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Hello. When I change language I get a 404 error. Then pressing any link, I can see that the language has changed, but I cannot find why the error. WebsIte is live at Thanks, Mike

Hi, can you please sen me an e-mail? because I testing your site on category/product/other page and I turning language via top bar to Greece and English. Working fine…

Hello. You are correct. The problem only occurs when using Comodo IceDragon (firefox version of comodo antivirus). This is why I was the only one seeing this problem. Thanks and sorry for any troubles. Mike

ok, have a nice day :)

some error info

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pls Please solve this problem , my opencart version is

does it work in

I was wondering if it would be possible for a small change in the theme. When the product is SOLD OUT, ??the BUY button would be disabled.

The buy button in the list of products in the categories might also disappear and the word SOLD OUT show.

I made this change in my product page and now the buy button is disabled. Simply perfect, but I can not make the same change in the listing of products in categories.

Which file should I modify?

I like the theme but: - first i notice some problem on the return page. The bottom bar loses form after the ”return” button is clicked. - secondly, does the theme work with lastes open cart version? - third, are all the menu options from bottom bar mandatory ? I would like to remove some of them like the return button, privacy policy, and others.


Also, can the font from the pins be changed ? Is it me or the description (excerpt) is hard to read. The title, and other stuff are ok, just the short description i find hard to read.

hi ninebit,

is there is a way that I can show categories images on the homepage instead of products’?


hello, maybe it’s not problem. just create HTML code with products images and place this code into home.tpl, or add html module on TOP module position and set this module to show only on homepage.

I’m not sure what do you mean by your reply, I’m not a programmer :)

SMARTY (Business-1) Theme doesn’t display Font Awesome correctly in windows phone .It shows blank squares.We are using IIS server to run our application.Kindly assist us.This application is running great on android and IPhone.


I am looking to purchase this template but a friend of mine who is already using this template on his OpenCart has expressed a concern regarding the payment option for NoChex.

He has told me that when in test mode everything works fine but when the Payment system is turn on to live it does not register the order in the shop although payment does go through.

Can you tell me if this is something that is specific to him or is this a universal error with your template?

hello, Template doesn’t affect payment modules. it’s only shown data from this modules.

What I need to do is in latest.tpl when the product status is OUT OF STOCK. Appear the word OUT OF STOCK instead of BUY button (ADD TO CART).

Anyone, can help me?

resolved, thankx

Awesome theme running on OpenCart over here – thanks!

Question: Can the pin card image width be changed from 215 to something else like 236?

If so, how, please?

Or even 300 pixels wide?

Hi ninebit. I am using this theme very successfully, but I want to add a gift wrapping option at the checkout. I believe I need to get an extension for this to work – can you recommend a gift wrapping extension that is most suitable for this theme? Many thanks.


How can I change the language to a different one? Could you possibly assist me?

Kind regards,


How can I change the language to a different one? Could you possibly assist me?

Kind regards,

:) love this theme. Any one have tried ‘Featured Home Page’, I want some sample/example.

TQ in advance.

Hello, I want customize this theme . (1) side bar contains search filter (2) checkout process with one click on the “buy” button . I mean when I press buy button the website load the page of checkout at once

any news about the filters?

Hello. Do you have a turkish languenge ?

I have an issue that I have tested on stock opencart before I reported here in that when using paypal express with the standard theme I get a trigger button to confirm the order.

Using your theme the trigger button is omitted for some strange reason on the checkout form.

Fault can be repeated here.

Could you advise please.

There is a bug. When you sort the products by price it displays the same product few times on a row