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Pity. It states that this is a responsive theme while it is not. Links and not found on blackberry devices and the page cuts off!!!

Can we get the screenshot of your device and the detail of your device. For the links not found issue you need to save your permalinks 2, 3 times.

Visit the support forum if you need more assistance.

I posted this 2 months ago with no response. Are these addressed in v1.2?

We are still having a seemingly impossible issue uploading photos to the full screen part of the showcase. the only way seems to be to trick the system, but then we no way to edit the photos, or change photos without deleting the whole showcase and creating a new one. The only response i have got from author was to read the documentation. When we “add media” and put the high res version in, it puts the image with the text on the text side, and not the full screen image section. Has anyone else figured out how to upload the photos properly, and if we wanted to change the image, how to change it with out deleting the whole item?

Another question. We are having an issue getting items to have multiple categories. ex: i am a designer, and i might need a photo to represent a logo, and a website (so if someone clicks logo, it would show it, and if someone clicks website, it would show it there too) anyone else having a problem with this?

For the images uploading issue this is the default wordpress functionality so there is no way of editing or deleting images except of deleting the whole showcase item.

For the second issue currently only the first category is supported in the portfolio filtration but it could be modified. If possible than give us access to your admin site and we can fix it immediately.

Hi How can I style the contact form to look like the form in the pitch live preview. After I created the form it did not adapt to the websites style sheet.

Please let me know. Here is a link to how it looks. http://chachosrestaurant.com/w/?page_id=14

Thank you.


Put this code in the form area under contact form 7 to generate a form like the demo.

[text* name placeholder "Name"]
[text* email placeholder "Email"]
<div class="message form-submit">
[textarea message placeholder "Message"]
[submit class:submit " "]


thank you!

When I asked how to make contact form like in demo, You asked me to contact you via http://pixarwpthemes.com/support/ and so I did, long time ago, as you asked. All I can see is now is my questions are left forgotten and unanswered there, and you answer everyone elses here. So why did you ask me to contact you via support page?


I am really sorry for that. Due to some burden of work and short working times we are not able to answer the support tickets all at once on support forum so we are trying to answer the queries where possible even on comments or either on support site.

So sorry once again.

Thanks a Lot

Hi buddy, i have noticed something in the showcase categories area, when i select two or more categories for a project only the last category the i select show in the website, and when i try use the filter the they don’t find the project for any category that i use before just the last that i mark, so i wondering the projects just support one category ? Or you guys are working to turn able for us mark at least three categories for showing in the showcase area of the theme ? Cause i’m working with Digital Communication and the most of my projects use more than one category such as branding, web, Graphic Design and etc.

If there is an line code that i can change for just showing at least three categories in the thumbs and facilitates the filter finding more projects related with them i will really appreciated that, if not you guys are thinking adding this in a near future ?

Thanks and Great theme as usual and as the first day i bought =D

Hi Buddy,

Thanks a lot for purchasing and appreciating my products. I am glad you like it. Yeah currently only the first category is supported in portfolio filtration. And we got the request from some others buyers also to change this functionality so we will try our best to do this ASAP in any upcoming update. But for now i can tell you how can you achieve this by yourself. Go to our support site and submit a ticket for this and post the ticket ID here in reply of my comment so it would be replied immediately.

Thanks a Lot.

V1.3 is released you can download it now.

Hello. First I want to tell you that finally the template works great! Since the last update and the help you gave me I stopped having problems.

Now my query is based on that I need to hide the categories that appear in the home (categories or filters) because I include some categories that should not be the general public. Try to modify files and even install plugins (eg SIMPLY EXCLUDE) but I can not make it work. If you can not be eliminated that section, at least I want to know how to hide some categories.

I leave a link to the screenshot that relates to what I hide.


Thanks and I hope your answer.


hi! will it be possible for me to tweak Pitch like this? 1) i want the menuebackground to be transparent (possible with css?) 2) i want static fullsize background pictures on every page (so: background picture has to be visible behind menue) 3) every page will have to look like “About Us A”, but the content has to be more centered and more down. 4) all of the content has to be scrollable – thinking of using the scrollable shortcut. Would be happy to purchase then! thanks for getting back

Please catch me on skype@pixelartinc

Thank You

I´ve been waiting for a response /solution on the support site for some time now and i havent had the feedback. I´m having issues with the mobile interface.

Replied your tickets.

I am still waitign for the mobile interface fixes. This is holding back so much of my work. I am trying to reach you guys via facebook and your support page, and nothing….

