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mobiphone, pretty much when I do step #2, it doesn’t show “Pinshop” in OpenCart in system/setting/your_store/store, keeps showing me the “default” layout, not sure what to do here? might get a friend to take a look.

will probably end up uninstalling everything, and try it again.

if that doesn’t work, might buy another template.

hello, just copy theme files into catalog directory. that’s everything.. or if you want, you can send me your FTP access and I can do it for you.

Hi there,

How can I change background? I didn’t see any control panel for pinshop on opencart admin.


Ok I found config.php on theme. LOL thanks :)

view cart disappear while a customer place many orders. The shopping cart is full of orders and it kept go down then enable to click view cart because It gone underneath.

I see it on your e-mail but if you want display so many products on cart, you must decrease font size for cart and decrease padding for product rows…

I already tested your demo cart. It can handle many products but only showing first 10 items. But my shopping cart keep showing all the product and view cart button disappeared

can you send me your URL and admin username/password? (

I could not find theme in OC system/setting after i copy all file to OC installation.It’s only show “default”.

Please follow installation.txt instructions. You must have “pinshop” directory in OC themes directory. Also, you must copy “controller” files too.

Sent you a message via email,Thanks.

I want to buy but the theme seems outdated… any plans to upgrade to 156?

I checking compatibility and wirking on update. But as I know from purchasers, It’s no problem with 1.5.6 compatibility.

Hi, I am interested by your theme and would like to know if its possible to have less columns and bigger pictures?

My idea it to have many be 3 columns max and much bigger pics.


Sure, you can enlarge “pins” by modify few lines in code. You can add “max-width” for main product area too for max 3 columns.

Hello! I’m working with this template for my ecommerce. My question: Is there an option to display the sort order at home page? Or it just displays products in chronological order. Thank you!

hm, you can change sort order for homepage. please see theme faq and edit home.tpl and home.php

no admin area for this ?

just config.php file with documentation. but it’s very easy for users.

i see there are 3 currency US dollar,euro, and pound sterling and i want to make a new one like Indonesia rupiah, how to make that ?

just add another currency (with conversion number) in store admin area


I would like help on this theme – can any freelancer who knows opencart message me?

greattraders at gmail . com


I am interested in buying this theme. Does it have multi-language capabilities or can I use it in a different language?

Also, can the images be adjusted to direct to a new section or link, not necessarily a product?

Kind regards, Hugo

Yes, theme is multi-language and yes for second question

Hi, First of all I love this theme and really want to use it! I am moving from using wordpress to opencart and am still not too sure of everything and I am having problems since I got this template.

I put the catalog in the parent directory as instructed and changed my settings on admin. My store front shows that pinshop is there and working.

However, it will not let me upload any images such as my logo in settings>image panel on my back office, (and I also have no idea where and how to configure the colours, I may need to buy a book). Would the theme have affected my image uploads on admin?

Thanks in advance! LM

In fact, it’s not letting me upload any images, including to products…please reply soon :(

Or do you have a wordpress version I can have instead??

at this time, no…

When can I expect an upgraded version of this theme for OpenCart 1.5.6? Is the theme in current version compatible with latest OpenCart? Thanks

sure, theme is compatible with new version

Thanks for update. This means we need to first backup files of OpenCart 1.5.6 installation, then copy file directory “catalog” into root opencart directory & set theme to “pinshop” – right?


I am confused with the installation. Am I supposed to copy the entire pinshop-1.1 folder into my root opencart directory, or just the “catalog” folder inside the “theme” folder inside the pinshop-1.1 Bear in mind that there is a “catalog” folder in the opencart directory.

Regards, Hugo

you must rewrite few files in catalog folder, if you want, you can rewrite file in directories (same as in installation folder) one by one

Hi… you have HTML template for this….?if yes, please send me the link to buy.

please write me an e-mail (

Hello, Quick question before i buy the theme.

Is it possible to have the “Categories” menu next to “Search Box” ?


yes, but you must edit one .tpl file

Please make a version of this theme for wordpress that works with woocommerce. If you do send me a message and i will be your first customer.

Hello, i have an multiple store OC 1.5.6 installation (2 stores) The first one store uses Pinshop template and the second store uses another template (shoppica2). When i’m trying to open the main page (storefront) of my first store, i taking the following error messages:

2013-11-18 12:10:37 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: position in /var/www/vhosts/myhostingaccount/shoppingcorner/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 71 2013-11-18 12:10:37 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: layout_id in /var/www/vhosts/myhostingaccount/shoppingcorner/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 72

Can you please help me how can i fix them?

Thank you

hi, it looks great a template but im worry admin panel. i want to buy it before can i see admin panel. what is the username and password for demo thank you

Hello, there’s no admin panel, but small config php file (color settings, logo and some variables), that’s all. Theme is very simple and useful.

hi ninebit,

Love the theme very much.

I want to install social network follow-us banner ( but it not appear at website ( ).

Please help me. I dont want customer mis-look my FB fan page (my customer mostly from fb fan page).

hello, I think, it’s easy with this plugin, Just download it and install by plugin instructions. Then you can add module to top or bottom position (I think, it’s the same, because this module is in “fixed” position)

not success, only having left/right position. <stop>

Can you email me ( howto create the right floating “Info& buy this theme!”

e-mail sent

Hi, Ninebit. Tell me, where I can see a comparison of products? Thank you

Just click on product detail and click on “pin” (near to the “Add to cart”), then navigate to this page: