Discussion on Piroll - Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discussion on Piroll - Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Is there a way to get category to show up when hover tiles using nk_portfolio? Only shows title currently

You can display it using the Visual Portfolio plugin https://wp.nkdev.info/piroll/portfolio-4-cols-style-3/

I’m using the Piroll WP theme and keep getting an alert that nK Themes Helper has an update. When I click “view version 1.7.3 details”, an error box pops up that says “Plugin not found.” This has been like this for at least a few months. Is there a fix coming for this?


This plugin is not placed in the official WP repository and don’t have an changelog. Just update it and that’s all.

Regards, nK.

Pre purchase question:


Has this theme the option of having single projects as password protected?

I’m looking for a theme that allows for this, as I encountered already quite a few other themes that only allow for pages and post to be password protected.

If yours allows portfolio as well, I am buying your theme :)


Hey Eli.

Yes, there is an option to set passwords to portfolio post types.

Regards, nK.

i lost form template (contact form 7) Can I get it back?

Since the WP 5.5 update I’m having an issue with the Fade portfolio layout. The text in the rollovers is behaving inconsistently. Even when I choose to display the type at the top of each image, it centers the text vertically and horizontally (instead of in the upper left like it was before the update). This is consistent in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on a Mac.

On a PC, it does stranger things. The text appears centered (vertically and horizontally) when initially rolled over. But once more images in the grid load, if I roll over an image that has already been rolled over, the text gets crammed into a skinny vertical box and rewraps. So instead of a title reading as TITLE, it reads… T I T L E

Note: All plugins and the theme are up to date.

Is there a way to fix this? It’s a big problem. Thanks!


Just update the theme and check your site. We add new items to the compatibility lists once we check the theme. The theme is not yet tested with the latest WP, but I think it will work just fine since there are no breaking changes in the latest WP.

You can find theme info on the right side of the product pages – https://themeforest.net/item/piroll-portfolio-wordpress-theme/20672319. See the “Software Version” section.

Regards, nK.

Did something change with the mobile menu in the most recent Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery plugin update? The font styling is different — it overrides the custom css that was previously in the Customize section under @media screen and (max-width: 991px). I’m at a loss for how to fix this without undoing the look of the rest of the site.


I don’t know. On your site everything looking correctly.

p.s. to get support, please, create a ticket in our support system https://nk.ticksy.com/

Regards, nK.

Could somebody give me a hand, please? I’ve bought the Piroll Theme here at Theme Forest, but when I try to activate my license at Wordpress Dashboard, the button redirects me to NKDev’s website and my license is not showing up there. Any ideas, please please? Thank you a lot <3


You have already activated the license. List of all your licenses you can find here – https://nkdev.info/licenses/

Regards, nK.

Since the theme isn’t updated frequently, and since constantly asking for an updated plugin is a pain, I bought my own copy of the Advanced Custom Fields Pro. This way I can update the plugin when new versions are released. (Expired plugins are a huge security issue!)

A new version of the ACF plugin just came out though, and when I try to update it, something in the theme blocks the update. I think it may be part of the nk-themes-helper plugin (in class-plugins-updater.php). Is there a setting I can change somewhere to get the theme to recognize my purchased version of the ACF plugin? The WP dashboard won’t let me change the license key.

Thanks in advance for your help!


How to update bundled premium plugins, you can read here https://nkdev.info/docs/wordpress-themes-basic/premium-plugins-update/

We’ll check what the problem with the plugin updates when enabled our helper plugin. Thank you for reporting to me.

Regards, nK.

I updated the theme but the Piroll Shortcodes plugin won’t activate. I only get the options: Delete or Update Required. I update the plugin from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 but it won’t stick. Each time it reverts back to 1.0.0 and it won’t let me activate the plugin. Please help!


Please, try to update the plugin again. The version number should be fixed.

Regards, nK.


I am using AWB (Advanced Wordpress Background) for background videos on the site, along with a plugin which plays audio “continuously” when changing to another page. There is however a delay when changing pages in the audio – is it possible to load the site with Ajax so that there is no longer a delay in the audio playing ?


I don’t quite understand why are you mentioned AWB in a question about continuous audio playing.

It is possible with JS customizations.

Regards, nK.

Will this theme work with WordPress 5.1? I purchased this for one of my clients and we are nervous about updating to version 5.1 for fear the theme will no longer function properly.


The theme will work, but you will need to switch from the new Gutenberg editor to WPBakery Page Builder. See here more info – https://nk.ticksy.com/article/14098/

Regards, nK.

Hello nK,

can you tell me am I able to change the menu style on my Piroll theme? I would like to use this mega dropdown style – https://codyhouse.co/gem/mega-dropdown

My website – https://nodsi.com

By the way, I’m using the theme and it’s awesome. Keep up the good work.

