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The Screenshot looks nice. But there’s no demo. You probably just haven’t added it yet. Good luck with sales.

So sorry guyz. Preview is fixed now.

You need to add http://www. in front of the url :)

So sorry guyz. Preview is fixed now.

Live preview not working. Not a good start guys.

So sorry guyz. Preview is fixed now.

Amazing theme! GLWS

Congratulation! It’s different and so beautiful…

Looks great! I have a similar theme but with the amount of portfolio items, it take ages to load up at first visit. Do you plan to implement “lazy loading” or something similar? Cheers

Looks great, congrats!

Nice theme. hop it will get good Sale. best of luck

Nice theme!

Would love to try Vimeo and YouTube portfolio post before i buy because i will use it only for video posts. Is there any way you to create one of each on Demo so I can see it?

Much appreciated!

Sorry can not provide you a demo for testing but i can assure you that its fully tested with Vimeo and Youtube video even you can insert any video from any site if you have its embed code.

And if you still have any confusion than we are here to help you.



Nice Theme. I have a presales question. Is it possible to hide the Twitter and Facebook like option in single-portfolio entrys?

Best regards, Chris.

Yes you can hide these icons. just leave the fields blank in potfolio editor.

Looks great! I have a similar theme but with the amount of portfolio items, it take ages to load up at first visit. Do you plan to implement “lazy loading” (progressive) or something similar? That would make me push the purchase button.. ;) Cheers

Hi, This theme has this functionality already. We used a images pre loading script that make site loading faster.


great! So this theme will handle 100+ portfolio items without problem? Meaning decent 3-4 seconds to start displaying items at first visit (no caching)?

Yes it will, currently we have 40+ items in our demo and i am sure its loading fast on your side too.

Other question, would it be possible to execute a plugin (Justified image grid JIG) in the slideshow’s frame of the portfolio items via shortcode (instead of the slideshow itself)?

Yes you can achieve this by modify the single page of portfolio item. But currently you can use any other thing in portfolio single item page except the images.

Looks great. Is it possible with the slider option to have it automatically scroll through the different slider images? Or must you press the next arrow as the only option?

yes you can make the slider auto play.

Looks interesting. What about seo, and photo/image losing function, what interface do you use? Standard Wordpress or other? Thanks


The theme is using a standard wordpress functionality no external plugin or anything. For SEO you can use any good plugin.

Great theme, I have a couple of pre-purchase questions:

1) Is there a different rollover state for the thumbnails? If not how could a different one be implemented?

2) You have a lot of options for video but I haven’t seen any for audio, does this theme support audio and if so, how?

3) Without going through every single portfolio / blog post, I haven’t come across any image sliders within the actual posts themselves, is this possible?

4) Is it possible to turn off the lightbox function?

5) Is there a way of making the submenu appear below the parent as it does in the mobile version rather than have them pop out to the right?

Really appreciate your feedback, thanks.


1. No there is only one hover state on all the images and yeah you can implement a different hover state.

2. Yes you can add an audio as well but we have not set a proper space for audio files like we did for videos in blog and showcase. And thank you for a nice suggestion will add this in next update may be.

3. There is only a full screen image slider in theme. in menu go to Features >> Slider If you want an other you can modify the theme easily.

4. Yes you can turn off the lightbox from coding by removing a single attribute/class only but sorry there is no way of doing this from back-end.

5. You can change the location of sub menu by modifying the sub menu function from jQuery file.

Thanks for liking my product. Please don’t forget to rate the theme.



Amazing looking theme, really brilliant stuff :) I have a couple questions:

a) Is it possible to use it only as a blog but have the homepage layout using the portfolio look? b) How many posts is it able to take on the homepage, is there a limit? (and will there be something like a “load more/see more” button or something at the bottom?) c) When viewing the responsive versions, the menus (ie menu items from the left sidebar) do not display – it only shows pictures of the posts. Is it possible to show the menu items as text links before those posts show (like a compact mobile version, even drop down selection, of them)

Great theme, really nice layout and design. i’d say this is my fav of all of these portfolio templates so far, looks superb ;)


Hey there, I really like this theme and it’s almost perfect! I did some testing though and found a few bugs you may want to consider fixing before I consider a purchase.

a) There’s a margin/padding issue on the right for full post pages when you collapse the width of the browser window. The image and text go right to the edge under the scrollbar at roughly 1220px and less.

b) On video post pages the scrollbar doesn’t go to the edge of the browser when on HD resolution and gets stuck at roughly 1740px and just stays there.

c) On the blog page some of the YouTube video embeds break out of the containers.

d) When testing on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note) the scroll arrows at the bottom don’t work.

e) When testing on my smartphone the left sidebar where the menu is doesn’t scroll so you can’t get to menu items if they go off the screen and you wont see the social network logos etc… This should be scrollable too, as it would be particularly important to be able to do if a website has a lot of pages in the menu etc…

I have one question, when you change the color of the theme, does the loading graphic change color as well?

Keep up the great work and I hope you feel I’ve helped with my testing. :bigwink:


Hi, The filter on Portfolio A view only works for one showcase category. Where’s the best place to add custom css that can override the core styles (i need to make the logo dimensions bigger).

Thanks, Martin

Please can you submit a support ticket on our support site: http://www.pixarwpthemes.com/support

So we could assist you more easily.