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Fixed the multiple category filter issue: Old Code (line 54 template-portfolio-a.php):
<li data-category="<?php echo $categories[key($categories)]->name; ?>"> </li>
New Code:
<li data-category="<?foreach($categories as $key => $category) {echo $category->name."><?php } ?>"> </li>

Thank you buddy.

I’m kind of newbie user so i was having a trouble in make the Pixel Smartcodes plugins get installed properly but after diggin out in the internet i solve the problem in the folder just create a .zip archive for smartcodes folder to make works i think this is a really not important message but i like it a lot this theme so i’m here to help others like me (; See ya e great theme.

Thank you so much buddy. Please rate the theme if you think we deserve 5*.

Already rating mate, great work like i said, five start for sure!

Guys i want translate the word Filter for the filter section on menu anyone knows what archive i need to do this ?

I think you submitted a support ticket already. Will reply you asap. Thank you please dont forget to rate our theme.

Thank You

Igor, it’s in the sidebar.php file. There’s two instances of it, depending on the portfolio type you’re using.

Thank you so much for helping buddy. I am really thankful to you.

Thanks dinho for the answer i will check this out later, to translate for my main language =D thanks !

Presell question:

Is there “ad to favorites” like on this page: http://craftgawker.com

It could be SO nice on the blog articles, if there is going to be like thousands of them.


No you cannot choose a number of items for a page. But you can choose one or more categories for a page so show items related to that categories. So i think this could be used for that you are saying.


And yeah thank you so much for this Add to Favorite functionality suggestion.

Once again thank you.


Oh maybe i am not good at explaining. :D I mean – if i have a category (design for example) and i have like 500 posts under that ONE category, then i maybe have another category (food) and i have like 400 posts under that one – does it show all “design” or “food” in one page, or is there pagination, so you can change page (500 in one page is a lot) ? :) there will not be subcategories – that is going to be THE category – food for example.. design for example and so on… I think i am going to have thousands of posts, an several hundred under each category.. thats why i ask for pagination? :) I hope i explain understandably :D

Hey how do i go about installing the pixel shortcode? It doesnt seem to be able to install.

please go to http://www.pixarwpthemes.com/support and submit a support ticket. And my support team will assist you asap.

Thank you

Guys i need a little help in how do i post the images for my project ? I create the showcase but i don’t know where i put the images of my projects thanks

@Jane and others wondering.

Adding simple pagination isn’t too hard if you’re familiar with editing the templates a bit.

Assuming you’re using the Portfolio A option. You look for this bit of code in the file template-portfolio-a.php:

$portfolio = new WP_Query( array( 'post_type' => 'showcase', 'posts_per_page' => -1, 'tax_query' => $array ) ); while ( $portfolio->have_posts() ) : $portfolio->the_post();

and replace that with:

$paged = ( get_query_var('page') ) ? get_query_var('page') : 1; query_posts( array( 'post_type' => 'showcase', 'posts_per_page' => 6, 'tax_query' => $array, 'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1, 'paged' => $paged ) ); while ( $wp_query->have_posts() ) : $wp_query->the_post();

Change the number six in the last code to the number of post you want to show. Almost done. We only need to add the pagination links now.

Add this before the last < / ul > <nav> <?php previous_posts_link('« Newer') ?> <?php next_posts_link('Older »') ?> </nav>

Style it bit by for example putting the below in the theme’s css file.

nav { position:absolute; bottom: 0; right:10px; }

And you’re done. :)

thank you so much buddy for this snippet.

You’re welcome. Needed it myself, so I went ahead with it. Figured I might as well share it. :)

The theme looks nice and sleek. Only problem i notice is that many pages take awfully long to load, and i keep looking at the spinning circle. This can potentially a show stopper for many visitors. Maybe there’s a heavy use of JS taking lots of memory resources, or there’s just too much heavy graphic to load.

@Dinho78 This fix that you posted works for what in a especif way ? Can you tell me the line for change this and what this affect ?


The fix adds simple pagination to the portfolio. On my demosite where I’m testing and modifying the theme you can see it ‘in action’: http://funslots.eu/ -> bottom right is the new link to the next page.

The code to be replaced is located at line 37-47.

A detail image of a showcase does not go out. Detail image would like to know how to come out.

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Hi, i want to buy this theme for a photography club. We have many members and i want to show for every member his own photos, my question is , can i do this with your template? I am thinking to use wordpress users as members, and i want all of their posts(in my case photos) to show under them, in their own page. Just like editors for example, an editor has many articles, can i show that in your theme? Sorry if i am not so easy to understand, my English are not so good…

Hi please email me your requirements through my profile contact page.

Where i can change main color of theme?

Hi there! I’m considering buying this theme— however custom post types are a dealbreaker for me. Does this theme use custom post types or does it use the built-in wordpress categories?

Also, the majority of my portfolio is video. I couldn’t see any video examples in the portfolio on the demo site… does video work in the portfolio section? (not just the blog)



1. There is one custom post type in this theme that is Portfolio/Showcse.

2. Videos will work only for Blog not for portfolios.

Thank You

Hi, I want a make a protfolio website to describe some product. So, I want to add many portfolios in the tab “portfolio” and get for each portfolio different filters. Is it possible ? (and hows many filters can I get?? 30 filters for an portfolio, is it possible?) thanks;

Please visit our support forum and our support team can assist you on this query in better way.


Hi, beautiful theme! i would buy it, but i have some questions about: 1. can I use “full slider” as homepage? 2. can I create 2 or more portfolio pages? 3. can I use a slideshow in a portfolio project like this? http://www.pixarwpthemes.com/wordpress/pitch-wp/showcase/aldus-3/

is there a demo account to try admin panel for this theme? thanks :)


Guys i upload the lastest update for the theme but in the themes section in wordpress panel still saying v1.0 is that correct or something is wrong ?

Guys, i recent noticed something after upload the update, the Style switcher is always showing up why ? That’s some configuration for do not show the Style switcher for every visitor ? cause i haven’t see nothing in the theme options

Thank you brother for mentioning this mistake. You can re-download the correct files package after 24Hrs as its in review yet and will be approved withing 24Hrs.


Thanks man for the reply! =D