfolio page could be adjusted? thank you! question 3: my site is a typical B2B style, i dont need cart shop etc, does the WooCommerce could be disabled?

WooCommerce is a plugin, correct. It’s not included within the theme, so you can choose whether to install it or not.

- Ed

does above answers also suit to theme “Flexform”? because i want to choose between this two theme.

Yes :)

- Ed

Hi! I have a problem with the settings of the blog. I need left sidebar and mini thumbnails. Setup options http://take.ms/g150t But the site shows the standard blog with big pictures and a right sidebar. See http://wpcases.com/blog/

What’s wrong?

how long to wait for updates?

You can fix now by adding the following to the custom css box within Pinpoint Options:

.category .inner-page-wrap .type-post {
float: right;

Thanks! It’s work )

Is there a way to take advantage of a ‘featured image’ on standard pages (not blog entires)?

Not as standard, you’re free to set up a single image asset within the page builder though :)

- Ed

Somehow my text input fields in widgets show up with a dark background. Is there a way to disable this or change the field background color? See example at http://www.lor2013.com/ and look in footer right column.

This is available in the colour customiser, it’s the Alt Background Colour.

- Ed

hi, i have a couple of questions…

how do i make something an H2 heading? i wasn’t able to find that option. there are multiple options to change the H2 heading font size, color, etc, but no way to make something an H2 heading in the first place.

how do i get rid of the vertical line that is automatically added right next to the page title in the browser?

i have set the main text color to be black but in reality super pale and gray. how do i change that?

It’s a new system, it will require a new login :)

- Ed

thanks. i created a new user name and password. now it’s asking me to verify my purchase, but nothing happens when i enter my license. can i email you directly?

If you entered the correct code, then you should be able to post in the forums. We’re working on fixing that redirect issue.

- Ed


I’ve purchased and downloaded the theme to use with Wordpress 3.5.1, but the theme zip file will not install properly, saying that the “stylesheet” is missing. I have been trying to upload the “pinpoint.zip” file within the larger Theme download file as instructed, but it’s still not uploading. I have also tried re-downloading the theme file again and it is still not working.

I tried opening a ticket on your support site but it will not recognize my Envato purchase code, but your page also says that it is investigating redirect issues on that page.

Please help! Thank you!

No, I wouldn’t worry about the filesize. It sounds like your server isn’t allowing your site the time to upload the file – hence the error. The theme includes the revslider plugin, hence the size.

Are you able to upload via FTP?

- Ed

Hi Ed, I’ve tried uploading the theme via FTP and it still doesn’t work. It crashed my wordpress dashboard and I had to remove it via MySQL via phpAdmin. Do you have any other advice? I’m not sure why it’s still not working :(

It must be something to do you with server setup. It crashing would likely throw up an error. Could you please turn on WP_Debug and see what errors show up?

- Ed

Hi Ed,

How do I add a StumbleUpon or Digg icon and link to the Header? What do I need to put in the Social icon shortcode config?

How do I enlarge the main Navigation Menu font, is it a particular Header type?

Thanks in advance!

They aren’t supported at the moment, but will add those to the list for the next update.

You can increase the size with the following custom css, which you can add within Pinpoint Options > General Options:

nav .menu li {
font-size: 12px;

- Ed

Brilliant thanks

Hi guys, great template!

I need some SEO help. I want to display the URL of portfolio items without the ?portfolio=

eg /?portfolio=my-cool-stuff becomes /my-cool-stuff

Also there is some big whitespace on each portfolio item above the client, date and website hyperlink – CSS fix please?

Hey there!

Have you purchased the theme? It doesn’t show your purchased badge.

All support is now carried out through our support forums. We’ve done this so that issues and changes are searchable, and to create a better community for users to help each other out.

Click here to access our support forums.

- Ed

Hi I am trying to import the demo content but having some trouble

I get this error:

Sorry, there has been an error. This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number

Any ideas how to overcome?

Make sure the file you’re trying to upload is “digital-agency_demo-content.xml”, it should be 881kb.

- Ed

OK seems like I tried to upload the wrong one. However the pics and other media files associated with the demo theme give fail to upload errors. Is there a way to get round this?

It’s likely due to your server setup. You need to try and set the following php memory values, or ask your host to do so – http://cl.ly/Mjr1

- Ed

Hi guys, is it possible to provide some guidance on css to centre buttons in a text box? Tnx

Hey there!

Have you purchased the theme? It doesn’t show your purchased badge.

All support is now carried out through our support forums. We’ve done this so that issues and changes are searchable, and to create a better community for users to help each other out.

Click here to access our support forums.

- Ed


I Can not manage the Theme.