Many thanks, Shone

Hi Shone.

It is possible but required coding knowledge. You will need to edit `header.php` theme template and use your own menu walker. You’ll need to make it on your own or with 3rd-party help.

Regards, nK.

Hello nK,

thanks for your response, I will see if I can make that.

Best, Shone

Hi _nK, could you please tell me how can I update the WPBakery plugin? Or do I have to buy a separate license for it? Thanks!


You can see instructions here – https://nk.ticksy.com/article/11085/

I’m thinking about buying your theme. A question popped up in my head though which is essential for me aka the person I’m building a Wordpress for: Is it possible e.g. with the Video Home starting page to have a Video there that starts playing immediately, with an image that shows while the video is loading? Similarly this would be an amazing option for project pages, too. Looking forward to your feedback!


No, there is no autoplay option for video blocks. You can only add YouTube embeds with autoplay.

Regards, nK.

I cannot import the demo content anymore, error message: “Demos can only be imported in activated theme. Please visit the Dashboard page and activate the theme.” Any ideas? Thanks.


Please, try to update the plugin nK Themes Helper. If this didn’t help, try also update theme manually by downloading it from https://themeforest.net/downloads

I purchased your theme and my support has expired. However, the blog post grid on your theme is no longer working properly on my website. Before I purchase extended support, I want to know if you will be able to fix this issue. Can we please talk privately and I can send you my website URL? I tried submitting a ticket through (https://nk.ticksy.com/) but it wont let me. Please advise.

Did you review the screenshots I attached in the ticket? The blog post images overlap other post images and there is missing text on some blog posts. The three column grid looks broken with post overlapping each other. Do you not see that in the screenshots attached?

The ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin is currently installed and uptodate on my website but I am not using it on my blog. I am using the featured image for the main image on each blog post. For the blog page layout I am using the Visual Portfolio < 3025 Post Masonry 3. Please advise.

Yes, I saw your screenshots. That’s why I asked you to install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and run it. Once you regenerate all images, you can disable this plugin.

p.s. Masonry on your site is working fine for me:


Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. I was able to fix the issue yesterday. Once I update the Visual Portfolio plugin, it seemed to fix the Masonry layout on my blog page, yea!

I followed your documentation to get the demo import and it is not allowing me to get the demo import. “It says Can’t find your license? Try to click on “Refresh Data” button.” I even followed the addition support on how to manually update it and it still did not upload.


I apologize for activation problem. We just fixed it, please, try activate theme again.

Is it possible to add video instead of a photo to the 3 column style 2 portfolio, which is the pop up portfolio?


Yes, Visual Portfolio plugin supports YouTube and Vimeo popups, you can add this in Portfolio item:

Visual Portfolio Video Support

hello, I buy the item and download. However, when I try to install the theme. It always pop-up “try again” after uploading 100% of piroll.rar file. Could you please advise how to fix? Thanks


Have you downloaded an installable zip archive? ( https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510 )

If this happens with the installable archive, could you please provide a temporary admin login to your site. FTP access also will be helpful.

Please, send email using this form – https://themeforest.net/user/_nk#contact (in the right sidebar).

Best regards, nK.

Hi nK, I have sent the login details via email to you. Could you please check and help me fix? Thanks

Best Regards, Benson

Hello nK, Thanks for your time. The issues have been resolved with uploading all files via FTP and change file permissions. It’s very fantastic theme


I have a problem. I have more than 50 items registered in the portfolio page and I need everyone to appear. Now only 50. How can I do it?



In the next Visual Portfolio update will be changed count control to input, where you can put any number.

Hello, I’m looking at purchasing this theme for a Photography business I’m working with (specifically: Video Home). This company has a HUGE, HEAVY website with galleries within galleries (within galleries) and I’m not sure, based on the demo, if this template can accomodate that. For example, Top Menu: Lifestyle, click 2: Destination, click 3: Las Vegas, Click 4: specific hotel gallery. Clicks 2, 3, and 4 are all galleries. Is this possible with this theme? (There are 6 top menus deep with galleries as well). Thank you!

Thank you for your quick response, I think this will work for what we want to do. One more question – is there an option to have social media logo links on this template? This is a sticking point for the client and as I see on the Video Home theme, it only has social media word links in the lower right hand footer (with no icons). Is that an option to make logos there instead? Thank you!

You can use some 3rd party plugins for social icons. For example, this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/social-icons-widget-by-wpzoom/

You can place it in footer widget area.

Thank you again! This was very helpful – I will present your theme to my client today. Have a great day!


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