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Nice work philmo! Good luck with sales.

Cool design .. googd luck and maybe you should do also a light version…

Excellent work, a different colours scheme would be amazing (Light)

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. I will definitely look at additional themes in the future.

Hmm, seems fine to me. I’ll check with my hosting company to see if there were any issues.

Absolutely amazing! I’ll buy this soon.

Wow, thanks a lot redsnow :)

wow, looks fantastic… and I absolutely love your education, I think I went to the same university :-D No wonder we’ve never seen each other… as true Ninja Masters ;-)

Thanks! :)

I’m thinking of going back and doing a doctorate in Jedi Mind Tricks, someone told me I should enroll and for some weird reason I just couldn’t disagree with them.

Hi i love the design, just a quick question for you did you ever think of doing a wordpress version of the CV, this would be a killer!!! :) I would definatly but it, the reason i ask is i have got alot of people who want to use a CV that is online that havent a clue about web design so they cant set it up and thats where my idea comes in, having a wp version taking the stress out of setting a cv up online,

Hope you agree,

Hi Darsryan,

Thanks for your interest and your kind words!

I’ll look into making a wordpress version, purely for the CMS aspect – I agree, it could be useful to many non-techy people! :)

Excellent work, we may well buy this to make into a user profile system. Would love to see a light theme version tho.

Excellent. Just tinkering about buying it now … lol

We did buy it but one of our coders got it, playing with it now :) Thanks, will customize and report back

Awesome thanks!

Keen to know what you think :)

AWESOMETATIOUS ! I bookmarked. Very very cool. When I clicked on the pic, top left….made me smile.

Haha, thanks! Glad you like it :)

Just a heads up…there’s a new version of cufon (v1.09i) that adds compatibility with IE9 .

Simply go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com, click the “Download” button, then save it in the “js” folder, overwriting the old cufon-yui.js file.

I’ve confirmed this makes your template compatible with IE9 .

Hi there, thanks for the purchase ans thanks for testing it for me.

I’ll get the file updated with the changes you suggested, thanks! :)

Hi Phil,

I just wanted an update on whether or not you were able to remove the bugs re linking of content.

I understand in your words “the jQuery for the accordion fires on the link, but it seems to be doing it on all links.”

Will you be able to work on a fix? Is a bit of a pain as I cant highlight any text and point to another url.

Best Regards, Mat

Hi Mat,

I’ve fixed this issue now and the file is back in the update queue.

I’ve also emailed you the fix directly so you don’t need to wait for the update.

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the purchase :)

Can you have more than one page with this theme? For example if i wanted to create an entirely different page with a separate portfolio or more information on myself?

That would certainly be easy enough to do but would need some minor modifications (for instance there is no navigation currently).

Let me know if you do decide to buy the theme and need any help with it.

buenas noches, estoy muy interesado en esta plantilla para crear mi CV. te pregunto: 1. Con que programas lo puedo editar para poner mi nombre y toda la informacion personal. 2. En que sitio se puede publicar o en que archivos se genera la presentacion 3. en pesos colombianos cuanto es. 4. es necesario algun pago adicional o con esta compra obtengo todo lo que requiero 5. que otras opciones tienes. 6. Me gustaria que me respondieras a: alex.piedrahita@gmail.com o coach@coachcol.com o info@coachcol.com

gracias por aclararme estas dudas antes de comprar.

Hi there,

Please use English for comments, so other users can also see the answers if they have similar questions.

I’ve used Google translate to answer this as best I can:

Use any program which can edit code, notepad will do! Basic knowledge of HTML would be an advantage – but the documentation will walk you through it anyway. This is a flat HTML file, so you can publish it anywhere – you just need to FTP upload it to where you want it to be seen.

Regarding payments, I’m not sure what the currency issue is that you’re having – but I’d suggest taking it up with support.

Hope it helps :)

good night, 1. this curriculum is loaded on the web in a special page. 2. Spanish tutorials are for uploading to the web 3. can be edited in Illustrator 4. I’m interested but not managing html codes, I recommend a simple program pudes to edit and publish?

Thank you.

I am interested in this template, but only use Illustrator. I ask you? with this program I can edit? I know that the tutorials located on the Internet?. and that is editable. thanks

Hi again,

Unfortunately you’ll not be able to edit this file with Illustrator as it is HTML and CSS . The graphics can be edited with Photoshop, and PSDs are included.

However you will still need to be prepared to edit the code in a text-editing piece of software. Your computer will definitely have something like notepad or wordpad to do this, or you can use something more advanced like Dreamweaver.

Hope that helps.

It is Amazing! Thank you.

I have a problem. I attempted to add another portfolio under the first one, But I find the javascript of both one conflict together and i can not browse all images with Next and Back buttons. When I Click on next for second time, it back to first since three other image groups remained. I also find that when we click on Two portfolio Next Buttons decussate, we can browse both to end.

Can you help me with this and fix this problem.


Hi there,

Unfortunately this isn’t a straight forward fix.

I will work on making it possible to have two sliders on the one page and update the file. I’ll have the updates made by the end of the weekend!

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Not obvious how to rate this file, but the support I’ve had from the developer (thanks Phil) has been exceptionally brilliant.

He has been not only responsive but even grateful for my feedback and applied fixes directly to my content – how amazing is that?

Really impressive to receive this level of support on an $8 purchase – would recommend all his work without reservation.

Many thanks again!

Thanks for the glowing review, it was a pleasure :)

I’m glad to have helped, I hope the new CV brings you many excellent job offers!

Thanks so much for the beautiful template!

Is there any way to apply a custom background instead of the actual pinstripes? Thank you!

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for buying! :)

The main background is on the body tag and is set to repeat, there is a second background on the wrapper which tiles along the top of the page. Remove both of these and place your background on either element.

Hope it helps, let me know if you have any difficulty.

I love this theme, but having a problem with the Slider in Firefox. At times it is blank, or random sequences, but definitely not stable. It looks fine in IE8 and Google Chrome.

The site I am implementing is alanblackford dot com.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Alan,

What version of firefox are you using? I’ve looked at your site and I can’t see the issue.

I actually develop the templates in firefox, so it’s been tested more thorough in FF than any other browser.

Leave a reply here or drop me an email from my profile page with your version of FF and the specific issues you’re experiencing and I’ll get it fixed :)