Where are you guys? noone responds any message?

Hello, Do you have SLUG to showcase portfolio on any page I want? I want to showcase my portfolio on pages for which I can’t use Portfolio Templates. Basically, in thumbnail view type (of home page), on rollover it shows SLUG instead of Category name.

Also, when I installed this theme, there is an issue with alignment of radio items under “Filter” left, below navigation.

Please let me know.

Please talk to support staff on skype @ pixelartinc

Thanks, I will be in touch with them

Hello, I posted my question to http://www.pixarwpthemes.com/support by opening a ticket.

Its been 4-5 days now, no response. Its bit urgent for us, is there any way to sort this out quickly?

how to enable auto play in the slider? Thanks

Hello, I’m interested in buying this thema, but I Purchase a previous theme could translate things but not completely change the language of the website depending on the option you chose. I wonder if I have the option of putting two languages ??English and Spanish? Thanks you!


This theme is not translation ready so you can not translate it from the dashboard. To make this theme multi langual ready you need to first make it multi language supported.

Need more details please talk to us on skype@pixelartinc


Ok thanks This theme allows the use of translators pluggins? Because the theme I bought earlier, would not let me install any language plugin and I realized later.

Yes you can install translator plugins for this theme. But may be some sections of the theme needs to do some modifications for support of the plugin.

Loading too slow

Is there any fix for the navigation on mobile? The problem probably is because the sidebar navigation is fixed? Its really a high priority issue.

I mean, the whole theme is useless now on mobile.

I think when you implement this, it will be fixed?! https://github.com/watusi/jquery-mobile-iscrollview

I use this and looks like this is working for iphone: <style> #bar{position:absolute;} html{background:#1D1B1E;} </style>


Thank You for the suggesation, I will surely will try and implement this and will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank You


I have two questions:

How do you set the order of the images added to a Showcase?

How do you change the default red for the loading wheel on the Portfolio and for strong text. I have changed the color but these 2 have remained red.

Thank you, John

I have version 1.3.1. When you select text to be bold it is using the original color as the background to the text and when the showcases are loading the loading wheel is also the default color.


I am still having the issue with the default color being used for the loading wheel. Can I please get some assistance.

Thank you


Loading wheel is a .gif image so you need to manually change it color via photoshop.



I’ve got an issue with the filter. He shows every categories which are filled with showcase items. What I would want is to have only the ones I’ve selected with the template I’ve created thanks to the IDs that I enter inside it. Do you have an idea?

And is there a way to interfere with the sizes of the images of the portfolio on the grid/showcase?

Thanks, Michael

Where is the list of shortcodes that I can use? In documentation there is nothing about it. On demo site that you provided there are just samples but noone put any code samples. When I write [Blockquote]test[/Blockquote] nothing happens, I am not an expert, so what is the shortcode for “Blockquote”? Do I have to install another WORDPRESS website and install demo content to figure it out or there is somewhere list of available shortcodes? I have now website that I don’t want to mess out with loading demo content. This theme lacks information to configure it. Why do you force people to install and inspect demo content when it would be so easy to put it somewhere, in demo site or documentation like other developers do.


- when you have large number of items in submenu it goes out of the website (bottom) and you don’t have the possibility to reach any of it. Could you make menu scrollable for such situations?

- there is no possibility to create second submenu, if you try, all sub sub menus from all items are being show all together in second column next to the first submenu list without any reasonable order.

Any hope for the update?

The problem with scrolling menu items includes submenu and main menu items, as it seems. I moved submenu items to main menu, and still menu is not scrollable. Even when I put lots of text on webpage, the page is being scrolled but sidebar with menu stays and is not being scrollable. Serious problem for people who have small screens. They are not able to access half of menu items that are at the bottom of the menu. Please fix this.

Hi there. I really love this theme however, the videos on Features > Slider page are not showing at all for me (on the demo). Does anyone else see have this problem?

Thanks – Mark

Hi Buddy,

Can you show me a screenshot of that please.

Thank You

sure, see below

Here’s what I see on Chrome and Firefox. I have Windows 8.1, adblocker off, Sony Vaio touchscreen PC.

http://markmapstone.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/video1.jpg http://markmapstone.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/video2.jpg

I’m guessing its due to my machine, but it’s just frustrating that I can’t see it. I’ll check on another computer / network shortly

Hi there. Does this help you? Any ideas why i’m not seeing the videos? Thanks


Now check. Videos are now fixed.


Can I arrange in three rows of the portfolio A?