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Hi there,

is the infinite scrolling done thru Ajax (and thus retrieving new pages) or through adding elements to the DOM?



Hello, it’s Ajax :)


It looks like your infinite scroll duplicates posts over and over again.

Was this looking to be fixed?

Cheers, Adrian

Hello, they are not actual duplicates we just copy pasted the first page instead of adding 15 new items in every new page, just to display the infinite load functionality.

Is it possible to adjust the boxes so they can contain images 300px wide? (Adsense)

Hello, if you use the 3 column layout homepage this is possible ( http://www.cssigniter.com/themeforest/pintores/index-three-col.html )

The images are a little larger than 300px but they should fit just fine :)

Is it possible to make certain posts featured and have them show up first?

Is it possible to make certain posts featured and have them show up first?

Hello, this is not a WordPress theme, the WordPress theme which is available on our website does have this feature, you can just sticky a post :)

How is the heart/like function being controlled ? Is there an option at the backend ?

Hello, apologies for the late reply. This is a static html template, it’s controlled by code which simply adds +1 with every click. If you want to make it persistent you will have to implement some kind of database to it. The WordPress version which is available on our website has persistence.

Hi there,

May I know SEO-wise has this template been optimised? Since it’s Ajax, do I need to feed it through another script for web crawler?


Hello, pretty much yeah, the first page should be crawlable but the next ones are all fetched via Ajax so if you’re looking to get them indexed somehow you should compliment for that.

can i install this theme by the help of envanto toolkit??

Can i get the wordpress theme here too, what is this, not a theme?

Hello, this is not a WordPress theme, it’s a static template, the WP theme is available on our website! :)

Any chance i could get it from here themeforest as i have some balance here?

Hi there, this is not possible as it is against the rules.

What can you say about not loaded records for Google indexing? Is there any problem with AJAX content and SEO?

Hello. There shouldn’t be any issue with Google indexing. The AJAX pagination system is just like any other pagination available as far as search engines are concerned.

Will this work with tumblr?

Hello! I’m afraid not, there is a WordPress theme however on our website.