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hi folks, anybody here who knows how to delete a picture from the project gallery? it’s not intuitive, what do you think? the link in the portfolio “GALLERY IMAGES” doesnt work (opera, chrome) thanks for help and anserwing! i m still awaiting the next troubles. how do you like to work with these theme? thanks for diskussion

Please post your questions in our dedicated support forum and a developer will be glad to help you out over there.

Hi ! fristly a great theme!.. enjoying figuring making my online portfolio with this one.. 2 questions though

1) the theme seems to be working well only on Chrome ( IE and Firefox have some glitches in the display and the 3d effect)...?

2) is it possible to remove the copyright statement at the bottom ? “Site © 2013 | Hand Crafted by”


1. IE unfortunately doesn’t support 3D transitions yet which is why you only see it pop out. Firefox however should work fine! Put a ticket up in our support and Steve will take a look for you.

2. Sure, you can actually just go into footer.php and remove/change that.


Hi there! Does this theme use custom post types or does it read from the built in wordpress categories?

I’m hoping it’s the latter! Thanks!

It uses a custom “portfolio” post type for the portfolio section and regular post type for the blog.

Hello DT, nice theme. I’m thinking of buying for a client. Some questions first:

1) Could it be set an infinite scroll ? or is pagination mandatory? 2) Could i work with Disqus as a comment system? 3) Where goes the ? in the same place as Pipes’ name?

Thanks a lot! and again great theme!! =)

Hi, thanks for checking out our Pipes theme.

For 1 and 2 you can easily do with plugins. #3, Yes.

Hello, i just bought the theme. =) I’m trying to configure it but the documentation says: ”... Do NOT activate the parent theme.” Do we hace to not use the parent at all? thanks!! c

When using a child theme you need to have the parent theme also installed. You activate the child theme which uses the parent theme files so both need to always be installed.

Using a child theme is necessary if you plan on making any changes to the theme, beyond the theme options provided.


I like this theme. It’s great that you can swipe through the vertical slider on your smartphone. However I couldn’t for the youtube video in the sample slider. I am looking to use this mainly for a video site, (the additional navigation buttons, I feel are a little small for smartphones) and this would be key for me.


I chose this theme because it looked great!

BUT there is a pretty bad/ANNOYING BUG with the portfolio sliders, in a single portfolio post: If images are added to the slider from the MEDIA library >>> the images are inserted in the post copy editor. NOT in the GALLERY. As it should be. IMAGES MUST BE UPLOADED from desktop to be inserted into the gallery. This is clearly a mistake/bad coding.

One other thing that we did not consider before purchase: the portfolio slider position is always BELOW any other content… Text or anything else pushes the sliders down…

We’re happy to fix a bug if you’ve found one. Just head over to and open a ticket and our developer will take care of it.

About the content above the portfolio…. usually users only like to put a short description of there which is the reason it is above. If you would like the page content to show up below you’ll need to just flip flop those sections in the code.

Hi, the theme looks amazing! But is there a way I can remove this Hand Crafted by from the theme options, or do I need to modify one of the files?

You can easily hide it from the theme options or change it by editing the footer file.

Great, thank you! Much appreciated. :)

Hi. Tell me please. This theme is perfect for the version WordPress 3.6?

We have not had any bug reports submitted but if you were to find any we will certainly fix them asap. :)


I was wondering if it was at all possible to change the navigation menu so that the grey background on which the page name sit’s e.g. Home , Portfolio contact where all the same length instead of the standard look? If possible how would I do this.


Sure. Just add this to your custom css…

.primary-menu .nav-tabs.nav-stacked > li > a {
    display: block;
    width: 120px;


Thanks for the quick response! I added the above to the custom css as specified above however when I save it something happens and it appears as below afterwards and therefore does not work?

.primary-menu .nav-tabs.nav-stacked > li > a { display: block; width: 120px; }

I tied pasting it to notepad++ then into the custom css with no success and also typed it in directly.

If you could please take a look at this it would be greatly appreciated.


Please post your issue in our dedicated support forum and provide a link. A developer will help you out over there. Thanks

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. – DT Team

Yeah, thanks, all set. That was just an issue with the demo site, not a theme bug.

Is it capable with wordpress 3.6?

Yes, all of our themes have been updated to support wp 3.6

Why on demo customizer doesn’t work?

Sorry. We had an issue with the wp3.6 update. All fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

Hi there,

Could you please advise me how do I remove a gallery slideshow entirely from a portfolio page? I’ve tried to enquiry at a week ago but never hear back from anyone. :(


Hi there. I don’t see your ticket in our system. You might be using our old support forum here

That forum has been archived and set to read-only. Any new tickets or comments will not be seen so please use the new support page at

Do you have the latest version of the theme installed? v2.1

Well your ticketing system doesn’t work then, I’ve sent 3 tickets now to from the page you gave me. I’ll try one more time. Very poor support guys. Shame

I’m not sure why your tickets aren’t going through but I’ve also tried to help you here. What browser/version are you using when submitting tickets? I’ll try to replicate the bug to fix it.

Either way, you can send me an email directly to joe/at/designerthemes/com.

Hello, is the latest version compatible with wordpress 3.9.1? thanks. c

I updated the theme. But the update is only on the Pipes theme right? Not on the Pipes Child… this stay the same 1.0?

The child theme was included only as an example if you plan to make customizations. There is no code in the child theme.

If you are not using the child theme to make customizations then just activate the “parent” Pipes theme.

Thanks i’ll do that.

I liked Pipes theme, but support was non-existent despite multiple requests, so unfortunately had to find a new theme.

Hi there. Sorry for the delayed response. Do you still need help with something?

how do I link a “group” item from my portfolio to a “menu” item? I want that when a person clicks on the menu item “print”, all of my portfolio items that have the “print” group in them, show on the page. How do I do that?

Hi, are you planning an update soon? After latest wordpress update, my portfolio scrolls like a madman, even with autoplay disabled :P Use latest version of Pipes.

No response?

Very annoying this, no response. I’ll make a ticket about his for Themeforest.