My Error:


You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/admin.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

You Know fix This



Tks. Unfortunately, they failed to fix :(

Have you googled the error? It’s definitely not an issue with the theme. If they failed to fix it, I’d recommend you get a new host!

- Ed

Yeah.. I’ll keep trying .. tks for help

This theme looks great! Our company still uses mainly IE8 on XP :(. I noticed the drop menus on the test pages do not load properly in IE8. Are you aware of this/is this something you will fix?

Can you try removing the frame (the cross in the top right), and testing again?

- Ed

Yes, when I clicked the X on the top right removing the black bar on the top, the problem still persists. I tried resetting IE to remove any cache, but no dice.

Hmm.. I’m still unable to replicate this on my setup. Can you confirm that you don’t have compatibility mode enabled? Will try and test on a windows machine next time I can get hold of one.

- Ed


Great theme and I;m really interested in buying it.

Can you tell me if it is possible to have a homepage with an image slider only taking up 2/3 width of the page? I notice all the demo pages have a full-width slider. I would like to have a right-hand sidebar on the homepage which starts along side the homepage slider featuring latest news items etc and so would like the slider to not be taking up the full width at the top, but instead allowing space for a sidebar (1/3) along side. A but like this site layout: http://www.eastsideconsulting.co.uk/ but where the image is of course a slider.

Thank you in advance


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your interest!

Yes that is possible. That layout is easily possible :)

- Ed

Thanks for the reply.

Can you tell me if it requires coding to make these changes or if it can be achieved through the page layout/wordpress software?



Hi Ben,

It can be achieved with no coding. You just select the right sidebar as the sidebar config for the page, then you can add content as normal.

Hope that helps!

- Ed

Hello, Great theme so far. I wanted to look something up on the support forum but I keep getting pushed back to the license verification page where I add my purchase code to no avail. Can you help me get verified so I can find some information. Thanks!

Hi there,

As it says on the page – “NOTE: THIS PAGE CURRENTLY WON’T REDIRECT YOU BACK TO THE FORUMS. If no error shows when you click the submit button, then you will still be able to access and post in the forum. We hope to have this fixed soon!” :)

- Ed

Right, I understand that. The problem is that when I try to access a post it still sends me back to the verification page and won’t let me access any information.

Ahh ok, apologies. Are you sure you’re entering the right code? Send me an email and let me know your username – i’ll check your account for you.

- Ed

Need help. We’re using Pinpoint for filedier.nl. But after our migration from entopicworkshops.nl/filedier (test environment) the featured thumbnail and landing page images (masonary) of the blog section are gone. They also disappear in the back end after clicking ‘update’.

Is this a bug or an hosting provider issue? Now the blog posts are visible but without the images.

Update: we just noticed that it IS possible to show videos, but still no images.

But it works fine on your original build?.. Have you tried re-uploading the image?.. Tried re-adding a post?

- Ed

Everything. It does upload but live nothing is shown. Tried everything. And on entopicworkshops.nl/filedier it is working fine.

I would ask your host to see if they can take a look, it’s clearly a setup/config issue, and not something I’d be able to see from the frontend.

Hope that helps!

- Ed

Two questions:

1. How do I remove/uninstall/disable love-it plugin? I do not want to use it.

2. How to use the Advanced Chart Data in the Google Chart Element in Page builder?

1) Delete the following line from functions.php

include(SF_INCLUDES_PATH . '/plugins/love-it-pro/love-it-pro.php');

2) You can use the Google Chart page builder element.

- Ed


2) On the Google Chart Page Builder element there is a field called Advanced Chart Data. How to use this field? What format should I use on it? I mention this because I would like to use other Chart types as supported by the google chart function API

This is the version of the API that we currently have integrated – https://developers.google.com/chart/image/ .The advanced chart data is for any additional parameters you wish to add.

We have it on the list to update to the latest API, but it’s not on our priority list at the moment.

- Ed

Hi love the theme so far – so thanks.

However we are having an issue when trying to add content with <span /> tags in them using both the classic and Pinpoint editors in this theme. If I use only the classic editor it seems to work, but as soon as Pinpoint’s page builder gets involved the spans are either stripped or parsed oddly so that the formatting is lost.

has any one had similar issues?


Just tested this and it seems to work without issues here. Are you adding this within a Page Builder text block, through the Text tab?

- Ed

how to make the settings for adding posts by default? - left sidebar and sidebar one - image thumbnail etc

tired of every time a new set )

You can change the defaults in /includes/meta-boxes.php, just look for the setting and edit the “std” value.

- Ed

Hacker )

One more question. I was looking through your information. Is there an option to have a side bar on both sides of my main content?