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nice theme, Good luck for sale

thank you :)

clean and nice

We wanted to create a theme that will be different than others OC themes. Its still the same: slider, featured, manufacturers on homepage…


Great idea and design guys. Good luck! :)

Thanks :)

Very nice, but just can’t get Pinterest out of my head…

That is OK. But Pinterest is social pinboard and this theme is pinboard shop. Pinboard is identical for the both cases. We want create similar e-shop. And show that is suitable for OpenCart. Many (99,9%) OpenCart Themes has identical distribution of elements. But this theme ignores a similar structure. Finally!

hi, great work. is this theme well documented and translation ready?

Thanks. Yes. Theme is well documented and translation ready – all strings. Look at the IT shop -> Top menu -> Deutsch Language.

If you had problem with theme, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you.

Hi! I love this theme…want to buy it. However I have a few doubts which I would be glad if you could clear.

>Can I have the Pin-board as part of the home page along with a few other modules? To rephrase, can I have other modules positioned above or below the pin-board?

>Can I increase the size of each pin and still have the other objects wrap about in the page elegantly?

Thanks for your response in advance! Great job by the way.


Theme has onlly two module positions. Top and Bottom on subpages. Left and Right we had to delete because of desing issues.

You can enlarge the pins in php and css code. It’s a little difficult, but possible. You must change about 3-5 files. If you would like, let us know. We will help you.

Great, what about the compatibility with other modules like onepage checkout, search sugest etc.?

Thanks for purchase. Prease, send us e-mail about specific modules and sample page URL . We will waiting at

Will this work as an html site? Here’s my site now I want to change it to this theme. I won’t need the shopping cart.

Sorry, we dont have pure html version yet. But you can try extract html and scripts from OpenCart version. Maybe in the future…

Any way to see the typography? buttons, tables etc?

Check our demo. If you want see typography in subpages (login page, tables in order, etc.) try create an account and login to theme front end.

I’m really interested in purchasing too, I just have a few questions about how the back end payment works?

how we receive customer money etc.

I’ve always wanted to know how it worked I’m a dinosaur when it comes to E-commerce sites

In OpenCart system, e-shop provider receives money for “goodies” about 20 possible ways (preinstalled options – modules). For example paypal gateway,, google checkout, moneybrookers, PayPoint, paymate… Or customer can check option with direct bank transfer, or cash on delivery…

You can get more info at

Good luck :)

does the demo files comes with the theme? i would like to set it up like the demo site (IT) to show my clients. it would save a lit of time.

demo files is standard sample data from OpenCart installation. With no modification. We only copy the products 5x for “infinite scroll” demo. If you want, we send you our SQL dump to e-mail.

this is great and would buy it if we could have the product page in popup instead another page. similar to

please advice. thanks

I think there is easy to create little “hack” to show product page in popup. But we think, it’s worse for SEO . OpenCart has a good solution for product meta tags, keywords, etc. in the product page…

... we try to think and solve it in next update. maybe as an option.

would love to have the option… let me know

also, i was testing your template on my htc one x cellphone and in vertical mode there is some layout errors. you should heck it out.

html version is possible ?

We are starting think about it.. You are second user, that asked. ;)

Still want HTML version? please write me an e-mail to


a very nice work and would buy it .. is there any way we can check the backend admin panel ??

Theme is configured via little PHP script with some variables, not through backend. If you want, we can send you config.php to e-mail address. Config is well commented and very simple (as for the beginner).

Great Job on this I like it cant wait to set it up. and get it going is there any demo content with it I would like to set it up to show My Client what His site will look like.

We sent SQL dump from demo to your e-mail address. Good Luck

Hi. Great job. I am thinking buy it, but have some questions. It is possible to set 6 column view like Pinterest? I also need to sign up with Facebook and comment items with Facebook. Sorry if questions are stupid..

In theme source code you can change pin width. If you want, we help you with pin resize. For facebook comments you can use free OpenCart plugin, but we didnt tested this extensions with theme. But that option exists.

For free extension try look at:

....and how can I sort my goods? I mean how many levels of categories I can add?

Two levels. Category and subcategory.

If you’ll change width it will looks like a original pinterest with 6 columns?

Pinterest pins are responsive. 6 pins has pinterest in resolution up to 1200 pixels width. Theme is responsive too, but has restriction 1200px max. I think, deleting restriction max 1200px we can reach 6 or more pins at width. You can try it into “inspect element” chrome tool in demo. We can look at this issue to next theme update.

I want buy it, how many time you need to make 6 columns for me? I just want my items were located in full width without spaces left and right. I can pay before.

Ok, we make 6 pins modification for you.

currently, theme update is on approval process. but we improved both of demo pages to show 6,7,8,9 pins.