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Nice template! :)

Thank you!

Great theme ! GLWS :)

Thanks mate!

Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Congratulation. GLWS :)

nice theme gudluck :)

Thanks sow much

Nice theme! GLWS:)

Nice Job! GLWS! ;)

Thanks my friend

Where I can I purchase the background images you use? Thanks!

Hi thanks for purchasing our theme, you can find here some of images and give me your email o will send the other images and pleas give us 5 rating ok

can you write me your email here i will send pioneer with images in it like in demo

before i purchase show one photo is not enough for my project is it possible to have a photo slider for this page?

loving the theme, but could you please advise on how I replace the images on ????

Hi. you should replace this path with your path url of your image.


you can add your images in images folder and write the right path ( images/photo1.jpg )

All great but the background email in the slider doesn’t scale…?

Can you be more concrete in your question ?

Can I complete replace the orange colour of theme with a completely different colour….? Say red for instance !