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Dear Ninebit,

Does this theme have a sidebar with category filter as shown in this image? : Thanks.

no, this feature have only prestashop version


when will you release the new updates? and do you have admin demo

thanks Bill

Hi, Thank for for a beautifull design!

I do have one question.

Is there a way to show products from subcategories in the parent categorie when parent is empty? Like in the default template when you turn on: ‘filter_sub_category’ => true in catalog\controller\product\category.php line 158.

Thank you in advance!

Never mind, solved it myself. $this->data[‘special_block’] = $module = $this->getChild(‘module/latest’, array( ‘limit’ => 50, ‘image_width’ => 185, ‘category’ => $category_id, ‘filter_sub_category’ => true, ‘start’ => 0, ‘sort’ => $sort, ‘order’ => $order )); in category.php line 75

could you give the demo data and images? (include cake and IT demo)

If you install Opencart and check “install sample data”, you get the sample data for IT shop.

I need the cake sample data and images also. Could you give me it?

Could it support cloud zoom?

Hi, cool theme how do I make links as in the screenshot?

sorry but I still need help

Hi! please send me files on email

I’m really sorry for late reply.. can you send me your e-mail at I can’t see your w-mail address. I can send you HTML and CSS code


I purchased this theme, I want to show all the products when the page first loads, not just the latest, – how do I acheive this

Please advise

You can set number of loaded products in first load in home.tpl. /catalog/controller/common/home.php line 13, and you can set every other pagination loop limit in /catalog/controller/common/pagination.php, line 21 and 24… just replace number 20 with number for example 100

I have assigned categories to products, but the categroies dropdown does not show anything

you must check on category edit -> Data (tab) -> “Display in the top menu bar.”

Hello, What should be done to the left was a square with a link?

I’m really sorry for late reply.. can you send me your e-mail at I can send you HTML and CSS code

Hello. I need to ask: have you though of a place to add social media buttons (not per product) as in contact page but to add these buttons at every page?

eg at your demo you have the try the IT shop, and info and Buy this

can you send me your e-mail at I can send you HTML and CSS code…

It is OK, I have placed it using a plugin. You can see at

could you give me the demo user and password?

from live demo? can you try opencart?

“demo files is standard sample data from OpenCart installation. With no modification. We only copy the products 5x for “infinite scroll” demo. If you want, we send you our SQL dump to e-mail.” I need your SQL dump file, my email is . Thanks !

message sent

thank you!

I KEEP ON HAVING THIS PHP ERROR: PHP Notice: Undefined index: p in …/public_html/catalog/controller/common/pagination.php on line 24, and that obviously has something to do with this “p” from ‘start’ => 20*($_GET[“p”]-1),. Don’t know if that’s generated by some vqmods (seo-pack?) but is started to be annoying. Could you help me? Where and how could i declare the “p” as the page number? Thank you!!!

after some serious Google-ing, i managed to work it out – everything’s fine now…If someone else has problems with this error, just ask…

Hi,dear,could you tell me how to add a border image when mouse hover on product image that is in home page?

Like and ,when mouse hover on product image that is in home page or a catagroy page, a border appears on product?

I delete all categories in my store,and when I add new categories the front end can’t display.could you help me to solve this problem?

hello, just check in category “data” tab this option: Display in the top menu bar.

thank you!

I configure the config.php file to change color ,but it doesn’t work.

Oh,it works!

Awesome theme!! Liked it so much, just bought it the other day, installed OpenCart on my host, but after I did these 2 steps:

1. copy file directory “catalog” into your root opencart directory

2. Set theme to “PinShop” in admin zone system/settings/your_store/store

it’s not showing “PinShop” in OpenCart when I edit my store in “your store”, only the “default” layout is showing up, kinda stumped at this point, but if you want my OP & FTP info to take a look, let me know. Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, thanks guys.

petstocked1 – if i can help, here is my website based on pinshop – just ask…

leonfeeling – you mean like here on my website only for mouse hover or permanent border?