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Can i use this theme as a wallpapers site : ( like papers.co ) .. i am not asking for the match .. but is it compatible for a wallpaper site !

With a little creativity you can do it

Can u help me to do that .. i need the layout ! and the download links !

Hi, I want to purchase a theme like this but in HTML, do you have this? or can you turn this into HTML?

We don’t have html version

Hello question if i want when i click on Picture of the post to be a Gallery instead of a one picture so i can slide some numerous picture

How do I get an audio post to show the player on the home page? When I add an audio file to a psot it shows up on the post page but not on the home page?

Use audio post format. Read help documentation for more information.

I did that. I followed the directions exactly. But it doesn’t work for me. The player only shows up on the post page but not on the home page.The directions are very simple and clear but it doesn’t work when i do that.

Try to install a fresh copy of the theme and insert the demo content. Get the code from the example.

before i hit the upgrade button. Is this compatible with WP 4.6?

Hi I wanna to buy this template, but I am concerned by two points: 1). Why post title has h3 instead of h1? 2). Why site title has h1? It is very important for SEO. Can you fix this issue or the user can make it himself?

Will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for your suggestions.

I am really enjoying working with your PinThis theme. I need to make a few minor changes..I am using the Fresh skin.

1. What specific line or lines of css code removes the footer? Is this done in the style.css or the style-fresh.css? And if I remove the Pages, Bookmarks, etc from the footer does the copyright notice remain which is what I want it to do

2. What specific lines of css code do I change to change the color of the green line at the bottom of the pin boxes? And also the green lines on the side bar widgets?

3. What lines of css code do I change to remove the drop down menu, the search and the login from the header? And if I remove these does the logo still remain centered which is what I want it to do.

Thank you for your time and your wonderful theme.

Yes, this is a good decision ;)

Except for one problem :D Now the copyright information is not at the bottom of the page. It appears as if the footer is always opened. :( I just want it at the bottom of the page always visible like most copyright information.

Remove only this element < div class=”footerbar” >...< / div >


Just wondering whether there is a plan to include support for Spotify URL in the audio post format?

I am using the Fresh style skin. I want to change the main font. I changed it in the style.css and it seems to have worked on the pin boxes but not on the post pages. Is there somewhere in the style-fresh.css that needs to be changed also? I looked and didn’t see anything. Maybe I am blind?

Search for ubuntu font in functions.php

Hello, Is there a way to show the post author instead of number of comments?


At the pin box, I mean