Discussion on Pistacia - Food, Recipes, Restaurant Responsive WP Theme

Discussion on Pistacia - Food, Recipes, Restaurant Responsive WP Theme

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I need an update of the visual composer/theme! Otherwise i can´t update wordpress!!

Hello, congratulations on your work, I think it’s a great topic. Before buying I would like to know if it is what I need.

I am creating an app with a React Native theme (BeoNews Pro – React Native mobile app for Wordpress from the creators InspireUI)

This app connects to WordPress themes through REST API.

1 – Would your theme be compatible with this application? I don’t see in the description if you can use multiple languages

3 – Can you add Recipes from the Frontend without being an administrator?

2 – Is your subject multilanguage? 4 – Do you have a child theme or should I create it myself?

Thanks for your attention, I hope you can help me. a greeting

How do I get the map to work again? I still leave nothing at all and suddenly the map is not showing anymore


This theme still has active customer support??

Hi, I support this theme. My support email pistaciatheme@gmail.com Have a nice day, Miklos

- Is there any child theme, so that if i do customizations i can still update the main theme (example upcoming updates, compatibility with woocommerce updates)?

- Is this theme compatible with Yoast SEO plugin?

- Does this theme support google structured data?

- Can i add a recipe with woocommerce product linked as shown in demo?

- Can i add a woocommerce product and link it to a recipe in backend?

where it goes the language file? In the /lang folder? Because don’t work!

Ok, files works, but the theme is not fully translated. Many areas in this theme is not chained with .po & .mo files!

Please send me where is the “not translated” words. Thanx

Having to fix lots of image problems for SEO, almost all of the custom areas that have images are using something similar to <?php $thumb_src = wp_get_attachment_image_src(get_post_thumbnail_id( $loop->get_the_ID() ), ‘thumbnail’); ?>

and then

< img src=”<?php echo esc_url($thumb_src[ 0 ]);?>” class=”img-responsive” >

This is very bad for SEO because all the images are missing alt and title attributes.

You should just use


<?php echo wp_get_attachment_image( get_post_thumbnail_id(get_the_ID()), ‘thumbnail’, false, array(‘class’ => ‘img-responsive’));?>

which builds an image tag with attributes

Also I can’t change the templates for the visual composer elements easily since the function that creates them uses

‘html_template’ => get_template_directory() . ’/visual_composer/templates/ps_vc_section_recipes_tops_template.php’,

which means it will not check the child theme for an override, should be get_stylesheet_directory()

Hi, just two presale questions: 1) can i link each ingredient to a different woocommerce product? 2) can i insert in each recipe a button/link/banner linked to a woocommerce bundle product?

i wanna to be able to sell single ingredients and all recipe’s ingredients bundle

Tnx a lot for assistance

Hi, thank you for your question. Now you can’t add link to ingredient and you can’t add banner or Woocommerce link. But if you will buy support for this theme I can make for you this features in the next version of Pistacia WP theme. Have a nice day. Miklos

Can you contact me on skype please? My skype account is: live:carmelo.nicolosi_3 or via email: carmelo.nicolosi@gmail.com

Tnx a lot

In the beginning good support but now I don´t get any answers.

partials/section-footer.php Please send me email to pistaciatheme@gmail.com if you have development question. Thanx Pistaciatheme

Regarding the food menu: The menu item is cut off because the words are too long. Can you give me a code or setting that the price begin in the next line when the word is too long?


does this theme support RTL ?

No support

Where do i modify the text in the reservation? I need to put german phrases in there.

this is translated text. If you translate “Reservation” and “form” in language file then change text. Do you want to change manual? Please send me email pistaciatheme.com and I will make it next version of this theme. Thanx for your purshased. Have a nice work.

Hi, While importing sample data i get an error saying “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial” please help me through this. I could not get through it. Thank you!!

Please send email to pistaciatheme@gmail.com and I will see your problem. Bumbella

I will be sending you email with my company’s email. And thank you for the response.

I just installed the demo data I am getting two error from the theme.

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/p3pnexwpnas13_data02/64/3846264/html/wp-content/themes/pistacia/class/pistacia_minilist.php:21) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas13_data02/64/3846264/html/wp-admin/post.php on line 197

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/p3pnexwpnas13_data02/64/3846264/html/wp-content/themes/pistacia/class/pistacia_minilist.php:21) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas13_data02/64/3846264/html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1179

Hi, I want to show some products or posts (the same as recipes with 4 columns) on homepage, how can i do that ?

Hi, you can’t do this. If you want this features please open ticket and please write every features what u want and I will develop this. If you send printscreen your idea that will help for me. http://bug.pistaciatheme.com/ Bumbella

Hi, presale questions:

1) is it possible to change the navigation menu? Like logo in top middle and nav middle under the logo.

2) Can the recipe filters be changed? Like having only two categories or just the keyword search.

3) Does the navigation menu features megamenu?

Hi, sorry but all answer no.

The reservation form send email to homepage admin email with form data. In the top of right write green boxes that form sending success. In demo page limited only one email can u add reservation form. But this is only my demo page and spam security. If you have problem please send me email to pistaciatehem@gmail.com and I will help you. Have a nice day. Bumbella

Hi, how can I use the reservation, i see it not work

thanks for your help, I have solved my problem.

Hi, I want to show some products or posts (the same as recipes with 4 columns) on homepage1, how can i do that ?

1.7.6 version will be. Please wait Themeforest approveing this version

Hi, I’m interested in buying your theme. It looks really good but I need to change the difficulty into different icons. Stars for example. Is it possible by changing the images of the peppers myself?

Another question; Is your theme compatible with WP multilangual? I would like create the recipes in two different languages.

Hi, is it possible to have a look in the backend? I want users to upload their own recipes with the User Submitted Posts plugin. With this plugin you can create an upload form wich you can link to a specific post-category. Are the recipes in your theme posts aswell?

Sorry but this theme Recipe module not compatible Submitted Posts Plugin. I will make frontend recipe form so user can submit recipes to the database, but this features is 60% and low priority. Have a nice work. Have a nice work Pistaciatheme

2bad but thnx for the replies

Hi, when uploading the theme on my site and activate it ,the site is stop working, and in error logs appears this: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /home3/unbossco/public_html/conitos/wp-content/themes/pistacia/class/pistacia_helpers.php on line 61

Because you are using a version of PHP that is older than PHP 5.3 which means you can’t use late static bindings as it doesn’t recognize static::$instance. Please update to php 5.6. Pistacia theme compatible the newest php version. I recommend if you can use php 7 then it is the best. I hope this help for you. Pistaciatheme

we want to hide the pistacia-recipes in the recipes url.

this is url http://localhost/demo/pistacia-recipes/butterscotch-pudding/ now we want this pistacia-recipes need hide in url, like this url http://localhost/demo/butterscotch-pudding/

1.7.2 version you can remove “pistacia-” prefix but the recipes is post type. This you cant hide in Wordpress.


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